Fashion trends and new winter 2020 – 86 photos

Fashion trends and new winter 2020 – 86 photos

Winter is no reason to forget about fashion. Designers have come up with a lot of clothing options in which you will be warm and comfortable, but at the same time remain fashionable and stylish. The most fashionable clothing options are highlighted in the article, and by adding or combining them, you will create your own fashionable image for every day or exit.

Knitted sweaters

How can the winter season be without knitted sweaters? This trend is always a winter must have. Now designers offer to spend the winter period in elongated knitted sweaters. It can be models with a high collar or without, various prints are possible. More and more designers presented their models of knit sweaters and with braid elements.

The sweater can be very long, even reaching to the knees. Under such sweaters, a midi skirt will be an excellent combination.

Extra long sweaters can be worn as dresses with tight or regular body tights.

You can beat the sweater with accessories, for example, with a belt. In this case, the belt is not tightly tightened at the waist and you can lower the sweater on top.

Sheepskin coats

Such a fashion trend as a sheepskin coat will be the perfect solution for the Russian winter. You will be warm and at the same time the appearance will be stunning.

The color of the sheepskin coat may be different. It can be either classic black with white or black fur, or light. Milky or beige will definitely set you apart from the gray-black mass of people.

Sheepskin coats are one of the most fashionable. This is a type of sheepskin coat with a turned-down collar and diagonal zipper. They look stylish and fashionable. At the same time, such a sheepskin coat is easily combined with everything: both with trousers, and with a dress, skirt.


In the winter season of 2020, designers decided to opt for midi skirts. In such skirts it will not be as easy to freeze as in a mini in frost.

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Fabrics for skirts were chosen preferably dense. These are wool, leather, cashmere, warm cotton.

If we talk about models of skirts, then these are more free and not-fitting options. For example, an A-shaped silhouette, a barrel, a bell. Tutu skirts and pleated skirts remained last season.


Pants have long been an integral part of women’s wardrobe. Modern women with agility combine trousers in their everyday look.

The most popular trouser model for the 2020 winter season will be high-waisted banana pants and wide palazzos. For several seasons they have not left the catwalk of fashion shows. In stores, we are offered these pants immediately with a fabric belt. But it will be much more effective if you replace it with a leather belt with a beautiful buckle in gold.

The most advantageous colors of trousers will be deep dark shades, for example, green, blue, gray, or neutral pastel.

Not only the trousers themselves will be a fashionable thread of winter 2020, but also trouser suits. Such costumes are most often presented with print cells or plain.

Down jackets

It is simply not possible to imagine the winter season without down jackets. This is the best clothing option in our strong winds and freezing temperatures. Designers have come up with so many interesting models of down jackets that each can find his own.

We forget about standard down jackets with fur and a belt at the waist. Now you can choose beautiful three-dimensional models and in them you will be the most stylish.

In colors, too, do not limit yourself to dark colors. Choose bright red, blue, green. Also presented are models in brilliant variation, for example, gold, pink, silver.


Cape may not be the warmest look of outerwear, but it is firmly rooted in designers. This type of clothing looks very feminine and gives grace and chic.

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More often elongated models without a throat flashed at the shows. These capes fit perfectly with extra long woolen or leather gloves.

In the winter season, the most fashionable capes will be minimalistic. In this case, not the brightest colors. Preference is given to muted and pastel shades. Some of the most spectacular are gray and camel. Materials for this option of outerwear use wool, cashmere or drape.

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