Fashion prints in clothing in 2019

In order to remain in trend, it is important to know not only fashionable styles, fabrics and their color palette, but also prints, which in recent times are increasingly in focus in the fashion world. A print can be a highlight of any outfit, if it harmoniously fits into the general features of the bow and the chosen clothes, it can also destroy the style when it is irrelevant. That is why it is so important to understand what the designers do for the future 2019 fashion seasons. Everyone should know about the most important seasonal print directions.

Fashionable 2019 prints are already known for the collections of famous designers at fashion weeks in different parts of the world. First of all, it is worth highlighting ethnic prints in a more complex direction, which add graphic elegance to women’s clothing. Classic sea prints and pictures of aquatic life are revived due to bright colors, playful illustrations and unexpected textures that are aimed at creating the most realistic effect. Knowledge of the latest trends in the rapidly developing design industry, determining which colors, motifs and patterns will be in fashion next year determines the entire wardrobe and its mood.


Flower motifs

Floral motifs seem soft and diluted, as for such colors used watercolor technique. It allows you to select one bold color, creating an abstract effect. A bright hemline will soften an unusual floral print. Tropical flowers appear mainly on a bright background. This print will be directed mainly to the younger generation of fashionistas.

Flower motifs

Certainly, it seems to many that the floral motif is repeated from year to year and that this is already boring. But next season, the motive will be tropical, and not what it used to be seen earlier. In New York, most fashion designers decorated clothes with hibiscus and palm leaves, including FentyPuma, BajaEast, MichaelKors. Vaquera even went further, having printed on the T-shirt the logo of his brand on the background of tropical flowers.

In Milan, tropical prints also became a hit after a week of fashion shows. In the Gucci collection, we saw pictures similar in aesthetics. Sure, you can wait until such clothes appear on the store shelves. It will take at least six months. But in order to use the “tropical flowers” ​​coloring for your style right now – just look at the surfers shop. In places where there is no access to the sea, people will need to do “surfing” in the network.


Tribal drawings

Tribal prints in 2019 give new finesse due to the monochrome discreet palette, fine lines and familiar graphic elements. Simple geometric patterns are presented in a two-color color scheme. Black and white prints designers decided to place in a minimalist form. Comprehensive patterns create optical illusions inspired by tribal symbols.

Many designers call their prints “Aztec”. Even if they do not use Aztec patterns. And since the Aztecs were largely destroyed, we really do not know what the Aztec textiles looked like. All that remains of the Aztec culture is stone carving and pyramids. In order to create unique prints, designers focused on Guatemalan fabric (Andean textiles), which is closer to the Aztec style, because Guatemalan patterns often have a circular design, as can be seen on Aztec patterns.

Tribal drawings

Many will also like the drawing of the Navajo tribes. Each symbol has a religious meaning, so you can understand why the Navajo would not want their sacred symbols to be printed on clothing. But anyway, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the southwest and turn into real Navajo blankets or expensive fabric samples with tribal symbols. Thus, ordinary people can get closer to this culture by buying clothes with a print, with which it is very easy for you to combine tribal images with symbols of the cultures of South-Western Guatemala (Navajo, etc.) and Aztec prints with the Mexican prints ”because they often have the same bold colors and distinctive features.

Another tribal print comes from Africa. These days, the designers decided to put such prints on mini dresses and pants.


Sea mood

These destinations will be inspired by the arrival of the 2019 spring / summer season. At this particular time it will be possible to see prints with the theme of the sea or ocean with fashionable graphic aesthetics, attractive for all age groups. The classic maritime theme is underlined with large graphic elements. Sea motif works well for different styles of clothing. Variations of blue enhance the escapist cool mood of the picture.

Sea mood

Designers do not get tired to surprise everyone and prove that the combination of soft shades on the sea print can be suitable not only for women. Designers seek to expand the range of options for colors, shapes and silhouettes for men. This time they decided to pay special attention to prints. Sea prints can be welcomed for the first time, like a true men’s print.

And this is not about tasteless short-sleeved shirts, but about classic strict shirts with beautiful cuffs and amazing colors. But designers were not limited to this. They went ahead and added sea prints on outerwear, making it bright and unusual.


Everyone has a chance to look at the brightest and most unusual dresses with a marine print, appreciating the new collections of designers. From trousers and shirts to polo and a two-piece suit, marine motifs have reached a new level.


Animal motive

And the exclusive is back in fashion, in which the clothes are designed to resemble the skin and fur of an animal, such as a leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, spotted hyena, striped hyena, African wild dog, giraffe or monkey. This type of print will be used not only on clothes, but also for bags and shoes, and even some decorations.

Animal motive

Animal print has long become a popular style for many reasons. Firstly, it is usually expensive and is considered rather exotic, therefore, such a print is a symbol of wealth and high status. Throughout history, kings and other high-ranking people have used animal prints as a sign of status. It is worth saying that in 2019 designers will go beyond the standard understanding of the “animal” print. Prints are no longer limited to animal skins or fur patterns, but can be any part of an animal and still be called an “animal” print.



The bars have already gained popularity in 2018, and in the coming year they are not going to give up their leading position. Therefore, it is worth preparing for a print – a group of stripes that differ in color or tone from the neighboring area only slightly. For the color range of such strips, designers have chosen a beautiful rich golden hue combined with shades of brown and green. The two-ton bands are inherently attracting attention and as such will be used both for clothing and for various accessories.

Fashion experts bring to the new level such strips that can be seen on road signs. This is a new trend that will appeal to extravagant ladies who love bold experiments. The brightest personalities can go further and choose stripes that resemble the coloring of famous candies.


Designers to create their collections for the next spring-summer season 2019 again turned to abstraction to use the visual language of form, color range and lines to form a composition that exists independently of the visual references to something real. Behind each such print is the idea of ​​the artist, his attempt to reproduce the illusion of visible reality. Why do designers like this print so much? Because they can move away from reality and turn to the image of images that are highly valued in the world of high fashion.

How to choose a print to stay fashionable in the hot season of 2019? The picture should have a wide range of bright colors. An exception can be made for monochrome shades that catch the eye. Such prints can be said to be partially abstract. Image abstraction was used last year mainly on outerwear. Many people remember the most vivid images from fashion weeks, where girls and guys who want to be as stylish as possible used large down jackets, blankets, bombers and a classic coat with a shaped abstraction along the entire length or on the back.

Since next year designers give a second life to denim clothes, we can expect abstract prints to be often found on denim jackets or dresses. Having learned the characteristic features of cubism in a print, it’s worth without thinking to buy such clothes. In the fashion will be images on the fabrics, which with the help of bright colors change the shape of the depicted objects of real life.


If something does not go out of fashion, then it is a print of peas. In the brightest and most unexpected combinations, it will become ubiquitous: from tights and socks to dresses. Designers chose to make polka dots mostly in the same color range as the strip. Therefore, one should expect to see a lot of items of clothing that are abundant in rich golden hues and warm brown ones. Will find for themselves in the spring-summer season something more restrained and lovers of the classics. The traditional combination of white and black is still found as a print on skirts and dresses.

Knowledge of the latest fashion trends will give everyone the opportunity to choose the style that will be popular in the future hot season. Trendy prints 2019 delight their diversity. Promising and bright, they will allow everyone to emphasize their individual style.

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