Fashion Lipsticks 2019

It is no secret that the main focus in make-up they become either lips or eyes – and, as a rule, the image of lipstick can be completed faster and easier. The fashion for cosmetics for the lips is much more versatile and diverse than it may seem at first glance, because lipstick is often the brightest makeup touch. Modern industry is ready to offer millions of shades and textures to choose from – but which ones will become especially popular in 2019?

Lipstick holographyNow the holographic effect is encouraged not only on the nails, but also on the lips!

The fashion for the “color of the unicorn” was slightly weakened, but it did not finally give up. Many brands, including expensive luxury brands, belatedly reached for the trendsetters. For example, Too Faced recently released a collection dedicated to rainbow colors, adding a drop of chameleons to the sea, duochrome shadows and, of course, iridescent lipstick. Another recent novelty is Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss holography, as a replenishment of their classic line. nail polishes.

Alas, the creation of such textures that would look good on the lips, is a rather difficult quest. Lipstick-chameleons, because of their color, may look bald if light falls unsuccessfully on them. Not to mention the fact that this effect is quite difficult to create! If you do not want to take the risk and prefer to try on lipsticks for the “unicorned” lipstick at a less exorbitant price – pay attention to inexpensive brands like Essence, Catrice or NYX.

Metallic effectMetallic effect on the lips provides a special lipstick with micro-meter

In front of you is another fondant trend, which finally managed to comprehend and catch up with sluggish luxury giants. Metallic lipstick is a matte or satin lipstick with a huge amount of micro-meter that creates a foil finish. Such cosmetics are available both in traditional colors and in more unusual types (for example, green or purple) – and in both variants are guaranteed to attract attention to the lips.

Metallic lipsticks themselves are difficult to wear and are demanding to the condition of the lips, so that not every fashion woman is suitable. That is why this trend, most likely, will quickly sink into oblivion. But so far, you can catch the moment and try new items from Estee Lauder or Smashbox. Similar lipsticks can be found in less expensive brands – but less often. Many of these lines were quickly (literally within a season or two) removed from sale.

“Plush” lipstickLime Crime Lipstick with a plush effect – trendy mast-kev 2019 of the year

Matte lipstick, it seems, will never leave the girls’ cosmetics bags completely! However, this texture has its drawbacks that many end up unhappy with – for example, a strong drying effect and “tightening” of the lips. Lime Crime (the American brand that launched a lot of trends in the rotation) created its new formula as a lightweight version of matte lipstick. And she has every chance of gaining huge popularity!

Plushies (“plush”) – something between a matte lipstick and tint. These lipsticks fall much thinner and lighter, without creating a dense matte coating on the lips. A similar formula can also be found in the assortment of the American brand ColourPop at a very affordable price – and it is quite likely that many other manufacturers of cosmetics will pick up this idea in 2019.
Varnish shineIn the new season, lipstick should not just be glossy, but ultra-shiny!

In general, the dull dullness in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 strongly lost ground. It is possible that this is due to the large influence that Korean manufacturers have on cosmetic fashion. They prefer everything that is radiant – shiny skin, shiny lips … Because of this, girls are increasingly claiming that they are tired of matte lipstick – and, although they still continue to develop and produce, lip gloss in such conditions are becoming increasingly relevant.

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