Fashion for the full 2019. Beautiful and bright clothes

I have great respect and sympathy for girls with plus size who do not hesitate to wear bright and fashionable clothes. Bold prints with flowers, vibrant hues and stunning styles. I admire such beautiful girls. After all, a girl is decorated with a sincere smile and happy eyes, and a figure and clothes are not the most important thing.

The only thing I can hardly understand is when the clothes are improperly selected, when they are tightly tight, parts of the body stand out ugly. The ugly part of the body can be covered with a well-chosen style of clothing. I don’t understand when women choose tight-fitting T-shirts or jeans that “cut” the stomach into two parts. You can take a size larger so that the same T-shirt and shirt sit a little looser.

And the hoodies …

I don’t understand them either. Why choose shapeless and huge hoodies that look like huge bags? There are many interesting styles of clothes for full girls, and these are not hoodies. You can always choose a beautiful plain shirt and decorate it with accessories. Instead of a T-shirt, choose a blouse or a combined version – in front there is chiffon or silk, and behind a knitted base.

fashion clothes 2019 for full girls - a bright skirt with flowers

Fashion prints 2019 clothes for full sizes

Checked prints or other geometric prints look beautiful. It is better if it is not “flashy”, but a delicate pattern. An elongated cardigan, coat, long jacket or vest visually lengthens and slim the figure. They should be worn unfastened.

fashion for obese girls 2019 photo with a blue coat with a print
fashion 2019, photo of fashionable clothes for a full girl with a geometric print
Fashion 2019 photo dresses for full sizes
fashion 2019 photo blouses for large sizes

Fashion 2019: large size clothing with flounces

Why not? Shuttlecocks and ruffles are quite appropriate for large sizes, if there are few of them and they are dim. In the photo below, shuttlecocks look appropriate, harmonious, bright, not vulgar.

fashion 2019 photo knitted dress large size with flowers
jetty 2019, photo of a large-size plain dress
2019 fashion, large blouse with decor and ripped jeans
fashion 2019, large models with a black blouse and accessories

Plus Size Models: Bold Looks

2019 fashion photo of a large size with a bright blouse and jeans
2019 fashion of large sizes, a bold image with a narrow bright pencil skirt

To create a vivid image, you can choose a saturated color blouse, for example, mustard. Such things do not require additional accessories, in themselves they are already bright and look pretty with a beige coat and classic jeans. Further on the photo, a bolder outfit with a narrow pencil skirt – for me, this is a very bold image, I would not have decided on this. 

Fashion dresses 2019 large sizes

Short dresses of large sizes – I think that is too much. Beautiful when the length of the knee or slightly lower. Dress in the photo below – I think this is too much. The style is suitable, but you need to choose a dress a little longer. This year, classic models such as a sheath dress remain popular. The photo below shows a very interesting coloring of the dress.

2019 fashion large sizes with a white dress and denim vest
Fashion 2019 Photo Dresses Plus Size - Sheath with Original Print
2019 fashion photo with a bright floral print
Luxurious White Flare Sleeve Dress 2019 Plus Size

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