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 It happens that after 30 before a woman gets difficult question: which style to choose? How to change your wardrobe and turn it from youthful and unbalanced into elegant and more feminine.

A woman can flirt with fashion somewhere up to 25-30 years. She can flirt with her, change one clothing brand with another and experiment with several styles at once. But by about 30 years old, fashion games should be replaced by a serious relationship with their own style and wardrobe.

Let’s look at interesting options for styles and their combinations using the collection of the Russian brand RIVA MOSCOW.


Often this style as a splash of bright emotions helps women express themselves. This style is distinguished by leather products, dresses and blouses with an emphasis on a sexy cut, transparent fabrics, animal prints. The characteristic colors of the style are black, red, emerald, purple. To create an image in this style, you can use trousers that fit exactly the figure, black and red lace tops, fitted dresses with cutouts and a neckline. The drama goes well with romantic and business style.


Strict and extremely relevant style for women who intend to make a worthy career. The business image is straight and semi-fitted silhouettes, the length of dresses and skirts to the knee or a little higher, straight trousers and neat shirts of a shirt cut. The characteristic colors of the style are blue, gray, brown, pastel shades for blouses. Business style goes well with the dramatic and romantic.


This style is present in the life of every woman. Free and comfortable – it allows you to combine feminine things with sports or semi-sports, strict tops – with free bottoms, bright shades – with neutral ones. Dresses and costumes can be everyday, but the most interesting images are obtained by combining items from different sets. This style is well complemented by romantic and business. Attributes of marine, sports and ethnic themes are also easily mixed with it.


The most delicate style in your wardrobe. Pleated skirts, light dresses on the belt with an hourglass silhouette – all this perfectly emphasizes the essence and idea of ​​femininity. The characteristic colors of the style are pink, delicate blue, caramel, pastel. It is in this style that the floral print is most often found. To create romantic images, thin flowing skirts can be combined with voluminous sweaters under the belt, dense fabrics of the bottoms – with light blouses and tops with lace. Romantic style is combined with almost any other. (2 (2), 02)

In general, these 4 styles are a universal base for any lifestyle. Taking them as a basis, a woman can build a multifunctional wardrobe, combining styles or adhering to a strictly defined line for a specific area of ​​her life.

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