Fanned jacket – photos of the most fashionable female models of this season

Today women’s jackets are presented in an incredibly wide variety. Almost every collection of fashion brand, whose production is aimed at a youth audience, you can find these light and incredibly stylish products. Thanks to the modern look and the maximum comfort provided during the wearing outerwear You can go anywhere, to work or school, to the store or for a walk, to meet with friends or lover.

The 2019 season was no exception – in the new collections of fashion stylists and designers, the women’s exaggerated jacket became one of the most widespread items of the top wardrobe. On the catwalks of the world, models dressed in short and long “dutys”, complementing them with stylish jeans and trousers, as well as all sorts of models of skirts and dresses. The choice of shoes is also incredibly wide – for such outerwear you can pick up a few coarse lace-up shoes, as well as exquisite ankle boots with a thin hairpin, which will make their owner as slim and sophisticated as possible.

Blown jacket oversight

Incredibly voluminous blown jacket oversize suitable only for a small number of the fair sex, however, the number of her fans is constantly growing. This model is able to visually add a few extra pounds, so it is absolutely not recommended to be worn by those women whose figure is weighted with extra pounds. However, this product can slightly smooth out the disproportion of the silhouette in the presence of too heavy and massive hips, however, in this case, you should choose shortened variations.

Short blown jackets

Women’s short inflated jackets – a favorite decision of young ladies who lead an active lifestyle. With all the external volume, they weigh almost nothing and do not constrain movements, which is very important for those girls who spend most of their time on the street or driving. In the 2019 collections of the year, such products are presented in a wide variety – they can be light and dark, bright and muffled, concise or incredibly catchy. Very popular models with contrasting “flashy” inserts, which simply can not pay attention.

Long blown jacket

Winter blown jacket, which completely covers the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, is ideal for harsh weather conditions. It perfectly protects against cold and wind, while not causing any discomfort during wear. Women’s long, exaggerated jacket is best combined with skinny and skinny jeans, skinny, whereas with straight or flared pants it is better not to wear. The choice of footwear is also very limited – such outerwear does not tolerate high heels. Ideal for her – comfortable shoes with a flat sole or a small stable heel no higher than 3-5 centimeters.

Velvet blown jacket

Women’s winter inflated jackets can be made of different materials, because stylists and designers are constantly experimenting with this piece of clothing and creating new original models. The 2019 collection of the year has a variety of options, the outer surface of which is made of velvet.

Almost all such models are not expensive at all and are represented by various brands from the mass market. So, in the line of the brand Asos, every modern woman of fashion will find a product to your taste – here are presented both short cropped models with bright prints and refined elongated wardrobe items that will make their owner more elegant.

Jacket with a blown collar

Fashionable inflated 2019 jackets are complemented by a variety of original details. For example, in the Balenciaga brand lineup, interesting options have appeared with an inflated turndown collar, which very quickly gained immense popularity among the fair sex, and in the new Max Mara collection, products with a charming volley-shaped collar.

Leather blown jacket

Beautiful and elegant exaggerated jacket, which can be made of natural or eco-leather Looks great. Due to the peculiarities of the external surface, external factors, including extremely low temperatures and precipitation, are not at all terrible to it. With proper treatment, such a product can serve its owner for several decades, however, modern women of fashion prefer to change their outerwear much earlier.

The overwhelming majority of the models presented in the 2019 collections of the year are made in universal color shades. So, the most popular options are the brown and black exaggerated genuine leather jacket, which is easily combined with various wardrobe items, shoes and accessories. For example, such a thing can be worn not only in an ensemble with jeans and a cozy sweatshirt, but also complete with a laconic pencil skirt and a feminine pullover with an openwork pattern.

Hooded Jacket

Like all other models of women’s outerwear, the inflated jacket is often complemented by a hood, which can be both removable and fixed. This detail perfectly protects the head and hair from wind and rain, which eliminates the need to wear a hat. In most 2019 models of the year, the hood carries additional volume.

In addition, he sits deep in the head and tightens with an elastic cord or elastic band. Particularly stylish and interesting is the exaggerated oversized jacket with a hood, which is difficult to combine with other items of clothing, however, if you try, you can create a charming trendy look based on this piece of outerwear.

Lacquer blown jacket

Fashionable inflated jackets from the collections of famous brands 2019 of the year can be incredibly bright, catchy and attractive. So, among them there are charming models with a lacquered surface, which are ideal for those young ladies who like to be the center of attention. For example, modern women of fashion may be interested in exaggerated lacquer jacket from the collections of the following brands:
Versace. Products of this brand are made of high-quality lamb leather with a lacquered effect and are warmed with natural goose down. For greater convenience and comfort, these items are complemented by a deep hood, a collar that can take different positions, and incredibly elastic cuffs;
Moncler. The exaggerated production jacket of this brand is distinguished by simply incredible thermal characteristics due to the unique filler, consisting of a mixture of natural down and feather. Its upper surface is made of high-quality synthetic material with a lacquered effect, however, this does not prevent it from successfully competing with products from other brands;
Asos – simple and concise varnished model of the mass market. Products of this brand have a single color and a minimum of decor, but are extremely popular with young ladies.

Inflated Marshmallow Jacket

Marshmallow differs in neutral colors and as simple as possible. Women’s inflated jackets, winter 2018-2019, made in this feminine and sophisticated version, are popular with young ladies. Such products can be short and long – in any case, they weigh almost nothing and do not cause discomfort during wear. Marshmallows are easily combined with a variety of items of clothing – straight and skinny jeans, knitted dresses and skirts, sets consisting of trendy shorts and stylish leggings, and many other things.

Quilted Exaggerated Jacket

Quilted models are incredibly popular in recent seasons. In particular, they can be bright, wide and voluminous – these models are much more relevant than others for young people and trendy stylists. For example, a girl who likes to be in the center of attention will surely like a red blown-up jacket, the surface of which is lined with stitches that form the original abstract pattern or a strict geometric ornament.

Blown vinyl jacket

Unusual blown vinyl jacket – ideal for those who prefer denim clothing. It combines perfectly with jeans, overalls and denim dresses, trendy denim shorts and other similar items. Such products are presented in different variations – if a women’s black, exaggerated jacket with a vinyl surface looks quite democratic and suits women of any age, the bright red model sets off its possessor from the crowd and attracts everyone’s attention to it, therefore only bold and confident myself ladies.

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