Eyeliner – all types of liners and methods of their application

Eyeliner - all types of liners and methods of their application
The basis of most eyelid makeup options are arrows or another selection of the lash line. To underline it, different types of black or colored liners are used. Each form of such cosmetics provides the creation of a special effect – ideally smooth, feathered arrows or imitation of shadows.

Types of eyeliners

The pencil is considered to be the simplest and most popular. With it, you can draw a neat and clear line, and casually highlight the eyelids in style. smoky eyes. Other types of eye liner:
Some eyeliners are more suitable for professionals with an impressive work experience who skillfully handles brushes, while others are recommended for beginner make-ups and heavily employed women. To find the perfect tool for yourself, it is important to study the properties and physical characteristics of each form of cosmetics, to learn about the features and nuances of its application.

Gel eyeliner

The presented type of liners is sold in small round jars and is rarely completed with an applicator or brush. This is the best eyeliner, according to professional makeup artists, because it is as stable as possible, has an impressive color saturation and is economical to spend. Such products have a thick, viscous consistency and quickly harden on the skin; after drying, they do not lose their glossy shine.
Gel eyeliner requires good make-up skills and precise, precise movements, therefore it is not too popular among fans and beginners. If, when drawing the arrow, the hand falters and the line “eats”, it is impossible to correct the defect accurately. By this liner you should definitely purchase a high-quality synthetic brush, preferably with a hard and bevelled nap.

Liquid eyeliner

The specified type of cosmetics is widely used both in a professional environment and in home use. Liquid liner steady and bright, provides a drawing of smooth and neat lines. There is a colored eyeliner described form and the classic black. Thanks to a thin brush applicator, which often comes bundled with such a tool, you can create a complex design over the eyelids. The use of a liquid liner requires frequent practice, so that cosmetics are applied perfectly and not spread.

Eyeliner for the eyes
Eyeliner pen for eyes
This type of product is popular for its simplicity and ease of use. The pigment is distributed evenly, it dries instantly and does not crumble. Even beginners like colored or black eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen, because beginners are easy to handle with a hygroscopic applicator. Using a liner, you can draw a thin, inconspicuous line along the bases of the eyelashes, create a stylish retro image or depict a spectacular pattern on the eyelids. This eyeliner provides smooth and neat arrows of any thickness. It is convenient to carry with you, but fearing leakage and breakage of the body.


The most demanded product in cosmetic stores is a universal, inexpensive and easy-to-use product. Eyeliner-liner in the form of a pencil is used in makeup in several ways:
  • invisible underline contour of the eyelids;
  • drawing thin and thick arrows;
  • creating a smoky eyes effect;
  • careless shading;
  • replacement of dark or colored eye shadows;
  • image of complex parts.

Waterproof eyeliner

Any of the above types of liners may not be susceptible to moisture. Skilled makeup artists are advised not to acquire only waterproof pencils. Such an eyeliner will last a long time on the eyelids, but it will lay down in a dense layer that resembles clay. During the day, this coating tends to slide into sloppy fatty lumps. Having drawn arrows in front of them with eyeliner of the type in question, many women face their blurring. The most practical options for waterproof liners are gel and felt-tip pen.

Eyeliner – which is better?

Choosing a quality product among a huge number of offers is difficult, so before going to the store you must first examine the rating of cosmetic products. Good gel liners:
  • Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown;
  • Waterproof Eyeliner Jet Set by Smashbox;
  • AMC Eyeliner Gel by Inglot;
  • MAC Eyeliner Gel (Fluidline series);
  • Lasting Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline (EyeStudio series).

Decent liquid products:
  • Ecriture De Chanel Liquid Liner;
  • Guerlain Eye-Liner;
  • Blueberry Lumene Liquid Eyeliner;
  • MAC SuperSlick Liquid Eyeliner;
  • Lancôme Artliner.
Eyeliner eyeliner – rating:
  • Bobbi Brown Ink Liner;
  • Max Factor Masterpiece;
  • Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Liner;
  • L’Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim;
  • Maybelline Master Precise.
Top pencils:
  • Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense;
  • Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner;
  • PUPA Multiplay;
  • Clarins Crayon Khôl;
  • Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil.
Eyeliner which is better

How to use eyeliner?

Skillful and experienced women masterly master the technique of designing eyelids for any type of airliner, drawing perfect lines on the 1-2 stroke. If you have good skills in 5-10 minutes, the hands on the eyeliner are even and identical. The main thing is constant practice and perseverance. After practicing for several days, even beginners learn how to draw arrows on their eyes with a liner. It is important to immediately purchase high-quality and professional cosmetics. Brusheswhen the liner is gel or liquid.

How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners?

If there is little experience in make-up, it is advisable not to try to emphasize eyelids with flowing and creamy means. The best eyeliner for beginners – a felt tip pen or a pencil. They are simple and comfortable to apply, and any errors are easily corrected in the process of visage. When the eyeliner of such a form for the eyes will be used perfectly, you can safely switch to gel and liquid cosmetics.
How to use the liner for the eyes:
  1. Mentally extend the line of the lower eyelid. Put with a felt-tip pen a point on this segment in the place where the end of the arrow is supposed. How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners first step
  2. Draw thin strokes as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes.
  3. How to draw arrows with liner for beginners second step
  4. Connect the dash. At this stage, accuracy is not too important.
  5. How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners the third step
  6. Align the resulting arrow, if you want to make it thicker.
  7. How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners fourth step
  8. Make a “tail”. How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners fifth step
  9. Repeat for second eye. Errors remove the cotton swab.
  10. How to draw arrows with eyeliner for beginners the sixth step

Arrows wired by step – options

Women have invented a huge number of different types of eyelids for each eye shape. All of them are based on three basic types of arrows:
  • everyday;
  • evening;
  • retro (extravagant, thick).
The first option is suitable for work, school or meetings with friends. Such a make-up is performed quickly and easily, looks inconspicuous and organically, gently emphasizes the line of the upper eyelid and eyelashes. The photo shows how to draw arrows on the eyes with a liner for 6 steps. First you need to spend 2 thin line – a dash on the inner corner and the “tail”. Then these lines connect and fill the void.
Arrows eyeliner step by step options everyday
Smooth arrow with a sharp end can be a great foundation or addition to evening makeup. It significantly distinguishes the eyes and gives them a charming almond shape. The photo below shows the 6 stages of creating such a make-up. By extending the direction of the lower eyelid, a “tail” is drawn in subtle strokes. Then a line is drawn from the inner corner of the eye. It exactly repeats the shape of the upper eyelid, but is slightly higher. After that you just need to paint over the contours.
Arrows eyeliner step by step evening options
An extravagant arrow is made easy, even a non-sharp soft pencil will be suitable for its creation. In the photo you can see how to paint the eyes with a retro-style eyeliner for the 6 stages. The upper eyelid is emphasized by a dense and even line from the inner to the outer corner. The “tail” of the arrow is drawn in the form of a comma, it is slightly rounded and bent to the eyebrow. It is necessary to connect the tip with the center of the mobile age and shade the voids.
Arrows eyeliner step by step retro options

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