Eyebrow mascara

Eyebrow mascara – still a relatively new tool, which did not manage to gain such popularity as the same pencil or shadow. Eyebrow mascara is designed for coloring, modeling, styling, is quite simple to use and can replace several other cosmetics at once. And although some women use dried mascara for eyebrows, these two products should not be confused.

Eyebrow mascara features

The advantages and disadvantages of carcasses:

  1. The tool is very quick and easy to apply, just a few movements with a brush.
  2. It paints the hair, not the skin and with the right selection of shades looks more natural than other cosmetics.
  3. Limited palette of shades. Unlike eye shadows or pencils, mascara for eyebrows is available in several shades of brown and black.
  4. Best suited to owners of relatively thick eyebrows. Women with sparse eyebrows, especially with relatively long hairs, will still have to use a pencil in order to paint the eyebrow normally.
  5. You must choose a waterproof version of the carcass, because otherwise it is quite easily lubricated.

How to use eyebrow mascara?

Eyebrows, as a rule, look good when they are slightly lighter than the eyelashes, so a rich black shade is suitable only for burning brunettes. Other women are advised to choose brown shades of mascara to match their hair color or tone a bit darker.

When using mascara, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations:

  1. The amount of ink on the brush should be minimal. Otherwise, when staining means may lie unevenly, lumps will appear.
  2. It is necessary to paint eyebrows with ink with careful movements, from the bottom upwards, according to hair growth, trying not to touch the skin.
  3. It is enough to paint the eyebrow once. Since the mascara is intended primarily to paint eyebrows, and not to give them length and volume, then applying it in several layers deprives the makeup of the effect of naturalness and may look inaccurate.
  4. For extra styling, or if you put more mascara on the carcass, you can brush the eyebrow after staining with a clean brush.

Eyebrow Mascarages

Brow Drama by Maybelline

This mascara for eyebrows is, in fact, a color gel with a modeling effect, not only staining, but also fixing hairs. Available in two shades, dark and light brown. Also feature of this mascara is an unusual brush, which at the end expands in the form of a ball.

TONY MOLY Easy Touch Coloring Browcara

Available in three shades: light beige for blondes, dark brown for brunettes and golden brown for brown-haired and red. The feedback on this mascara is extremely positive, but it is quite expensive.

Essence Guerilla gardening

Brow Brow Mascara

This brand refers to the budget and is suitable for women with blond hair. Mascara is watery, but it also captures hair well. Brush with beveled edge, good combing.

Mizon Oh! shy Real Coloring Eyebrow Mascara

Asian mascara, reviews about it are ambiguous, as often when coloring shades are obtained, far from the stated. It can stain the skin and the eyebrows must be carefully combed so that they do not stick together. At the same time gives reliable, resistant coloring.

In addition, there are options for permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow mascara, which is applied once and provides staining for a long time. However, such procedures are recommended in hairdressing or special salons.

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