Elongated caret 2019: suitable for face type

photo novelties haircuts elongated caret

INpursuit of a new image and renewal, many girls dream of changing their hairstyle. Cutting off long hair is always difficult. But if your dream is nevertheless to have a quads – does not recede. Our advice – start with the elongated one. You can always cut off shorter, but waiting until it grows is painfully difficult.

Who needs a long square?

An elongated square looks good on both thick and very heavy, and thin, giving the latter volume. If the hair is curled, then the naughty vortices will not be able to keep a regular and clear shape.

A haircut on medium hair is a great option for those with a rather long neck. If the neck is short, then you should prefer the classic version of the square.

A haircut is suitable for those who do not want to bother with styling. This is one of the haircuts in which the hair lies as the master cuts it.

Long haircut with a slanting bang for an oval face
Long haircut styling
delicate look with a slanting bangs and a long square, a beautiful look with large earrings

An elongated square will look beneficial in any way, both a business lady and a sports one.

How to choose by face type

Perfect for women with any oval face. The fact is that due to some nuances you can correct the imperfections of the face. Wide cheekbones, for example, easily hide a square up to the chin.

To visually make your face more round, you can just choose a caret, which will reach the level of the cheekbones.

If your face is round , making a caret for long hair, prefer a side parting, and wear the hair straight without twisting it.

If the face is square , then a three-dimensional square will easily hide its imperfections. Wavy hair and a light ladder are perfect in this case. For a square face, a long square with a bang is suitable, and a square with an angle that visually makes the face oval.

With a triangular face, an asymmetric version will distract attention from a narrow chin.

If the face is narrow , then in this case the elongated square will stretch it even more. In this case, try to give your hair maximum volume.

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Which bangs to choose?

This kind of square can be supplemented with absolutely any bang: straight or torn. A short bang will give playfulness, and a thick one will make the image more mysterious. Hairstyle organically looks with a slanting bangs. Moreover, if necessary, it can be easily removed using invisibility. By the way, just having a bang will help change the shape of the face.

long square with torn strands, beautiful youth options for cutting a square
elegant elongated square with straight bangs
the photo shows a delicate image with a long haircut and a side parting
long bob haircut with straight bangs

Extra long bob

A hairstyle with elongated strands or brown bean suggests that the nape of the neck is cut shorter and the side strands go down below the chin, mainly to the shoulders. This haircut looks very impressive, giving the hair volume.

Variations without bangs are especially popular this season. All together is a symbol of youth and carelessness, so very young girls and older girls prefer the hairstyle. Haircut option – until the first serious wrinkles. There are already their own nuances of the image.

beautiful bob haircut with long hair, in the photo a bob without bangs
long bob haircut without bangs with long strands in front
square with long strands in front
graduated long square without bangs
beautiful red hair in a long haircut without a bang
long square without bangs with shorter strands in front
photo haircuts elongated, fashionable this season
long hairstyle
long square in combination with locks of a ladder
fashionable female haircut of this season, elongated square with graduated strands without bangs
elongated caret for curled hair
beautiful styling haircuts elongated
perfectly even elongated square without bangs
extended haircut with curled strands
fashionable haircut for medium hair - a long square without bangs

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An elongated square can fall down with a ladder or a cascade: it all depends on the technique in which the master cuts you. This versatile haircut that can solve many issues with appearance. The most important thing is that your master selects an option depending on your type of face.

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