Dress with sneakers – what will the stylists say?

A couple of decades ago, such a combination as a women’s dress with sneakers would seem wild and tasteless. But the designers dispelled such a prejudice and proved that in certain cases the combination would be very advantageous, the main thing is to think over the image correctly.

Dress with sneakers

Given the rhythm of modern life, many women will prefer to change their uncomfortable heels with practical shoes. She plays an important detail when creating the right image, so the choice is to be approached responsibly. Any sports brand represents sneakers for the dress: for sports and lifestyle. The second option looks better, the image is stylish and comfortable. If you have doubts when buying shoes, it is better to stay on classic models, because with them the clothes always look advantageous.

dress with sneakers 2017

Dress with sneakers is stylish

sneakers for dress 2017

Trendy bow – dress with sneakers

combination of dress and sneaker

How to wear sneakers with a dress?

To understand how to wear sneakers under a dress, you will have to rely a lot on your own intuition, taste and preferences, because neither designers nor stylists give clear tips and rules. Those who are more or less accustomed to the fashionable experiment suggest wearing a dress with white sneakers, since such shoes are combined with a large number of styles. In this case, the girl will look feminine and elegant.

how to wear sneakers with a dress

It is necessary to take into account the age, as the combination looks cute and interesting on young girls due to their immediacy, but older women should be more careful when combining things. In this case, it is better to follow the following rules:

  • in the absence of a top model and tall, it is not recommended to wear clearly athletic shoes with midi or maxi products. In this case, the figure visually becomes even more dense, and the growth will decrease by a couple of centimeters. But it will look stylish model, opening the knees, with light white sneakers;
  • shoe design is also important; the stricter the outfit, the more invisible it should be. Massive models fit the styles of clothing oversized or made in the form of a shirt;
  • it is recommended to wear multi-colored shoes with single-colored products, and vice versa with colored ones. A combination of contrasting things that can be made in similar or contrasting colors is allowed. Only for white shoes should make an exception – it is combined with the outfits of any color.
dress sneakers

Beautiful dresses with sneakers

white sneakers with a dress

What dresses can be worn with sneakers?

With the utmost care it is recommended to pick up the bow “dress with sneakers”. To create fashionable image, you should pay attention to such models of dresses, as:

  • sports that are considered classics of the genre. It is not necessary that they be tennis, because any stylized model with elements of cut sportswear is appropriate. Then the image will look organic and appropriate;
  • denim – as well as possible combined with sneakers, so this combination has become another classic way. Such a bow is obtained with a slight touch of brutality and freedom;
  • products in the marine theme look very organic, so you can safely wear long vests and clothes decorated with marine motifs;
  • Tight cut looks incredibly organic, such a combination gives ease. An interesting variation of the wrapping product is the so-called “noodles”;
  • simple natural fabrics, cotton, knitwear, denim are excellent as a material. Such a combination can be called a win-win. Bold experiments are also allowed, for example, the use of light flying fabrics: chiffon or silk.
what dresses can be worn with sneakers

Dress Sneakers

what sneakers to wear with a dress

Short dress with sneakers

bow dress with sneakers

Tight dress with sneakers

Slim young girls are perfect fit fitting dress with sneakers. It is recommended:

  • select clothes and shoes in color so as not to overload the image. They may be similar in color or contrast, but harmoniously complement each other;
  • to create a unique feminine bow, it is better to choose a product without sparkles, rivets and rhinestones. It should be simple in design, but with high-quality tailoring;
  • combining the dress with sneakers, pay attention to the height of the shoe, because it can visually shorten the legs, so options on the platform are welcome;
  • Combining tight-fitting outfits and sports shoes is an appropriate option for parties and for walks with friends.

No fashion show can do without a knitwear model. She can go up to her knees, be with a cut. A leather jacket or jacket will help to complete the image; it all depends on the place where the girl is going and personal preferences. Bow is great for the office with a loose dress code. How much a knitted dress with sneakers will look good together depends on the girl’s confidence in herself, because it will certainly affect the appearance.

tight dress with sneakers

Sports dress with sneakers

A sporty dress under sneakers has become a classic that has not been out of fashion for a long time. It is presented in two styles – short tennis and a free, resembling a T-shirt. The length of the clothes is mini or midi. This combination will suit girls who love to live in constant motion. When choosing shoes focus on convenience in wearing and original design, allowed both light and massive styles. Preference should be given to neat models with an interesting finish.

sports dress under sneakers

Denim dress with sneakers

White sneakers with a denim dress are recognized as one of the most successful combinations. The image is inspired by street fashion, which is why it is more relevant for everyday wear than for attending social events. The season also matters:

  • sleeveless models are recommended to wear when the summer is outside. For this season it will be better to pick up a thing from a light material;
  • in case of the onset of cold weather, it is worth changing the item to a denser one and pick up massive shoes
  • the whole range of colors is welcome – from classic blue and dark blue to bright rich tones.
denim dress with sneakers

Shirt dress with sneakers

Another classic combination in the summer of the year is a dress shirt with sneakers. A distinctive feature of the image is that it is suitable for both young ladies and adult girls. It all depends on the style, colors and additional details. When choosing an outfit, you should follow these recommendations:

  • the black dress with sneakers will be the universal option;
  • with a similar combination looks good long cardiganwhich is useful for evening walks;
  • As for colors, you can find a successful combination by experimenting. A win-win option will be things of one shade, in which you can even go to the office, if the dress code allows. For many seasons denim is relevant, both blue and dark blue shades, coloring in a cage or a strip.
dress shirt with sneakers

Dress noodle with sneakers

Model “noodles” perfectly combined with sports shoes, especially if you choose the length of midi or maxi. A small nuance lies in the fact that the product fits the body like a second skin, therefore it is recommended to wear it only to girls with a perfect figure. Owners of extra centimeters at the waist is better to refrain from such attire. Depending on the color scheme, the combination of a dress and sneakers is allowed:

  • both in summer and spring / autumn. For the warm season even make up a sleeveless ensemble. For cool weather, things are made of thick fabrics or knitwear;
  • if the party is scheduled, then you should take a closer look at the silver and gold alongside. Shoes in this case can also be decorated with rhinestones, sequins.
dress noodles with sneakers

Long dress in a floor with sneakers

Such a combination as a maxi dress with sneakers is a favorite version of a modern girl who wants to be fashionable. A well-chosen bow depends on the right choice of things:

  • the fitting thing looks great, it can be effectively complemented by a slit;
  • the free oversight thing is also allowed, which makes the image impudent and free;
  • it is also possible to make a product from light flowing fabric, which will help to create a feminine and romantic bow, which is especially relevant in the summer season;
  • The question of which sneakers to wear with a dress depends on the style. So, with tight-fitting or lightweight summer clothes, it is recommended to wear lightweight shoes that are close in style to the sneakers, and more massive options are allowed for oversized models.
long dress on the floor with sneakers

Mini dress with sneakers

A real find for the summer days is a mini dress with sneakers. In this case, clothing is chosen as tight, so loose. As shoes, it is best to buy models created for running. Designers offer these options:

  • Fitted things with flared bottom;
  • looks amazing striped dress with sneakers;
  • classic shoes are wonderfully combined with light chiffon clothes;
  • looks harmonious and form-fitting style.
mini dress with sneakers

Oversized Dress with Sneakers

Model oversight Perfect for everyday wear, because it helps create a relaxed bow for work, meeting with friends. But, combining the ensemble, you need to focus on clothing, and the rest of the details should complement it. There are such popular styles:

  • The length oversight can be any – in the floor or midi. With each option a woman will look stylish and beautiful;
  • a black dress with white sneakers is an option that will help create a safe bow;
  • interesting style without the sleeves of a free cut;
  • for cool weather is ideal thing, resembling in appearance a free sweater.
oversized dress with sneakers

Evening dress with sneakers

A black evening dress with sneakers looks very unusual and extravagant. Such a bow caught on in Hollywood, for example, he likes to use rebel Kristen Stewart. Although many critics have a negative attitude towards such an experiment, it has the right to exist. Therefore, if comfort and convenience are paramount when creating a bow, then you can choose a spectacular evening dress. Particularly original looks in such an ensemble thing, complemented by sparkles or sequins.

black evening dress with sneakers

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