Dress with lurex – with what to wear to look fashionable?

Dress with lurex - with what to wear to look fashionable? 1

Although the brilliance attracts many of the fair sex, many girls do not know how to wear shiny clothes in everyday life. One of such items of clothing is a dress with lurex, which looks extremely extravagant and does not quite combine with other things.

Dress with Lurex – fashionable or not?

Fashion trends are constantly changing, so many girls just do not have time to follow them. So, some young ladies have a question, whether the dress with Lurex is in fashion this season, or stylists recommend to avoid such items. Since these items of clothing are found in many collections of contemporary stylists and designers, including fashion gurus, who set the tone for how women of different ages dress, it can be assumed that at the present time they are in trend.

Nevertheless, it cannot be said that the dress with Lurex has become the main current trend of the season, because this thing is extremely difficult to use to create different images. In most cases, these wardrobe items belong to an evening or cocktail party, they can appear at a friendly meeting or club party, whereas in everyday life it can be very difficult to combine them with other things.

dress with lurex is fashionable or not

Dresses with lurex

Charming models with Lurex are represented in many collections of famous stylists and designers around the world. At the same time in the mass market to meet such products is not easy – they are not popular with the fair sex, so they rarely appear in ordinary stores. Among the popular fashion gurus, who offered in their new collections brilliant and incredibly spectacular products with Lurex, we can note the following brands:

  • Marc Jacobs;
  • Michael Kors;
  • Chloe;
  • Missoni;
  • Dolce & Gabbana – the collection of this brand presents many interesting options, however, the most popular is a beige dress with lurex, which emphasizes the feminine outlines of the silhouette of its owner.
dresses with lurex 2019

A-line dress with lurex

A-silhouette models are very popular among the fair sex, because they look great on girls with any type of figure. Products of the “trapezium” style can be of any length and are presented in both everyday and evening versions. In most cases, this decision is chosen for themselves by young ladies with a small amount of extra kilos who want to hide the silhouette’s shortcomings from prying eyes, however, it also looks beautiful on slender fashionistas.

Depending on the characteristics of the physique and the situation, stylists recommend that beautiful ladies give their preference to the following models:

  • A long dress with lurex, which must be complemented with elegant high-heeled shoes, is perfect for an evening event. This model will hide excessively full hips or a protruding tummy if present, while at the same time focusing on the luxurious breasts of the young lady and emphasizing the femininity and natural charm of her image;
  • short models are perfect for summer. They can go to a party, a wedding of friends or just stroll. Meanwhile, such products open the eyes of the surrounding legs of their owner, so they are not suitable for women with appetizing forms or defects of the lower extremities;
  • The optimal solution for most women is a midi dress with a lurex, which hides the flaws of the silhouette and presents the figure in the most favorable light.
dress and silhouette with lurex

Pleated dress with lurex

The abundance of folds on women’s clothing looks cute and charming, however, not all women know how to use them properly. A pleated dress with lurex is even more original and original, therefore it is not easy to fit it into the image modern fashionista. Such products have several varieties, such as:

  • options with a pleated skirt – help shift the focus down and makes the image of its owner feminine and elegant;
  • Pleated models in detail. For example, the folds on the sleeves visually hide the fullness of the arms, in the upper part – visually increase the volume of the chest. In addition, pleating can help divert attention from the wide hips or protruding abdomen;
  • A full pleated dress with lurex is a sophisticated and festive look. Such products are used exclusively for celebrations, and at informal events they will be inappropriate.
Pleated dress with lurex

Dress noodle with lurex

Charming noodle dress is suitable only for slim girls without flaws in the figure, because it emphasizes all the curves and roundness. Meanwhile, ladies with appetizing forms can also afford such a product, if their figure has the correct proportions. In this case, in the presence of extra pounds, it is better to give preference to dark color shades and monochrome design. So, one of the most optimal solutions is considered to be a black dress with lurex, made in midi-length.

dress noodle with lurex

Knitted dress with lurex

A dress made of knitwear with Lurex, which can have any length options, is perfect for everyday wear. Such models mainly have a dark monochromatic color, although there are also light products that can visually fill. Knitted wardrobe items vary in thickness of the material – things from thin linen are suitable for the warm season, whereas for the autumn-winter period it is better to choose a dress with lurex of dense knitwear.

knitted dress with lurex

Lurex wrap dress

Style “on the smell” is able to present the figure of any representative of the fair sex in the best light. Due to the peculiarities of their cut, such products emphasize the attention of others on the luxurious breasts and feminine thighs, at the same time highlighting the thin waist. Models with the smell presented in an unusually wide color range, however, bright options are suitable only for parties and outlets. A gray dress with a lurex that covers the knees may be appropriate even at work and is a great solution for a corporate party.

dress with lurex

Knitted dress with lurex

In the autumn-winter period, knitted items come to the forefront, which perfectly warm and retain heat reliably even in the most severe frosts. Such things are perfectly combined not only with tights, but also with leggings or leggings that can make incredibly stylish and attractive images for different situations. Among the most versatile solutions we can mention black, gray and blue dress with lurex, made of knitted fabric, such products look good in a variety of images. So, they can easily go to work or an informal event.

knitted dress with lurex

A-line dress with lurex

Beautiful and stylish dress-trapeze is considered a universal option, which may be appropriate as part of a solemn event, and in everyday life. As an option, models of length midi of universal color shades, mostly dark, for example gray or black, are best suited for each day. Young ladies who prefer a romantic style of dress can choose a pink dress with a lapex in the form of a trapeze – this model is ideal for romantic dates.

trapeze dress with lurex

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