Dress with a t-shirt – how to wear to look fashionable?

Fashion is plastic, daring and uncommon: what recently seemed unacceptable, and even tasteless, today is suddenly becoming the main trend of the season. A sundress with a T-shirt perfectly demonstrates this, this combination is taken into account by the most advanced women of fashion.

Can I wear a dress with a T-shirt?

Wardrobe updating is a favorite activity of most women, for which time and mood are always present. True, it is associated with the expenditure of money. This year you can adopt an interesting trend, which in past years was not comme il faut. In our dress under the shirt worn with confidence and even aplomb, not collecting puzzled looks of others.

In addition, a sundress dressed with a T-shirt is a great opportunity to hide small errors in the figure:

  1. Dresses with thin straps and a deep neckline are not particularly effective on girls with small breasts. Wearing a T-shirt will help skillfully divert attention from this unreleased part of the body.
  2. Puffy shoulders and hands do not speak in favor of the figure, it is easy to hide the unpresentable top with the help of the addition in the form of clothes with sleeves.
  3. This combination is chosen by girls with excessive shyness.
can I wear a dress with a t-shirt
t-shirt sundress

Dress for t-shirt – trend 2017

Fashion is cyclical, and this is a well-known fact. Therefore, periodic comebacks from the past do not surprise anyone. The situation is similar with the new trend, which surprisingly quickly gained popularity among women of fashion with its originality and versatility. And if you drop deeper and pre-memory, then immediately come to mind the silhouettes of the controversial nineties.

At that time, fashionable women in a bold and rebellious grunge style often used a similar technique, putting on a t-shirt or turtleneck over a strapless dress and combining them with coarse boots. A sundress with a T-shirt 2017 promotes a more feminine look. It is proposed to use a dress of good and even expensive fabrics over the top of their cotton shirt, along with neat shoes – slips, sneakers, sandals with thick soles.

sundress t-shirt trend 2017
sundress with t-shirt fashion 2017

Sundress over t-shirt

Having the worn out clothes in the wardrobe, it is easy to turn them into a fashion trend that will fit perfectly into the democratic urban style. If we talk about how to wear a dress with a t-shirt, then everything is simple. Moreover, often in the wardrobe of any fashionista there are all components for such an image:

  1. One of the expressive trends of this year – velvet sundress – perfectly combined with basic clothing.
  2. On a T-shirt is perfect sundress with very thin and long straps.
  3. You can give preference to a lingerie style.
  4. Fashionable denim sundress with a T-shirt is an absolute hit.
  5. The length of the floor is charming and romantic.
top over t-shirt
how to wear a dress with a t-shirt

Denim dress with t-shirt

Comfortable and stylish denim wear forms the basis of sporty or casual looks. T-shirt under the denim sundress fits perfectly into these both fashion trends. It is believed that the use of white top is a classic and the most successful option for denim, which perfectly shades the main fabric. Under a simple model, you can wear a shirt in a bright color or with an interesting print. Best of all with a t-shirt combines free models with straps that are not squeezed anywhere.

jeans dress with t-shirt
t-shirt under the denim sundress

Dress on the straps under the t-shirt

Dresses with straps beautifully emphasize the elegant shoulders – this thin piece of clothing makes the model incredibly feminine and romantic, and the image fills with elegance and fragility. T-shirt and a sundress on the straps – a combination in which entertaining coexist elegance and simplicity. Lightweight models of chiffon or silk, elegant, flowing, beautifully contrasted with the ease of cotton T-shirts. The bottom can be monophonic – black, gray, powdery, coffee, or be decorated with a print – polka-dot, flower, abstraction.

t-shirt and sundress on the straps

Long sundresses on a T-shirt

Street fashion often surprises us with unusual combinations, and a long dress with a t-shirt is a confirmation of this. The length of the floor has many fans, and not only because it helps to hide imperfect legs and full or large hips. Maxi gives more freedom, she is both romantic and decisive. Particularly attractive weightless dress to the floor in the hot summer. Wearing a T-shirt in this case is not only following the current trend, but also a charming attempt to hide the shoulders from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

long sundresses on a T-shirt
long dress with t-shirt

Velvet dress with a t-shirt

The royal fabric, as velvet is proudly called, this season has penetrated almost all spheres of fashion – accessories, shoes, clothes. Velvet sundresses are elegant, spectacular and very suitable for publication, but most importantly, they are the absolute leader in the capricious world of fashion. Velvet is favorable for multi-layeredness, so the combination with a T-shirt will be to the court.

This material is serious in energy, so the use of such a banal top will dilute the solidity of velvet and add frivolity to it. When connecting these things offers several variations:

  1. The velvet sundress for a t-shirt for women does not accept variegation, so the top should be solid.
  2. It is not necessary to combine velvet attire with a shirt of flashy tones that will kill the elegance of the noble fabric.
  3. The perfect accompaniment is a t-shirt in nude colors, pastels, mesh or lace.
velvet dress with a t-shirt

Sundress combination with a t-shirt

Models in the linen style have an incredible success among the fairer sex. To look seductive and erotic, as if just from a personal boudoir, is what motivates girls when they seek to replenish their wardrobe with a garment that resembles a beautiful sexual combination. Thin straps, delicate lace, deep cleavage – all this is very attractive to the opposite sex.

But some models of satin, silk or satin have an open cut so that the woman of fashion looks cheap, affordable and vulgar. Yes, and wear this dress preferably as an evening dress. But on the other hand, such a trend as a linen sundress with a t-shirt is positioned by fashion as a successful attempt to soften the elegance of the model. To make the image tasteless, it is important to take into account a few nuances:

  1. T-shirt should be cotton.
  2. Her color should be combined with the dress.
sundress combination with a t-shirt
sundress with t-shirt fashion

Free t-shirt sundress

Free cut, even oversight, is another current trend that instantly captivated responsive women’s hearts. This style easily and weightlessly envelops the outlines of the figure, making wearing comfortable, and the silhouette – fragile and attractive. At the same time, the free style, which gives airiness, is somewhat devoid of earthiness, therefore such a dress with a t-shirt for a girl is a way to balance the image of a banal part of the wardrobe.

free dress shirt

What t-shirt to wear sundress?

The ideal “neighbor” for a sundress is a minimalist white top. A cotton-made T-shirt is a versatile solution that can be combined with almost any bottom. Therefore, if there are several sundresses in your closet, mini or maxi, monophonic or with print, in beach or linen style, feel free to create a new interesting bow with a white T-shirt.

But do not forget that beautiful dresses can be combined with the top of other colors:

  1. The black model, as well as other basic monochrome products, is well suited to the outfit of any other tone and style.
  2. The top with the current inscriptions is not bad with a solid bottom or in a small pattern, for example, peas.
  3. A women’s dress with a striped t-shirt looks very stylish.
  4. Mike with a print – an interesting experiment, designed to revive a nondescript outfit.
  5. To the bottom of muted tones, you can pick up a bright top, and vice versa.
what t-shirt to wear sundress
women's dress with t-shirt

Black dress with white t-shirt

The classic black dress even in a laconic version is extremely effective. If you combine it with a white supplement, the result will delight the most ambitious aspirations: the contrast of two polar colors always makes a deep impression. You should not assume that these two colors unconsciously resemble the traditional school range. This year is a distinct fashion trend that should not be discounted.

A spectacular combination is possible in various versions:

  1. A black outfit that looks like a shirt trimmed with lace in the neckline looks gentle. The imposition of openwork on a white background is incredibly attractive and touching. Suitable shoes – shoes with heels.
  2. A simple black T-shirt with a white T-shirt looks stylish – as an option for every day for street looks, which can be complemented by sneakers, spagnols or boat shoes.
  3. Trendy experts believe that the combination of these units each fits perfectly into business dress code. A bold statement, but if you add a bow and a string of pearls to an onion, then it is quite possible to take a note.
  4. A stylish bow, worthy of a party, is possible when combining a thin white T-shirt with a leather bottom. Here, the contrast is built not only on the color, but also on the difference in the texture of the material.
black dress with white t-shirt

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