Dress for the wedding as a guest – what outfit to choose to be in trend?

A wedding ceremony is a celebration not only for the newlyweds, but also those invited. Without a doubt, the main figures at the festival are the bride and groom. However, it is important for the rest of those present to take care of their appearance. Therefore, from year to year, stylists offer a fashionable dress review for a wedding as a guest.

What kind of dresses do guests wear?

It is very important to remember that you, as a guest, perform a minor role at the celebration. Therefore, your image should not interrupt or somehow stand out especially against the background of the bride. But at the same time it is necessary to demonstrate your sense of style and ability to competently approach the creation of a bow. After all, the ceremony is assessed as a whole, taking into account not only the main details, but also additional elements – from table setting to the clothes of everyone around. Let’s find out which dress isappropriate for a wedding for a guest:
  1. Silk . Flowing material always looks beautiful and refined in the finished product. Such effects in the image are permissible to provide attractiveness, but at the same time correspond to a discreet style.
what dresses the wedding guests wear
  1. Knitted . This simple at first glance, but very convenient material in recent seasons has become a relevant decision in the design of dresses. Knitwear fits perfectly into an interesting drapery, asymmetry and other types of finishes, which will help to beat the whole product in an original way.
what dress is appropriate for a wedding for a guest
  1. Velvet . Exquisite and luxurious velvet will save you from the need to additionally purchase beautiful jewelry. In addition, such models are perfect for an image in the cold season, for example, as a dress for an autumn wedding as a guest.
wedding dresses for guests
  1. From chiffon . Matt translucent fabric is another good choice. This option is ideal for matching the romantic feminine style.
Stylish wedding dress as a guest

Wedding dress as a guest in the fall and spring

As a rule, most of the ceremonies in the demi-season period take place in early fall or late spring. This time is marked by warm sunshine and clear weather, but it excludes heat. It is important to remember that weather conditions can change during the day. In addition, the period of demi-season differs gusty and often cold wind. Therefore, the current choice will be a closed dress for a wedding as a guest in the fall and spring. In this case, long sleeves can also be trimmed, for example, in the β€œbat” style. An alternative solution would be a suit with a bolero or jacket in the kit.
wedding dress as a guest in autumn and spring

Dress for a wedding as a guest in the summer

In hot weather, an open wardrobe remains an important condition for comfort. And so the summer dress for a wedding as a guest is presented in short styles, from light materials, with bare shoulders, back and neckline. But remember that it is important to maintain modesty. Fashionable solution remain styles on thin straps, on one shoulder and with an open back. The trend of recent seasons has become models in linen style made of silk, fine cotton or chiffon. If the celebration is official, then an asymmetrical dress for a summer wedding as a guest will be a good choice.

summer wedding guest dress

Wedding dress as a guest in winter

In the period of cold weather, it is especially necessary to be able to competently choose a dress that will emphasize elegance and sophistication, but at the same time provide comfort and protection from the weather. The most successful are wedding dresses for guests with long sleeves. The length can be short, which complement the beautiful openwork tights. Velvet, thick cotton and knitwear became the actual material choice. For products for the winter celebration fashionable fur trim will be. And in this case, the appropriate solution is considered to be a detachable addition, which can be removed to the room.
wedding guest dress in winter

Fashionable wedding dresses for guests

A beautiful outfit should meet some strict criteria, the main of which is restraint and conciseness in decoration, so that the whole image does not interrupt the appearance of the main figure of the celebration. And it is precisely for this reason that from season to season, designers offer fashion collections with up-to-date novelties that correspond not only to a given style, but also to the latest trends . Let’s see the most stylish solutions:
  1. Separate styles . A very good choice would be a style in the form of a long or asymmetrical skirt and a short top. In this design, it is permissible even a black dress for a wedding as a guest with a beautiful finish or rhinestones.
wedding dress for guests
  1. Fitted silhouette . If you want to emphasize your slenderness and femininity, then the cut will be a stylish choice with an emphasis on the waist. And here the skirt can be both wide and narrow.
wedding dresses for guests 2018 2019
  1. On the smell . An excellent solution is the model with a clasp on the smell. In this case, the product creates a natural section of the hem and neckline, but in general, the image does not look gone and frankly.
beautiful wedding dresses for guests
  1. Short length . In order to ensure one hundred percent conciseness and moderation of style in the image, stop on products with a length of mini or midi. So you will emphasize slender legs, and do not compete with the bride in a long lush dress.
guest wedding dress 2018

Straight wedding dress as a guest

Smooth cut models are considered to be the actual solution for this type of figure, like a pear or an inverted triangle. This outfit will help to visually balance broad shoulders or volume hips. Wedding dresses for guests are presented in short length without bare details. This design is popular with both long sleeves and wide straps. A stylish addition can be an open cape, a sleeve-flashlight or a bat. A flowing choice of material is flowing fabric, for example, silk. The decor is often lace frills.
straight wedding dress as a guest

Wedding dress shirt as a guest

One of the stylish styles in modern women’s fashion has become a model with a solid button closure, a turn-down collar or stand. In the latest collections, such a design is presented not only in casual style, but also in the line-up. The fashionable choice is considered the fitted silhouette of short length. Here relevant materials such as lace and chiffon. A long dress for a wedding as a guest looks spectacular from thick flowing fabrics, such as silk. Button closure is often combined with a textile belt and may not be solid from top to bottom, but only on a yoke.
dress shirt for the wedding as a guest

Wedding dress as a guest

A win-win solution for any type of figure and for any age is considered to be a strict classical style. However, for ceremonial events will be relevant to the case with the finish. Models have become a fashionable choice with a contrasting or asymmetric basky, on one shoulder, a beautiful flounce on the chest or sleeves, with open shoulders or back. A small slit on the skirt will be acceptable. This is the only outfit where flashy colors are appropriate due to the laconic cut. Fashionable in the latest collections was the red dress for the wedding as a guest.
wedding dress case as a guest

A-line wedding dress as a guest

If you want to adjust the broad shoulders and emphasize the femininity, sophistication and romance of the image, then the most stylish solution for you will be the style of A-shaped cut. Designers offer models with a dedicated waistline and without this trim. Landing in flared products is overpriced. A stylish wedding dress as a guest is made of chiffon. In the trend of multi-layered cascade design and decor in the form of a pleated fold. Feminine trapezoid can be wide or concise, on one shoulder, with flounce, lace yoke and other interesting variations.
A-line wedding dress as a guest

Wedding gown for guests

If the ceremony is held in the official evening style, then the maxi-length outfit will be the current choice. However, the cut of the product must be straight or narrowed. A valid solution would be a short loop. Evening gowns for a wedding as a guest are relevant with a one-shoulder finish, a shallow neckline and a wide flounce along the shoulder or chest line. A stylish addition will be bare back. But then the rest of the clothes should match the restrained style. The most popular models are made of silk, chiffon, velvet and in the combined design with lace.
wedding evening dress for guests

Cocktail dress for the wedding as a guest

In the hot season and for a non-rigorous celebration a short cocktail-style attire will be a good choice. Such a choice will not only emphasize your attractiveness, but also provide functionality and practicality. Cocktail dresses for a wedding for guests are popular in such fashionable styles as the sun, a case, a trapeze. If you want to add zest to your image, stop at the products of the combined design, for example, from silk and lace, chiffon and guipure and in other solutions. A stylish addition is drapery, embroidery with rhinestones, contrasting colors of the skirt and coquette.
cocktail dress for a guest wedding

Wedding Dresses for full guests

For girls with a plus size figure, stylists propose to focus on the classics. Universal case is perfect for celebrations in a strict official style, and informal events. A wedding dress as a guest for the full is also presented in more romantic styles – a trapeze, the sun. Such products are relevant in the length of the midi. If you choose a long outfit, pay attention to the presence of such details as an elegant neckline, halter collar, a dedicated waistline. Such additions will help emphasize the spectacular merits of curvy shapes.

Dress for the wedding as a guest pregnant

Fashionable women in the position it is important to choose not only beautiful, but also a comfortable outfit that will ensure the comfort of a pregnant tummy and freedom of movement. A fashionable choice is considered to be a trapezoid style that does not constrain the body. This option will also help to hide your position completely. But if you want to emphasize pregnancy, stop at the stylish models with a high waist. Beautiful wedding dresses for guests are popular in both moderate and maximum length. In the trend and the original interpretation strictly case. And gentle pastel colors became successful colors for pregnant women.
dress as a wedding guest pregnantbeautiful wedding dresses for guests

Wedding dress color for guests

An important role not only in the design, but in the whole image is played by the color scheme. If the bride and groom do not put forward specific criteria regarding the colors of clothing, stylists offer a category of win-win ideas that will always fit into the theme of the celebration and make the entire bow elegant. The main thing to avoid gloom and gloom. Considered irrelevant and prints with large-scale motif. Let’s find out which colors are the most popular:
  1. Blue wedding dress as a guest . A good choice is the sky-sea palette. And here all shades are relevant – from a saturated electrician to a muted dusty blue.
blue wedding dress as a guest
  1. Pastel colors . The romantic style of the event will perfectly support decisions in fresh color colors. Both monophonic and two-color designs in mint, lavender, peach, lemon and other colors will be the fashionable choice.
wedding dress color for guests
  1. Deep shades of red . Stylists exclude bright and saturated colors that will stand out against the background of the gentle and romantic image of the bride. However, the red gamma remains the most feminine choice. And in this case, deep shades are considered relevant – Marsala, brick, burgundy, wine.
red wedding dress as a guest
  1. Nude . Universal for the ceremony in any style is considered a neutral beige-brown palette. Both cold and warm colors – sand, ayvor, coffee with milk, ivory and others remain fashionable shades.
what dress is appropriate for a wedding for guests

What dresses can not be worn at the wedding guests?

In addition to current trends, stylists also offer to familiarize themselves with decisions that are strictly prohibited in creating an image of the invitees. Due to the different features of the figure and the individual taste, the outfit can be selected based on personal preferences and ignoring the latest trends. However, it is important to know which elements of the wardrobe only underscore disrespect and irresponsible attitude to the holiday as a whole. Let’s find out what not to wear:
  1. White dress at the wedding of the guests . This color is excluded for all but the bride. If you can not wait to dress in a light outfit, stop at the pastel colors, the nude palette or a printed design with a white background.
white dress at the wedding of the guests
  1. Black design . Dark classic color is also considered inappropriate, since it is associated with mourning and negative, and given that the wedding ceremony is characterized by happiness and love of the newlyweds, such an outfit can emphasize your disrespectful attitude towards the couple and the young family.
black wedding dress as a guest
  1. Lush cut . Discard the layered and wide skirts. This option can only be a bride.
what dresses you can not wear to the wedding guests
  1. Open design. Too frank elements in the design of the dress are also considered a bad choice. Open parts attract attention, and it is important for you to remember that the focus of others should be on the bride.
long wedding dress as a guest

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