Different types of Baroque hairstyles

The word “baroque” for many is associated with luxury and eccentricity. And there is. The Baroque period coincided with the reign of Louis XIV in France, it was the second half of the XVII century. It is this country from time immemorial was considered the trendsetter. Magnificent dresses, shoes with buckles, wigs, fans, clutches – all this fashionable attributes quickly spread throughout Europe. Accordingly, a kind of pretentiousness was reflected in the hairstyles of the Baroque era.

Baroque hairstyles history

Women’s hairstyles of this historical period are incredibly complex, using special wire frames for this purpose. In the fashion is the most famous women’s hairstyle of the Baroque – fountain. The story of its appearance is interesting. Once on the hunt, the favorite of Louis tied her disheveled hair with a piece of lace so that the strands would not interfere with her. The king liked this so much that he demanded the promise of the young Angelica de Roucille-Fontange not to change her hairstyle. The next day was the beginning of the procession “fountain”: all the ladies of the court came with similar hairstyles.

At first, this hairstyle was not high, but later the fountain turned into a “tower” of height in 50-60 cm (there is information that in Vienna fashionistas it reached a height of more than a meter). The curls were curled tightly and laid down in “floors”, each of which had its own name, and one or two curls “casually” fell on the shoulder. This hairstyle required a lot of time and money (a lot of powder and special lipstick were used for aromatization and fixation of hair), and only wealthy ladies could afford it.

Fashionable hairstyle fountain gave the name to another stylish baroque item. So they began to call the stacked starched cap, enjoyed great popularity. He should have been put on his head, distributing strands of hair between his “floors”, fastened with hairpins and “voila”.

Baroque hairstyles are not only volume, but, above all, femininity. And the fashion for it never goes away.

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