Dark green color in clothes

Dark green color in clothes. With what to combine it and to whom it suits.Dark green is the color of mature foliage and grass. It is very rich and deep. It symbolizes wisdom and life experience.

Dark green is obtained by blending green and black; the larger the shade of black, the darker it is. Green is the color of fertility, stability of life force, and black is of internal animal strength, domination and protection. Two opposing colors merge in a dark green shade into one and the resulting color acquires its own meaning. This is the color of money, financial well-being. A person who chooses this color for himself knows his own worth, knows how to really look at things and stands firmly on his feet.

Dark green color in clothes looks richer and more elegant than simple green.

Shades of dark green

shades of dark green

Dark green is a shade of green. However, this color can be divided into several shades.

Deep dark green – the darkest of all shades. It contains a large amount of black. It is best to combine this shade with lighter colors: red, orange, yellow, burgundy.

Dark green – we can say that this is a classic version. All colors are suitable for it, which will be described below.

Needles – the “warmest” shade of dark green. It is derived from olive color, so for the coniferous shade the same pairs are suitable as for olive → Olive color in clothes. Combinations.

Dark bluish green (Emerald) – a beautiful deep shade with an admixture of blue. It is slightly colder than the others, so it will look great next to the burgundy, gray, blue, brown … This is a very beautiful and noble color. It is just perfect for evening wear.

Who would suit the dark green color

This color can be easily worn by girls with color patterns “Autumn”, “Winter”, “Summer”. But the spring color type “dark green” is not recommended, because it can interrupt your beauty. If you still want to wear a dark green thing, then do not forget the bright makeup, it will help to compensate for the lack of contrast.

Dark green color in clothes

Dark green color in clothes. Combinations A photo

Combinations of dark green in clothes. Base pairs.

  • Dark green ↔ White
  • Dark green ↔ Gray
  • Dark green ↔ The black
  • Dark green ↔ Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Dark green ↔ Brown (Beige)
  • Dark green ↔ Blue
  • Dark green ↔ Pink
  • Dark green ↔ Vinous
  • Dark green ↔ Golden, Silver
  • Dark green ↔ Green

Dark green combination in clothes

Dark Green + White

As you know, with white all colors look good and dark green is no exception. White gives festiveness, purity and elegance to any set. In addition, if you want to add some tritium to a couple of flowers, then with white you just can’t go wrong.

Dark Green + Gray

Since today we are considering a dark shade of green, then to combine with it it is best to choose light gray. This pair looks a bit official and is perfect as an office color solution. Bright accessories of red, yellow or orange colors “liven up” this combination and make it more expressive.

Dark green color in clothes. Combinations A photo
Dark green and gray in clothes

Dark Green + Black

In itself, the combination of black and dark green does not look too expressive, but if it is diluted, for example, with white color or large silver-colored decorations, then we end up with a very interesting and elegant solution for every day, or for a solemn event or party

Dark green + Red, Orange, Yellow

The combination of dark green in clothes with warm colors is considered the most spectacular and expressive.

In conjunction with red we get quite a contrast and bright outfit. It is best to use in one set with dark green less red, so it will not be too flashy, and emphasize the depth and saturation of green.

Orange and green is joined by nature itself. These colors look great and emphasize the beauty of each other.

Yellow make dark green warmer and cozier. The warm shade of the sun is able to soften and add tenderness to serious color.

Dark green and red in clothes

Dark green and orange color in clothes
Dark green and orange color in clothes
Dark green and yellow in clothes

Dark Green + Brown (Beige)

It is also a natural color combination. Like earth and grass, these two colors personify the power and beauty of nature and naturalness.

All shades of brown go well with dark green: from dark chocolate to beige.

Dark Green + Blue

Dark green looks good in the neighborhood of blue. The blue color for the combination is better to choose brighter or add a third brighter color to the kit, for example, coral.

Dark Green + Pink

Pink goes well with dark green, but it is better to use it in limited quantities, in the form of accessories. If you want to use the full thing pink, then for this option, use delicate light shades of pink.

Dark Green + Burgundy

The combination with burgundy for dark green color is also considered one of the best. White will add to this pair of elegance, and black or brown will emphasize elegance and severity of color.

Dark Green + Golden, Silver

You are going to a gala event, going for a birthday or just for a party with friends and, if you want to look perfect, then these combinations are for you.

Dark green evening dress and gold accessories look amazing, elegant and spectacular. The color of gold surprisingly softens the severity of dark green.

The silvery shade looks no darker with dark green.

Dark Green + Green

One of the most interesting and stylish options with a combination of colors can be obtained by combining several shades of green in one outfit. It can be a brighter lime or mint mint, or olive in any case shades of green are perfectly combined with each other.

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