DARK BLUE color in clothes – combination and photo

Deep and rich, mystical and mysterious – dark blue color. In the closet for every girl or woman you can find an item of clothing of this color. He will be able to form the basis for many outfits and is an integral part of the classic basic wardrobe.The main advantage of dark blue in clothes is universality. It is combined with other colors not worse than black, and at the same time does not give such a sharp contrast.

dark blue color in clothes

Psychologists believe that people who prefer the dark blue as the main, thoughtful, prone to thinking and stable. They are immersed in themselves and their inner world.

dark blue color in clothes
dark blue clothes with what to wear


Dark blue can be divided into several basic tones. Each of them is suitable for girls and women with any type of appearance.

shades of dark blue in clothes

Navi (navy) – with all its saturation and intensity, it is completely neutral, which means it can be perfectly combined with almost any color. With him especially relevant marine images. Navi (navy) – with all its saturation and intensity, it is completely neutral, which means it can be perfectly combined with almost any color. With him especially relevant marine images. → An article about Nevi with photo.

Indigo – has a small admixture of red, which gives it warmth and mystery. → About Indigo.

Sapphire – is somewhere in the middle between classic blue and dark blue. It is slightly brighter than the others, and is one of the most ideal colors in clothes for blondes, emphasizing the beauty of blond hair.

Ink – blue-purple color scheme: beautiful, complex, deep, rigorous and versatile. Suitable in any things: from swimsuits to evening dresses.

→ All about Ink.

Royal Navy – the deepest, almost black shade. Bright details, accessories will make it incredibly stylish and dilute monotony.

To whom does

It beautifully shades the hair and fits almost everything.

  • Brunettes You can safely wear dark blue things, experiment, any variations (coat, dress) will suit them.
  • Blondes It is not recommended to apply color to the face so that it does not over-attract attention to itself. Use it in the design of the bottom – skirts, pants, shoes.
  • Owners redheads hair, to enhance the contrast and brightness of the hair, suitable dark blue top – a jacket, jacket, shirt, vest, T-shirt.
who suits the dark blue color in clothes

The combination of colors in clothes – dark blue

For a walk, to work in an office, to a party – wherever we go, we often have questions: “What can we wear dark blue with?” And “What colors does it best fit with?”.

It looks good with almost all colors: with light pastels, with a discreet brown gamut, with bright and direct warm ones.

dark blue palette

+ White

More often dark blue is used as a basis for office suites. It perfectly adjusts to the working wave and does not distract from the main activity.

White will help dilute the severity and efficiency, add elegance and freshness. This classic version is truly versatile for office, leisure, and evening events. Examples of images:

  • Indigo tone suit (trouser or skirt) plus a white blouse.
  • A light jumper can be combined with dark blue pants or jeans.
  • Combine a dark dress with a white jacket or coat.
dark blue with white
dark blue combined with white
The combination of colors in clothes dark blue

+ Gray

The pair looks strictly enough, and to add a set of expressiveness, it is recommended to dilute the gray-dark-blue set with a pastel thing. Combine light and warm colors in dark blue clothes gray.

  • Milky jumper plus a dark jacket and gray skirt (jeans).

Winter things in this tone, especially from different types of wool, looks soft and comfortable.

+ Black

Kits with black built on nuances (this is clearly seen in the photo), so choose a shade of blue that will visually differ from it, or add a gray thing.

black and dark blue

+ Pink

The dark blue color next to pink loses all its severity, restraint and is completely transformed. In such sets, he goes into the background, emphasizing all the brightness, tenderness, romance and femininity pink color. Interesting variations:

  • Ink trousers plus crimson jacket;
  • A navy jacket and a denim skirt, combined with a light t-shirt;
  • A dress of an interesting cut with a bright pink bag.
pink and dark blue in clothes

+ Purple

Combination with purple looks elegant and surprises with originality of color contrast. This is clearly visible when paired with bright purple.

duet dark blue and purple
dark blue with purple

+ Burgundy

Nobility and discreet style characterize the sets with burgundy and its variations (Marsala, wine, burgundi, carmine).

with burgundy
images of combinations of dark blue with burgundy

+ Brown (Beige)

Dark blue combined with beige eight brown – a great solution for every day. The palette looks calm and soft, but not boring at all, because relationships are built on contrasts: dark and light, warm and cold.

The combination is suitable for evening wear, for example:

  • Sapphire (indigo) dress, plus beige pumps and shoes in tone (handbag, belt underlining the waistline).
with beige things
blue paired with brown gamma

The terracotta color scheme will give the image of blue an even more interesting contrast pulse.

combination of brown and dark blue

+ Green

Particularly well with a dark shade of blue perceived multifaceted green (emerald, jade, marine). Paired with olive eight khaki Outfit is simple and harmonious, paired with mint – fresh and original.

Bright tones (lime, lime) are appropriate in small details – a scarf, a bracelet, a cap.

+ Yellow, Orange, Red

When paired with warm colors, dark blue will look very dynamic. Combination with yellow – enhances the depth and richness of our color. The combination is balanced by a dark color, so do not be afraid of rich shades of yellow (lemon, golden, saffron, sun).

If you do not need a sharp contrast, try light pastel shades of yellow (fawn, wheat).

dark blue with yellow
navy in combination with yellow in clothes

With other colors in our clothes color is not so sharp, expressive and ambiguous, as in a pair with red. Add red (crimson, scarlet) to dosed (in the form of accessories or small parts). For example:

  • Classic: red trousers plus a vest (snow-white blouse) and a navy blue jacket.
red and navy combination

With orange the image looks juicy, dynamic and attractive, it attracts attention and is remembered. It is important to observe proportionality: take more paint than another or dilute it with light details.

Actually this combination at any time of the year.

Gentle and light coral is better to wear with shades of indigo, sapphire or navi (navy).

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