Dangerous dishes that people eat for some reason

People often eat harmful foods, because they are tasty and should rather be ranked as useless for human health. But sometimes truly unique products can appear on the tables of people – there are still those who eat terrible-tasting dishes that can also cause significant damage to health and even kill. You should carefully study the list of hazardous dishes that many people continue to eat for reasons beyond logic.

Dangerous Carambola Fruit

In the fruit cannon in the composition of a lot of vitamin C , because of what it could be classified as healthy foods. However, a carambola is categorically impossible with gastritis and an ulcer due to the presence of oxalic acid in it , which is a real poison for such patients. For healthy people, the use of carambola in large quantities can result in the development of renal failure, so it is better to avoid this fruit in your own diet.

Swine fish fishi

Delicacy fishi
The list of the most dangerous dishes of the world contains Egyptian delicacy fisi. This is a rotten mullet , which every spring throws on the coast of the Nile during the river. Locals consume a dangerous dish of fisih during the annual celebration of Sham-el-Nissim, which unsuccessfully tries to warn the Ministry of Health of Egypt. Doctors demand to stop eating a dish that is capable of causing severe body poisoning and death, but the tribute to the traditions of the Egyptians is so far more developed than common sense.

Poisonous bullfrog

Asian and African restaurateurs often “spoil” their guests with large representatives of amphibian bullfrogs. The paws of these animals have a pleasant taste, but their skin and insides are poisonous, and since these amphibians are easily confused with other members of the genus, the dangerous dishes prepared from them can easily get on the table at any time.

Puffer fish

Puffer fish
The most dangerous dishes mean nothing next to the famous puffer fish containing a lethal dosage of tetrodotoxin. Only skilled chefs will be able to competently cook this dish, removing all the poisonous parts from the fish so that all the meat that remains in the fish is completely edible, but no one can guarantee the safety of the delicacy. Every year in Japan, people die from fugu poisoning.

Live octopus “San Nak Ji”

Live octopus "San Nak Ji"
In Korea or Japan, live octopus is served on a plate with greens. From the delicacy, it is customary in the restaurant hall to cut off the pieces, despite the fact that the octopus itself remains alive at the time of submission. The most dangerous dishes of the world can fade before eating a live octopus seasoned with all sorts of sauces, because according to international statistics, every year this food preference kills six gourmets on average.
The octopus itself is not poisonous, the danger lies in the fact that by eating it alive, a person allows the animal to remain awake in the mouth and esophagus, which often leads to suffocation. The octopus sucks its suckers to the esophagus and is trying to get out with all its might.
With all the horror of the process in countries where they eat live octopuses, the dish is considered to be a dietary one, since there is absolutely no fat in the octopus .

Kasu rotten cheese

The rotten cheese Kasu Marzu
In Sardinian, the name “Kasu martsu” means “rotten cheese”, which in reality corresponds to reality. How an unknown chef decided to infect normal cheese with fly larvae and then eat the resulting substance is still a mystery, but many of those who love this “delicacy” consider Kasa martus an unusual taste. This dangerous dish contributes to the infection of the body by the above-mentioned larvae, causes food poisoning and severe allergic reactions.

Cassava plant

The African plant cassava grows in the jungle and serves as raw material for the preparation of flour and various dishes. The danger of the dish lies in the hydrocyanic acid contained in the roots and leaves of cassava. It is pure hydrogen cyanide – a toxic substance that even on an industrial scale is used only in solid forms, so that in no way can the workers of enterprises manage to get poisoned.
However, chefs from Africa consider themselves masters of cooking cassava. They skillfully clean and wash the plant, then soak it and boil it so that not a single milligram of cyanide enters the ready dish. But even a microscopic dose of this substance can instantly kill a person, so eating cassava is not recommended.

Elderberry plant

The elderberry known in our latitudes can also bring much grief to the one who tries it. The plant reproduces well, like a weed, in a temperate continental climate, located on the numerous coasts of rivers. Used elderberry, among other things, for the production of sambuka , anise , Hungarian anise brandy. Elderberry berries contain a lot of vitamin C.
What are dangerous dishes of elderberry? The fact is that the immature berries of this plant contain a lot of poison, which is dangerous for human health and life. With the full ripening of elderberry, the poison from the berries disappears.

Keluak seed

The strange word kelawak actually denotes a seed from the fruit of the kepaying tree. In it, as well as in the cassava, a lot of prussic acid that can poison a person. To eliminate such a harmful and dangerous ingredient, kelahuak is subjected to torture – it is first boiled, then instilled in banana leaves and ashes for 40 days , and only after all these manipulations are eaten. It is believed that so kelawak becomes a very fragrant and completely harmless product.

Fermented Copalchen Meat

The traditional dish of northerners Copalchen contains a huge amount of cadaveric poison. This dangerous dish is prepared by fermenting venison or seal meat. With a formed habit of eating such food, there is practically no harm to the body, but only those who have eaten meat with cadaveric poisons all their lives since childhood can boast of it and have developed an antidote to such food. In others, cadaveric poisons usually cause severe poisoning and subsequent death.

Jamaican fruit aki

Fruit Aki
The national fruit of Jamaica, aki, is truly poisonous to humans. Nevertheless, it is still actively eaten in this country. It is believed that only aki with seeds that contain toxins hypoglycin A and hypoglycin B can be considered a dangerous dish. That is why in national dishes of Jamaica aki is thoroughly cleaned of seeds. If this is not done, you can get a disease known in the world medical practice as the “Jamaican emetic syndrome”.

Giant jellyfish

Poisonous jellyfish
Giant poisonous jellyfish live in the ocean near the Japanese coast, exterminating all the tuna in these waters. The authorities invented to lure tourists with a dangerous dish – a delicacy of a giant jellyfish, in order to reduce its concentration in the waters at least a little and save tuna. The principle of cooking poisonous jellyfish is related to the preparation of fugu – it is important to correctly select and remove poisonous parts, however, if at least one of the dangerous parts is not removed, the lethal outcome to the gourmet is ensured.

Poisonous stone fish

Stone fish
A dish of deadly fish-stone for a strange reason is popular in Japanese restaurants. The fact is that this type of fish that lives in the Pacific and Indian oceans is deadly when a person touches their fin. The instantaneous emission of a fish-stone poisoning paralyzes the human spinal cord. But Japanese chefs remove the dorsal poison fin and use the meat of this fish in the preparation of sashimi.

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