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For different skin problems, we collected different cosmetic skin care knowledge, you quickly come to understand the next MM.

Four seasons skin care method

Summer skin care

Replenishment is the key: hot summer weather can cause the body to be dehydrated. It can drink a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and carbon dioxide. It can promote the skin’s delicate and rosy mineral water and rich in vitamin C, which is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity. Lemonade, in addition, often drink chrysanthemum tea, swill tea, lotus leaf tea and other traditional Chinese medicine tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, Longjing tea, etc., also have the effect of hydrating, these beverages can accelerate the circulation of body fluids, make the skin clean and moist.

It is noted that the sun : 15 minutes before going out to put on sunscreen lotion, sunscreen cream.

Should eat more fruits and vegetables : eat more foods containing vitamins C, E, beta carotene, can help beautify the skin.

More attention should be paid to rest : hot weather is easy to cause insomnia, lack of sleep is a natural enemy of beauty , not only will make the skin dull and dull, it is easy to make people feel unrelenting, enough sleep will make the skin of the crushy radiance.

Autumn skin care

Body care

1, drink plenty of water, more than 5 cups of water a day.

2, eat more fruits, fruit not only contains a lot of beneficial muscle substances, but also contains a lot of water.

3, eat more food, to prevent dry weather, leading to constipation.

4, drink soy milk, eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat and sesame, walnuts, bees, white fungus, pears and other foods, better moisturize the skin and beauty .

In vitro skin care

1. From the beginning of cleaning, the skin care products used in each step must adhere to: prevent water loss, hydration, and water lock.

2, pay attention to the content of several large moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, witch hazel, lavender, honeysuckle and other essential oils.

3. Keep the living environment moist: improve the air humidity, increase the absorption of essential oils, and improve the quietness of the mind.

4, pay attention to detoxification, detoxification is to better moisturizing , so autumn detoxification should pay attention to: pay attention to daily sweating, daily cleansing of the stomach, there are conditions to cooperate with essential oils to massage the problem skin.

5. During the daytime, the skin is exposed outside. At night, it is necessary to make up the nutrition and repair the damaged cells (the best time for skin nutrition and repair from 10:00 to 4 am), and the skin color of the next day can be bright, delicate and smooth.

6. According to your skin properties, choose a mild facial cleanser in the fall, a non-alcoholic lotion, a moisturizing day cream and night cream, and a soft mask with a whitening effect

Winter skin care

Facial skin care

1. In the winter , use a cleansing lotion containing moisturizing ingredients. Try not to use a cleansing gel that can remove oil.

2, no matter how cold the weather is, do not wash your face with hot water, because cold water can make the skin more elastic, if it is really cold, you can wash your face with warm water .

3, to go to the dead skin on a regular basis, do not think that peeling skin is a summer thing to do, in fact, in the winter also regularly to the dead skin, so that our skin can absorb a variety of nutrients.

Eye care

In winter, the blood circulation of the human body slows down, and the dark circles are also aggravated. If you use your fingers to draw a circle to gently massage the skin around the face, you can alleviate the dark circles . At the same time, you have to change the high moisturizing ingredients in winter. the eye cream .

Lip care

In the winter, the air is dry, and our lips are often peeled. Once this happens, don’t use your tongue to rub it. Otherwise, it will dry out more and more. Prevent the lips from drying. You can carry a lip balm with you. When you feel dry, feel dry. Just rub the lip balm.

Beauty skin care method

Remove facial wrinkles

The same amount of fresh cucumber juice clear egg stirred uniformly, 2-3 times a week at bedtime face after applied facial wrinkles, cleared 15-20 minutes, month skin tightening, eliminate wrinkles with special effects.

Dark skin

Use white vinegar plus glycerin, 5:1 mixture, often rub the skin, make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition, after a month, the skin is delicate and tender, clean and smooth and elastic.

(White vinegar with caution, different skin types with different effects, skin sensitive and allergic.) In addition to freckles almonds 5 money, research into fine powder, mix thoroughly with egg white, apply face every night before going to bed, wash away with warm water the next day, 10 to It was effective on the 15th and will not recur afterwards.

In addition to facial pigmentation

Add melon vinegar with white vinegar, mix thoroughly to apply the face, 3 times a day, wash away after 10 minutes, and remove for half a month.

In addition to facial melanin spots

Fresh tomato juice with honey, 5:1 mixture, apply the face, wash off in 10 minutes, and use it for half a month to break down the melanin and whiten the skin.

Once the spots appear, it is difficult to eliminate them. In addition to the small recipes, we should pay attention to the moisture of the facial skin at home every day, and apply more masks . As the saying goes, “Ten spots and nine dry”, one more point is that all year round. rub sunscreen , a UV stain the external form.

Acne removal

(Wine thorns, youth beans, hemorrhoids) Fresh cucumber juice and white vinegar mixed in equal amount, first wash the face with hot water , three times a day, 10 minutes after application, wash with warm water, half a month can heal.

Generally, oily skin is prone to blackheads , acne , and acne. In this case , wash your face with warm water and apply a refreshing type. It is not suitable for excessive oil.

Baking soda to blackhead

When washing your face, mix the baking soda in facial cleanser and wash your face . The foam will become very delicate and elastic. After washing, you will find that the blackheads are much reduced and the pores are reduced. If you persist, the blackheads will disappear. .

In addition to scalp problems

Every time you use mulberry root bark 4 money, water 2 kg, boil the head , once a day, do not use water over the head after washing, for 5 days, can promote scalp blood circulation, have a solid hair effect, and cure dandruff, head Itchy, regenerative hair.

White teeth

Use salt and baking soda (commonly known as: face screwdriver) to adjust to a toothpaste shape, brush your teeth once a day, 3-5 days to remove all stains of the teeth, so that the teeth are white.

Skin care steps


By cleaning, it can effectively stimulate the skin vitality, make the pores fully transparent and fully exert the skin health and normal absorption, breathing and excretion functions, and maintain the skin’s good metabolic state.


Strengthening skin hydration is the most important skin care job in autumn. A quick-acting hydrating mask is used to save the emergency. Apply it to the face for 10 minutes, immediately inject enough water into the skin. The skin that is full of water is soft and supple, and the makeup is naturally applied.


In addition to hydrating, to add enough water to the skin, we must also find ways to retain this moisture, so that they do not evaporate and drain, hydrating should choose liquid thin products to absorb, and moisturizing , we must choose gelatinous thick The product is only allowed to allow the skin to fully absorb moisture, and then the gel-like product is used to lock it, so that the skin can remain moist.


White must first pay attention to the sun, UV autumn although not strong summer, but not to protective measures will gradually turn black, for office workers MM, with a choice of about SPF15 sun protection cream is sufficient.


Season is the most sensitive time for skin. When the seasons alternate, pay special attention to the choice of skin care. Don’t try new skin care products at this time. They will make your skin more sensitive and try to use the skin. Mild product.


In the cold winter, no matter how many skin care products are applied on the face, it is still dry. The hydrating mask is often dry. Because the temperature in winter is low, the oil and fat components secreted by the sebaceous glands are not enough. It is not too dry when the water is replenished. Choosing a product with good moisturizing effect is a good choice.

Wrinkle resistance

In autumn and winter, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of small wrinkles, and use some anti-wrinkle products in advance to effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.


Skin relaxation is a beautiful taboo. In winter, the oil secretion is less, the skin is more likely to lose elasticity, and the outdoor activities are indispensable for wind and sun and air pollution. Before the makeup, a protective cream with sunscreen effect can be applied to isolate the makeup and stimulate. protects against external aggressions, outdoor makeup is an essential step, good Cream not only sunscreen effect has to be good, but also refreshing moisturizing , makeup to make more perfect.

Beauty skin care recipe

Bird’s nest iced porridge

Bird’s nest has the effect of moisturizing the skin, nourishing the blood and nourishing the skin. Take 3 grams of bird’s nest, the amount of crystal sugar, cook until porridge can be eaten. If you add 5 grams of sweet almonds to cook, the beauty effect is better.

Yam oysters

Yam porridge can enhance physiological activity, quickly restore physical strength, eliminate fatigue, low fat, high nutrients, help metabolism and achieve cosmetic purposes.

Ingredients: 600 grams of Chinese yam, 1/2 cup of rice, medlar, sugar osmanthus (stiff sugar), shallots.


1, rice and water in advance for half an hour, yam washed, peeled and cut into pieces.

2, put the soaked rice into the pot, add 5 cups of water to boil, change to a small fire to cook porridge, add glutinous, yam pieces together to cook, stir slightly, boil for 30 minutes.

Jujube porridge

Take 60 grams of glutinous rice and 10 jujubes, add jujube to glutinous rice, cook until the porridge is rotten and jujube cooked. Jujube is rich in vitamin E, and often eat jujube porridge, which can make people look rosy and look good.

Recommended for beauty and skin care products

Chinese medicine whitening cream

This product uses vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin as ingredients to effectively inhibit melanin, diminish pigmentation , whiten and moisturize , brighten skin tone, and smooth and firm.

Moisturizing snail skin care cream

This cream can whiten and moisturize, increase skin elasticity and luster, delay skin aging, make skin firm, soft and smooth, especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

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