Custom shirts for all budgets

When we hear of tailored tailoring and clothing we automatically think of  fashion from another era . But the truth is that today we can find different firms that are dedicated to making suits and shirts to measure. Among these are not only the tailor’s of all the life , many of these marks are of recent creation since in the last years the number of men that choose to become the clothes has grown. If you are thinking about making a shirt or a suit, here we tell you where you can do whatever the budget.


Of course, if you are looking for custom-made garments, you can always go to emblematic tailoring shops that have known how to combat the passage of time and adapt to new times. Today many of them use their website and social networks as a showcase and reach a younger man. Part of the success of the tailoring today, falls on the new menswear icons , which have reminded men of the importance of quality garments . We found an example in Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist , who has photographed men in impeccable suits and shirts all over the world.

Custom shirts
Custom tailoring is fashionable. © LanderUrquijo

The new tailor shop

But not only in the tailor shops of all life you can make your clothes to measure, in recent years young talentshave specialized in this area. Firms such as García Madrid or The Stoat have been able to modernize the classicsuits and shirts. Undoubtedly, they show us that tailored tailoring is also for the youngest.

The new tailoring also triumphs among the youngest. © GarcíaMadrid

Tailoring 2.0

As it could not be otherwise, the online sale has also reached the tailor-made garments. Brands like Tailords allow you to order your shirt to measure from home , in this case you will only have to choose the fabric and send them your favorite shirt to be used as a pattern and in less than 4 weeks you will have your new shirt.

Custom shirts

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