Curtains for the hall: design features 2019 – 2020

Curtains play an important role in the interior design of any room. Of course, first of all, they are designed to protect against sunlight and prying eyes. But lately, their choice is increasingly paying attention, because the curtains are a decorative element. With their help, you can give the room austerity, lightness and even visually make the room larger.

Curtains for the hall: design features

All interior designers have one common unspoken rule: if the wall decoration is made in a single-color version, then you can safely choose curtains with a pattern, but if the walls are decorated with wallpaper with a pattern, then the curtains should be one-color. However, we all know that the rules are designed to violate them. Therefore, some professionals can choose the combination of curtains with wallpaper so that the result will look fantastic. But if you choose interior items on your own, we recommend you to pay attention to the general trends in curtain design.

In the hall, where the main elements are quite bright, you can safely choose light, neutral curtains.

As you know, over the past few years, such interior styles as Scandinavian style and minimalism have been particularly popular. They are characterized by brevity, the minimum amount of decor and a rather modest design of windows. With the advent of 2018 – 2019, the trends have changed somewhat.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing curtains for the hall is naturalness. This primarily concerns the composition of the fabric. The most successful materials for their manufacture – cotton, linen, silk or bamboo. Of course, it is allowed to add synthetic threads, because they help to prolong their use.

The second, which is equally important when choosing curtains – the color that should be natural, natural. For example, walnut, brown, blue, gray or green are ideal options. After all, they fit almost all types of interior and even refresh it a little.

The white color does not lose its relevance, with which you can make a small room visually larger. And of course, such a gentle, light shade gives the room airiness.

Quite an unusual design of the hall, which combines several styles. And to give it harmony, it is best suited exactly white curtains.

Modern ideas

Plain curtains look very fresh, delicate, but more creative and creative people still prefer several other options. If you treat them, it is better to choose a more daring, modern design options curtains.

In 2018 – 2019, geometric shapes and a variety of futuristic motifs became particularly popular. So why not choose curtains with such an interesting print? In addition, in a monophonic room, they will look bright, catchy.

The room in neutral white and gray tones is complemented by curtains with bright accents. And the same pattern on the pad as on the curtains creates a feeling of harmony in the room.

It would seem that such a bright room in itself looks pretty self-sufficient. Nevertheless, the print on the curtains in the form of a black-and-white pattern sets a special theme for this room.

Quite an interesting trend of this year – a combination of two types of curtains. They can be made of different types of material or differ in density and color. But this approach allows you to experiment and change your interior thanks to curtains. Moreover, they help to visually make the ceiling height higher.

As you can see, the hall is made in calm colors. And as a bright accent is used yellow color, which we see, both on curtains, and on a flower pot, candles and a pillow. At the same time, the presence of additional gray curtains allows you to change them depending on your mood.

Unlike previous options, it uses a lot more options for curtains. Each of them has something in common with elements of a decor which are in a hall. Thanks to this, everything looks interesting, unusual and stylish.

Curtains with color inserts look very original. Due to them, it seems that there are two types of curtains in the hall.

It is necessary to mention that curtains that fall on the floor look very beautiful and elegant. Of course, they are more suitable for large rooms. But if you choose the right shade and texture, then you can use them in small rooms.

If you like the neutral color of the curtains, then you can diversify them a little with the help of accessories such as harnesses. There is an incredibly large variety of them. Many even make their own hands, using for this elements such as beads, braid or ribbon. With the help of pickups, you can not only maintain curtains beautifully, but also arrange them in an original way.

Gentle, light curtains with a barely visible pattern perfectly highlight the overall style of the room.

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