Corset belt – what to wear with this fashion trend?

Unusual and original accessories in the image help to make the exterior interesting, outstanding and attractive. Modern style offers fashion trends that combine a decorative role with a functional one. And one of such stylish elements was the corset belt.

Belt corset – trend 2017

In the new season, the supporting belt gained incredible popularity and entered the list of the most current trends. The past weeks of high fashion in Paris and Milan have even more approved the original accessory as a fashionable choice for every day, for elegant bows, business style. The popularity of the add-on is due to its use by many celebrities. A striking example was the belt-corset on Kim Kardashian , which is known for its slimness and sexuality. The socialite decorates the exterior with decorative items and applies specialized models in training.
belt corset trend 2017
Belt corset – trend 2017
belt corset on Kim Kardashian

Women’s fashion corset belt

In the fashion collections, designers offer a large selection of stylish and beautiful accessories. But the main advantage of these parts is their ability to maintain posture and train the back muscles. This decision will always make the figure slimmer, thinner waist, hips and chest more expressive. Let’s see which belt corset is in fashion 2017:
  1. Wide corset belt . The most popular model is the accessory width from hip to chest. This choice was the most successful for the figure, especially the full.
  2. thick corset belt
  3. Corset lace belt . Fashionable delicate lace patterns, which are often used in wedding and evening bows , have become fashionable . But for more rigid support the product from guipure will be better suited.
  4. women's fashion corset belt
  5. Perforation, rhinestones, fur . The sparkling scattering of stones and crystals, fur decor and perforated patterns became the stylish decoration of the original additions. Any decision will always emphasize the refinement of taste and the uniqueness of the fashionable woman.
  6. corset belt in fashion 2017

Leather belt corset

Leather products have become one of the most common and frequently encountered on the modern market. Designers prefer natural material to artificial substitutes that allow air to pass through and provide favorable thermoregulation. The leather corset belt is a one-piece product and a combination of thin straps attached to a rigid back. If you are looking for an attractive option, then the best solution would be a varnished model. A grace and exotic add textured leather under the reptile.
leather belt corset
Leather belt corset
leather corset belt

Corset belt for stockings

For years, designers have been offering graces in lingerie collections. Corset with a belt for stockings – the choice of sexy, feminine and confident fashionistas. Such products are presented in a wide range. The simplest design is a seamless design made of an elastic slender material. This option should be chosen in size. A more attractive and interesting will be a lace, satin, silk accessory, complemented by a zipper-like fastener, lacing, hooks or buttons. In a series of such parts there are models of universal size.
corset belt for stockings
Corset belt for stockings
corset with stocking belt

Denim Belt Corset

The fashionable decision for daily socks on clothes became products of a denim. Fashion designers use both thin jeans and thick material. The choice of fabric depends on the purpose you are pursuing in the image. Thin unlined version is considered decorative, and tough durable jeans are suitable for good fixation and support posture. A fashionable corset-belt is often supplemented with a wide strap around the neck, which provides additional back support and muscle training. In the trend design with a shabby decor, gradient color transitions and the effect of boils.
denim belt corset
Denim Belt Corset
fashion belt corset

Waistband Corset

In addition to the beautiful universal and decorative models, designers offer specialized accessories designed specifically for the adjustment and training of the constitution. Waist corset belt worn under clothing or used in sports. A feature of such parts is a certain material with a high percentage of elastane and thermostatic properties. The differences lie in the choice of fastener, which is represented by several types:
  1. Clasp hooks . The fastener on small hooks will be more convenient. This option is to choose by size or with the presence of several rows of fasteners, which will help determine the most comfortable position.
  2. slimming corset belt
  3. Corset sports belt . Supporting models for sports supplemented with a wide durable Velcro. This option stretches well and tightly provides perfect support. Often the sports attribute is supplemented with vibrating pads that during the socks train the abdominal muscles.
  4. wide belt corset

What to wear with a corset belt?

If you picked up a decorative design designed for outdoor wear, then you should take care of the stylish combination of accessory with a wardrobe. This season, the corset belt has become increasingly universal. But it is worth understanding with which style to harmonize one or another model:
  1. In the evening image . The actual addition to a wide belt-corset with laces on the sides, with bulky buckles and pendants will be for a refined outfit. Luxury and charm in the image emphasize the model with metal inserts for gold, forged and openwork products.
  2. fashion belt corset
  3. Business bow . For strict combinations it is worth picking up the supplement in the same restrained style. Here it is better to stop at a wide or medium accessory of uniform colors made of leather or thick cotton.
  4. what to wear with belt corset
  5. For every day . For everyday wear, stylists recommend soft decorative details, which are best worn over long clothes – a jacket, tunic, shirt.
  6. women's fashion corset belt

Belt-corset on the dress

The accessory with a feminine wardrobe has become an elegant and most successful combination. For dresses best suited belt-corset lace-up. Leather products of solid cut look great with beautiful additions – perforation, lacquered inserts, under the skin of reptiles. The most relevant styles are considered romantic dresses with a skirt, sun -sleeved sleeves, in the style of the 50s. The solution to the addition of a simple style shirt will be stylish. And for the linen style, the original accessory has become indispensable. The same rules apply to decorating a corset belt with a coat.
belt corset on the dress
Belt-corset on the dress
belt corset lace up

Belt with corset

Corset strap perfectly complement the image with a skirt. In this case, stylists offer two options that perfectly emphasize femininity and the refined taste of the fashionable woman. The first way is to add a removable detail to the skirt in a decorative design. This is suitable for those who support posture. Slim and slender fashionistas stylists recommend a second solution – a one-cut model with a wide corset supplement at the waist. Best of all the supporting part looks in a strict style pencil. A skirt with a corset belt may differ in a small asymmetry or A-shaped cut.
skirt with a corset belt
Belt with corset
skirt with corset belt

Jeans with a corset belt

Denim trousers are very often decorated with a high waist with the possibility of fixation and adjustment in volume. Such addition is found in models for the demi-season period from dense material. Jeans with a high corset can be buttoned, hooked, buttoned or zipped. But the obligatory element is the lacing behind, which regulates the width of the waist. Actual style for corset top are skinny and classic. Therefore, a stylish wardrobe for such jeans will be a romantic style – ballet flats and pumps, light blouses and shirts.
jeans with corset belt
Jeans with a corset belt
jeans with a high corset belt

Trousers with corset belt

Corset belt is also suitable for women’s pants in a business or romantic style. Designers offer a decorative belt-corset on the pants, complemented by lace, a variety of straps, perforated patterns. Often, a high corset waist serves as an integral part with the product. But for an unusual cut fit removable accessory. Best of all, the corset belt looks with a straight or narrowed cut and flared hips. To demonstrate an interesting addition, stylists suggest tucking the top of pants or picking up cropped jackets, tops, jackets .
decorative belt corset
Trousers with corset belt
pants with corset belt

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