Correction of face makeup and photo correction makeup

Among the tools that help to hide the defects on the skin of the face, can be called not only corrective pencils of several shades, white and cream eyeshadow and various shades blush. Recently, concealers have become more and more popular remedial makeup products – solid or creamy products of various shades (yellow, red, lavender, etc.) that can hide from small dots and reddenings to dark circles around the eyes.

In this article, we will talk about how to perform facial correction using makeup in general, and consider the points how to correct the shape of the eyes, lips and lips with cosmetics, and also offer to look at the face correction photo with makeup.

With the help of tonal means and various shades of blush and bronzers, the imperfect features and shape of the face are visually corrected. It is important to remember the following features of the visual perception of colors in face correction with make-up: light tones visually expand and enlarge, and dark tones reduce and alienate.

As a rule, most women use cosmetics not only to make facial features brighter and more expressive, but also to hide certain flaws: skin defects, irregular face, eye, nose, or lips. In each such case, makeup artists apply certain techniques that any woman can master.

Long since an oval face is considered to be ideal in form. Consequently, makeup artists apply makeup to the faces of all other forms in order to visually bring the face to the ideal.

Here are some secrets to correcting an irregular face:

A round face can be corrected by applying a darker foundation on the cheekbones and temples, and on the rest of the skin – a means of the basic tone.

A round face can be visually oval, if properly used tonal means.

On a square face tonal means should be applied so that the middle of the face is covered with the basic tone, and a darker, corrective means to cover the projections of the lower jaw. With this type of face on the temporal region and diagonally to the nasolabial fold should apply a blush of a dark tone.

The rectangular elongated face can be visually corrected with a dark foundation applied to the lower part of the chin and the upper part of the forehead, and lighter cream on the temporal areas.

Disguise the shortcomings of the triangular face can be darkened temporal region and the lower, narrow part of the chin, as well as lightening the hollows under the cheekbones and causing bright blush on the cheeks.

You can make a flat face more expressive if you apply a little light cream over the dark on the cheekbones and the middle of the face.

Eye shape correction with makeup

Eyes often also have their drawbacks, which can be made invisible with make-up. Eyes can be too close to each other, too far or normal, and can also be deep-set, protruding, etc. To visually correct the points that do not suit you, you need to resort to eye correction with makeup.

A normal position is considered to be when the distance between the eyes is equal to the length of the eye, and the angles of the eyes are at the same level.

In order to visually push away close-set eyes from each other, it is necessary to carefully pull out the eyebrows from the nose, and then slightly lengthen them by painting the tips with a pencil. Light shades should be applied to the nose bridge and the inner corners of the eyes, and darker ones should be applied to the middle of the eyelids, from where they should be shaded to the outer corners of the eye. Adjusting the eye section with a contour pencil, from the outer sides of the line should be taken out of the eyes and slightly shaded.

Closely located eyes can be visually corrected by highlighting their outer corners and making the inner ones less visible.

In the case when the eyes are apart from each other at a distance greater than the length of the eye, then they can be visually approximated by drawing on the beginning of the eyebrows with a pencil and also shading the eyelids at the inner corners of the eyes with dark shadows.

Wide-set eyes visually bring closer to help darker shadows near the inner corners of the eyes.

If the eyes are deep set, use light shadows and, if eyeliner is used, it is better to abandon the dark lines.

To correct the shape of the eyes with makeup, we advise you to resort to the following tricks:

  • small eyes will help to visually enlarge small eyes and in no case a dark outline around the whole eye;
  • For a visual increase in small eyes, light shadows and non-interlocking eyeliner lines of the upper and lower eyelids are used.

Nose correction with makeup

If you are not satisfied with the shape of the nose, correction with makeup will come to your aid.

A wide nose can be visually made thinner using two tones of powder or tonal means: the wings of the nose can be covered with powder of a darker shade, and the back of the nose can be made lighter.

To correct make-up of the nose that seems too long for you, you can apply a tonal tool or powder darker than the basic tone on its tip and lower part.

Lips correction with makeup

Lips – the final touch of makeup. If you need to perform lip correction makeup, you can use several ways. However, the easiest option for the lips – correction with a pencil.

First, you need to put on the lips and foundation powder, then remove the desired contour with a pencil.

To make lips look plumper, over lipstick pearl shine can be applied. At the same time, there is a little more gloss on the lower lip than on the upper lip, which will externally give the lips additional volume.

If the lips are too wide, the contour should be drawn along the inner side of the lips.

If you want to make using makeup make-up lips that seem too thin, then you need to cut a lip around the outer edge with a pencil, and then apply lipstick carefully.

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