Concealers and its Application

Before you start using it, you need to figure out what a concealer is for a face. This tool, which is intended to pinpoint masking of the defects of the epidermis. It is a bit like a concealer, but unlike the latter, concealer is able to mask even pronounced defects – such as acne, dark spots. In this case, the tool can not be used instead of the tonal framework. Only in combination concealer and cream (provided they are skillfully used) will give an even perfect tone.

Proofreader and concealer – what’s the difference?

These new products are confused by many, but in fact they work in different ways, although their main functions are to mask the flaws of the skin and are the same. What it is – concealer for the face – its main task is to hide the defects of the epidermis with a dense layer, slightly lighten the pigment spots and dry the “young” pimples. If more accurately compare concealer and corrector – the difference of these products will be determined in the fact that the latter masks flaws due to color correction. The structure of proofreaders is lighter, and they are produced in a wide range of colors.

What is concealer for?

If with the purpose of the bodily shades of the means everything is generally clear, then what it is – a colored concealer for the face is the most frequent question for beginners. Different tones help mask many flaws. With their help, you can hide almost everything:
1. Lavender or purple concealer – from dark circles. In addition, these shades neutralize the yellowness, pigment spots.
2. Green shade is suitable for masking red defects: an allergic rash, pimples, stains, scars, irritations.
3. Pink concealer for the face, what it is – another good tool for eliminating greenish bruises and circles under the eyes. Only use it with caution, because if the pink concealer hits the bluish portion of the epidermis, the effect will be the opposite.
4. Yellow overlaps the disadvantages of blue-violet. Thanks to him, the skin takes a softer and warmer shade.
5. Favorite concealer makeup artists to disguise circles under the eyes – salmon or apricot, but it is difficult to use it, because it does not work on all types and shades of skin.

Concealer – species

The range of “camouflage” means great. All types of concealers differ in composition, release form, texture. In addition, different cosmetics is intended for the correction of excellent deficiencies. To understand the final concealer for the face – what it is, you need to consider the main types of funds. Among them:
1. Liquid. Ideal for use on the skin around the eyes. Due to its light texture, it can be used by owners of mature skin.
2. Pencil. It has a dense texture, so it is great for masking pigment spots, small inflammations, acne, redness, mimic wrinkles. Effectively removes shine. Concealer pencil dotted.
3. Concealer-Vendian. The product is produced in the form of a stick. This concealer is lightweight and capable of evenly smoothing the tone. If you choose the perfect tone, Vend can be used without a basis – it combines well with the natural color of the epidermis. Suitable for emergency disguise.
4. Concealer highlighter. It can not only eliminate almost all – with the exception of very visible – skin defects, but also slightly highlight the skin.
5. Dry. Masks acne, blackheads, eliminates shine, redness, inflammation. It is not recommended to apply on the skin around the eyes – the particles of the product will be clogged up in fine wrinkles.
6. Cream concealer. Universal remedy that can be applied both locally and over large areas of skin.
7. Moisturizing. Gentle and soft concealer, ideal for the skin around the eyes. In the composition of moisturizers – a large amount of nutrients. Due to the light structure, concealers are easy to apply, and one should not be afraid that they will become clogged in the pores and skin folds.
8. Color. It is applied only under the tonal basis.
9. For lips. Able to hide almost all the flaws that may occur on the delicate skin in the lips.
10. Compact. A non-fat remedy that effectively masks acne, blemishes and other age-related manifestations.

Liquid concealer

This format is considered the most convenient. Liquid concealers are suitable for dry skin – they contain moisturizing ingredients. Tubes can be sold with dispensers or with built-in brushes, sponges, applicators, as in lip gloss. Experts recommend choosing a liquid concealer for the face with a dispenser, because bacteria are the most difficult to penetrate.

Cream concealer
Available in jars and palettes. Concealer cream for the face – what it is – a tool with a pleasant texture that can be applied to the skin and fingers, and sponge. Due to its soft, oil-enriched structure, as a rule, it is not recommended for owners of oily skin – the tone can “float” and reveal all the masked flaws. Cream concealer perfectly hides the dark spots under the eyes and not too conspicuous skin defects.
Dry concealer

It is also called mineral, because the basis of this product is mineral powder. Apply dry concealer for the face in order to disguise acne, inflammation, acne. With it, you can remove the greasy shine, but to eliminate bruises under the eyes, the tool is not suitable. The reason is that a dry concealer will become clogged in fine mimic wrinkles and folds and will look unattractive.

How to choose concealer?

It is not necessary to make the right choice the first time, because it is better to start the selection with probes. Before you choose a concealer for the face, you should analyze what type of skin you have, the color of your skin, the defects that need to be fixed. Owners of dull facial tone, it is desirable to choose beige products. They will not only hide flaws, but also give shine to the epidermis. A fair-haired fair-haired woman is better to dwell on a darker concealer.

Concealer for oily skin

It is always difficult to choose cosmetics for such epidermis. Choosing concealer for the skin of the fat type, it is desirable to abandon the means in sticks and with a creamy texture. Not only can they swim shortly after application, they also become clogged in the pores, adding shine to the already shiny skin. The owners of oily skin are best suited liquid concealers. Apply them to a small layer.

Concealer for dry skin

If the epidermis is overdried by nature, then it cannot be applied mineral powder. It will look bad on the face and concealer with a matte finish. Dullness only emphasizes dryness and makes the face unattractive. The best concealer for dry skin – with a creamy texture. Such a tool and tone even, and the epidermis moisturize, and eliminate the unpleasant feeling of tightness.

Eye concealer

For all parts of the face, concealers are matched to the skin, but the best concealer under the eyes should be one – two shades lighter. Beige and pale yellow remedies look good on the lower eyelids. Pink, white, bright peach shades should be avoided. Beautifully put them under the eyes can, as a rule, only professional makeup artists, and only during the face correction.

Concealer – Top Rated

To apply concealer was a simple, pleasant and effective procedure, you need to use a convenient and good tool. It must fit all parameters and be made from quality materials. You can choose your best concealer from this list:

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer. The tool has a light structure and is able to mask almost all the flaws. Concealers are available in different colors and are very economical, but some complain that they can dry the skin.
MAC Studio Finish. Although concealers of this brand and heavy, when applying pores, they do not clog. Their composition includes nutritional and caring components.
Clarins Instant Concealer. Ideal for skin care around the eyes. Due to the presence in the composition of the particles that scatter light, quickly adapts to any skin tone.
Catrice Allround Concealer. This is almost a professional cosmetics with a very affordable price. Sold in a palette of five colors. The concealer may seem dense, but it is very easy and soft on the skin.
L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer. The manufacturer claims that this product not only masks the defects, but also gives the skin a gentle glow. Cream consiller suitable for relatively healthy epidermis. It is convenient to shade it, but before applying concealer, it is necessary to align the shade of the foundation.
Maybelline Affinitone consealer / corrector. The tool is affordable and ideal for express makeup. In its composition – a large amount of pigment, because concealer is convenient to apply, and it can hide almost all (except for the most obvious) skin imperfections.
How to use concealer?

Before you use concealer for the person, it is not necessary to take special courses. The main thing is to know a few simple rules.

Here’s how to apply concealer:

1. Apply the product should only be pre-cleansed, dried skin.
2. Make a few points in the area that will be masked.
3. Spread concealer in neat strokes throughout the area.
4. If the tool is used to combat problem skin, it is better to drive it with fingertips.

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