Colorful and fancy tights: a bright accent in your wardrobe

If you still think that colored tights are a subject from the wardrobe of little girls or young schoolgirls, we are in a hurry to dissuade you: women’s colored tights are a super-actual trend that allows you to add a bright note to any, even the most discreet look.

Accent in the image

Openwork and geometry in the figure, as an element of the set

The myth that colorful and fancy tights can be worn only by owners of perfectly even and slender legs, has long been debunked – properly chosen tights can visually make your legs more elegant. About what to wear colored tights, how to choose shades and how with the help of drawings and textures to correct small figure flaws, read our article.
Color monophonic tights: we combine correctly

No matter how strict your style of clothes is, you should not limit yourself exclusively to bodily and black versions: the first have long become a real “anti-trend” and have fallen out of favor with all stylists, and the latter can treacherously emphasize the unevenness of the legs. Here are some tips for choosing a bright accessory:

If you do not decide on bright colors and just started trying on a fashion trend, choose calm, discreet colors: chocolate, graphite, gray, terracotta, bottle green, dark blue.
Romantic images

The more dense and matte will be women’s colored tights, the more expensive and stylish your image will be, moreover, it is these models that slim and hide the small flaws in the legs.
Colored tights, precisely matched to the tone of the shoes (shoes or ankle boots) can visually make your legs longer. The colored tights of blue, burgundy, red-brown, gray in combination with suede shoes of the same shade look very nice.
Fantasy drawings

Black monochrome dress in combination with black shoes – such a discreet set will be an excellent background for experiments with color. Complete the image of a small accessory to match the stockings: handbag, belt, necklace or brooch.

An interesting effect can be obtained by combining women’s colored tights with clothes decorated with ornaments. Choose tights one of the shades of the ornament of your dress.
On the catwalks

You should not choose the main shade in the ornament: let your tights “support” the color of small elements of the pattern – the image will be more complex and interesting.

Variations of the cell in the figure

A fashionable style solution that is often found on a photo in fashion blogs: combine tights and a skirt in one tone. Purple, brown, gray, muted-red – favorites of the upcoming season.
Images from the series “Gossip”

Win-win: wear women’s colored tights to match the knit top or turtleneck. Complete the set with a skirt, jacket or jacket and shoes with a steady heel – the image for the walk is ready on a warm autumn day.
Winter Ornaments

If you want to make your legs more slender, choose tights to tone darker clothes.
For “advanced” color tights carriers there are several ideas for their fashionable sound: try to wear color-blocking – combine three colors in one image (top, skirt or shorts and tights). Look at the photos of fashion bloggers for successful color combinations. Try on a colored total-look, combining tights with clothes and shoes of the same shade.
In sets of Serena Vandervudsen

Bright colors

We play with texture and pattern: fantasy, fishnet and multi-colored tights
Variations of the pattern and grid

Fancy tights, laced or patterned also have the right to take their place in the wardrobe of every woman.

It is only necessary to correctly fit them into the image, and they will make any set “tune in”:

Panty hoses and stockings with a pattern will harmoniously complement the clothing of monochromatic neutral shades.

Fun elements and prints

Checked tights are a great idea for a monochrome set in black and white (for example, a white blouse – a shirt and a black flared skirt).
Cage in street bows

Openwork black tights are appropriate even in the office, provided that their design does not imitate lace. They should be worn with a pencil skirt, a feminine blouse and classic pumps on a medium or high heel.
Fine point drawing for trendy street looks

Such a different rhombus

Women’s fantasy pantyhose or stockings with a picture will be part of a trendy set of a short fitting dress and ankle boots with high heels.
Choosing a celebrity

Light openwork panty hoses can be worn with a light knit dress and soft suede boots or uggs. Such a bow, complemented by a down jacket or vest and fluffy headphones, can often be found on photo fashion blogs and glossy magazines.

Women’s tights with a seam at the back are a real weapon of seduction: in combination even with a strict dress with a case and classic boats with heels, they can create an incredibly seductive look.
Seam in the back or mesh will complete the fatal image

Fancy stockings or tights of bright colors can be worn in combination with clothing with a photo print – this is a favorite version of street style fashionistas. Photos of successful combinations can be found in social networks and fashion blogs.

Stockings or golfing (golf above the knee) – at the height of fashion. In combination with a short flared skirt, ankle boots on a heavy “tractor” platform and a leather jacket or bomber jacket, they look stylish and at ease.
You should not wear stockings with stockings with high heels and an open dress – you risk to look vulgar.
Attribute for style accents

We catch the style in your network: tights and fishnet stockings
Images of Blair Waldorf from the series “Gossip Girl”

Such a different mesh on the heroines of the series “Gossip Girl”

Perhaps the most difficult to recruit are stockings and panty hoses in a grid.
However, when properly applied, they can become a real highlight of the image, giving it femininity and piquancy.

Choose a fine grid. Large mesh – for special occasions, outside the nightclub, such stockings not only look inappropriate, but also reduce the cost of the image and make it vulgar.
Rock style

Light stockings add grace to the mesh of a nude, beige or gray-beige shade to the image and can be a real salvation in the heat for those who are not allowed to appear in the office dress code in the office without tights. In combination with open-toed shoes and flared dress, they will create an amazingly light, feminine and romantic look.

The tacit style rule says: the stricter your wardrobe is, the finer the mesh should be.
Black fine mesh stockings are best worn with a pencil skirt, satin or silk blouse and medium-heeled pumps.
Add a monochromatic sheath dress with stockings to the net, completing the image with ankle boots with an open cape and a tonal clutch.

Pantyhose gray, smoky and brown hue can be worn with shoes of the same color: photos of similar combinations from the latest collections of designers can be found in almost every glossy magazine.

Do not be afraid to try on a fashion trend, choose and combine new colors and textures.

Colored, fancy, with lace or mesh – choose what is right for you.

Beautiful female legs have the right to be noticed!

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