Color ivory – what is it, and what is combined in clothes?

Color ivory - what is it, and what is combined in clothes? 1

For a competent combination of things you need to consider any little thing. Including shades of clothing and accessories, and combinations thereof. White color has several dozen shades that are visible to the human eye. One of them is ivory. He looks royally luxurious and stylish in his outfits. What kind of color and with which to combine it will consider in this article.

Ivory – what color is it?

First of all, all shades are divided into warm and cold. The last to blue. For white, these are shades of pure snow, printer paper and a china set. Color light ivory refers to warm. It has natural yellowness:

  1. The second shade name is ivory. From the English language it is translated as “ivory.”
  2. The hue of the tusks of the animal came into vogue in the 17th century, along with rococo style. Then he was loved by royal persons and court nobles. Since then, ivory has been associated with aristocracy, chic and wealth.
  3. It is often used in luxurious interiors, as well as expensive and elegant wedding and casual dresses.
ivory is what color

Ivory color – color combination

When choosing an ivory outfit, it is worth considering what color the ivory color is combined with. The hue of wealth and wealth harmoniously harmonizes with other natural colors:

  1. ivory is “friendly” with coal black and brown. This contrast gives a truly royal look. Black favorably emphasizes the color of ivory, whereas with brown they look softer and more natural. Dominance in the dress may be dark shades, then ivory is appropriate in accessories, and vice versa.
  2. Combinations with sand yellow will remind you of the wealth of tusks and gold.
  3. Lavender, gray and turquoise will play on the contrast of heat and cold with ivory. These combinations will create a discreet and elegant bow.
  4. Together with the grass-green, a feeling of harmony and unity with nature will be created. This tandem is pleasant to the human eye on a subconscious level. If you are preparing for an interview, a dress in ivory shades with green accessories will be the best choice.
ivory color combination

Ivory color – with what is combined in clothes?

Beautiful shade counted among the squad. pastelthat fit almost everything. Choosing a combination of ivory color in the dress, you should consider its shades:

  1. Light yellow ivory in harmony with brown and graphite. This is a traditional “wedding” or “musical” combination, because the newlyweds’ outfits or piano keys are immediately remembered.
  2. Beige ivory is best combined with steel or coffee accessories. Purple, lavender, turquoise and herbal supplements will do.
  3. Brown ivory looks best with wet asphalt, bordeaux and coral.
  4. In any case, choose a shade not only the one that you liked, but also that suits you color-type. Girls “spring” and “autumn” should stop at a more yellow version, while the “winter” and “summer” need to go to beige.
  5. The only shades that should not be worn together are ivory and bright neon hues.
Ivory color with what is combined in clothes

Ivory color in clothes

Ivory clothing is very popular among women of different ages. She emphasizes to young beauties the freshness and naturalness, and gives to aged ladies a status and luxury. You can choose ivory as the main shade and add contrasting accessories to it, so that the image is not too pale and boring, but you can instead use a pastel shade as an addition to the bright image.

Ivory color in clothes

Ivory coat

For outerwear, the choice of ivory color is not the most practical, but the most luxurious. By choosing a long ivory coat, you automatically create a sophisticated and “rich” look.

  1. Such a coat in combination with a beige suit or a strict gray dress-case would be quite appropriate at a business meeting.
  2. For romantic exits, wear an azure or lavender chiffon dress and an ivory coat paired with beige boat pumps. Your stunning and romantic bow is ready.
  3. You do not accept dull colors in clothes? Feel free to wear an ivory coat with scarlet, burgundy, wine and other deep shades of red in clothes and accessories.
  4. For a casual bow, a good choice would be skinny jeans, a deep green sweater and a cream coat in tandem with light-colored boots on a flat sole.
ivory coat

Ivory dress

The last few seasons ivory wedding dresses have become much more popular than standard snow-white dresses. Such dresses of the bride and her bridesmaids look airy and light, and the unnatural whiteness is not striking:

  1. Following the newfangled trends, you can choose not only your ivory shade wedding dress, but also put bridesmaids on it. For yourself, choose a more delicate shade that matches the color of your skin, eyes and hair. And girlfriends sew dresses of a darker shade. On wedding photos, this combination will look very rich and stylish.
  2. Do not forget about the groom. In his image, too, this shade should occur – be it stripes on a tie or flowers in a boutonniere. Everything should fit the dress of the bride, but not merge with it.
ivory dress

Ivory Blouses

An ivory shirt is a sophisticated combination of clothing. Much better, it will look at the dark-haired young ladies. Their beige color will not fade or erase the face due to bright hair and dark eyes. So ladies can completely create a kit in ivory color and dilute it with “predatory” accessories. Blonde girls and blondes wear an ivory blouse only in a pair with other active colors. It could be coral or salmon, denim or sea ​​wave. Also, do not forget about active makeup, otherwise the image will be “unhealthy.”

ivory blouses

Ivory pants

When choosing beige trousers, stop at the slightly flared models. Too tight fitting pipes will look vulgar, from a distance it may seem that you are not dressed. The color of dark ivory is appropriate in the aristocratic version of cotton trousers with a slight addition of a seven-eighth stretch with arrows. You can combine them with both crystal white blouses and a brighter top.

ivory pants

Ivory shoes

Ivory pumps should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. These are universal shoes, suitable for evening dresses and everyday clothes for study or work:

  1. Another undoubted advantage of ivory shoes is that, merging with the body, it makes the image visually slimmer and taller. This trick you can use the full ladies who want to “ease” the bottom, and short girls who want to appear higher.
  2. Lacquered or matte ivory shoes with high heels look very rich and light. The “no-shoe” effect works well for drawing attention to slim legs. In combination with a dress-case above the knee or a pencil skirt, such shoes will add sexuality to the owner without the slightest hint of vulgarity.
ivory shoes

Ivory Bag

For an elegant look, you can wear the simplest dress, but the girl’s shoes, bag, and hairstyle should always be at their best:

  1. Ivory clutch fits almost all outfits. If you do not have a large assortment of bags in the closet, the purchase of high-quality beige will be a good investment in your wardrobe.
  2. Ivory bag made of genuine or artificial leather can not be by itself in the image. She has to call to something. Whether beige gloves, shoes or a pattern on your scarf.
  3. It is also worth taking care of the bright thing, if you wear it every day. Wipe the accessory regularly with a damp soft cloth, do not dry it on batteries and other heat sources. It is better to launder stains and rubbed handles with special compositions, which are now sold in large quantities in stores. You can occasionally use petroleum jelly or castor oil to add shine.
ivory bag

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