Color Camel – what is it, who goes and what is combined?

In addition to the usual colors for all women, in the fashion world you can find unusual tones that look very interesting and original. For example, in the collections of world stylists and designers there are items of wardrobe of the camel color, which may be liked by many representatives of the fair sex.

Camel color is what?

Beautiful and versatile color camel is a shade inherent in natural camel hair. This color scheme refers to the beige color scheme, however, it differs slightly from the traditional beige color – it is more close to the sand one. Camel-colored things are present today in the collections of most world-famous designers – it is widely used for decoration like basic wardrobe items, and outerwear.

Camel is what color

Who is the color camel?

Wardrobe items, in the design of which there is a camel color, or camel, look good on almost all girls, but they are best suited for young ladies with the color type “spring” or “autumn”. Since this shade is warm, stylists strongly do not recommend it to the fair sex with the color type of appearance “winter”, which in all cases is better to choose cold colors.

In order to create a stylish and harmonious image, when choosing such products it is important to understand what camel color is combined with. Due to its versatility, this unique color scheme can coexist with both bright and muted shades from different color ranges. In addition, like many other tones, it is easily combined with universal tones.

who is the color of camel

Color camel – color combination

One of the most winning combinations is the tandem of this color scheme with black – this combination can make any image much richer and more interesting. Meanwhile, there are other options with which the camel color looks good – how to combine the products of this shade? Among the many well-known tones, the following are best combined with camel:

  • dark blue;
  • boiled white;
  • light gray;
  • yellow but not too bright;
  • classic red;
  • marina;
  • wine;
  • bright hues such as fuchsia, orange or turquoise.
color camel color combination

Camel color coat

Beautiful warm camel color is used to decorate and decorate a huge variety of items of women’s wardrobe. In particular, it can often be seen in the collections of outerwear for beautiful ladies. One of the most popular products for girls and women was a coat of camel hair color, which looks incredibly elegant and luxurious.

This thing is perfect for both business ladies and young ladies who prefer playful and flirty dresses in a romantic style. Depending on the length, style and cut of such apparel, there is a huge variety of options with which to wear a coat of color camel, and with what objects and accessories it is best to combine this product.

Camel color coat

Camel oversize color coat

Oversize style outerwear is suitable for both slim and full ladies. Meanwhile, since it visually adds volume to the upper body, it is not recommended to be combined with other voluminous things. The optimal choice for such items of clothing – tight trousers and jeans, skinny skirts and dresses, leggings and tights. Given these tips and recommendations of fashionable stylists, you can make a variety of bows with a camel coat of color, made in oversized style, For example:

  • Straight brown trousers with light-fitting tail, a beige jumper and elegant black leather boots with high, steady heels;
  • monochromatic straight dress of pastel-pink shade and high boots made of brown leather;
  • dark blue skinny jeans, a bright sweatshirt, and trendy timberland boots;
  • a charming dress-sweater, tight tights with wool and comfortable shoes on a flat sole.
Camel overlays coat

Knitted coat, color camel

Original knitted models always look very beautiful, feminine and interesting, however, it is not easy to combine them with other items of clothing, footwear and accessories. Such products are best suited for everyday wear, as they are ideally combined with simple and laconic jeans, knitted pullovers, corduroy pants and knitted dresses with a minimalist design.

In addition, many girls note that it may be difficult to choose accessories for this attire. Answering the question what kind of scarf would suit a camel coat, knitted from thick or thin yarn, stylists advise young ladies to pay attention to cotton patterns made in one of the universal colors – black, white or beige. To add brightness to the image, you can add it with a bright red, emerald green or yellow accessory. Make a fashionable look harmonious and complete will help kit consisting of a hat, scarf and gloves, made in the same style.

knitted coat Camel color

Camel color double breasted coat

Strict and elegant double-breasted models are ideal for business women, as they are perfectly combined with classic suits based on straight trousers or pencil skirt, charming sheath-dresses and other wardrobe items. At the same time, camel color products look great with the color range that modern business women prefer in most cases – black, dark blue, brown and gray color schemes.

Accessories for camel coats in double-breasted style can be bright and catchy – in this case, they will draw attention to their owner. One of the best solutions will be a set consisting of a hat, gloves and a scarf in the same style, and a bag in tune to these items. In addition, camel color double-breasted products look very good with wide belt from genuine leather of black or brown colors.

Camel color double breasted coat

Color camel in clothes

Exquisite color camel in women’s clothing is very common – it can be sustained items of clothing in the classical style, in the style of casual, boho, country or safari. A wide range of products made in this non-classical, but very attractive and warm shade, allows each young lady to create a stylish image to your liking.

Camel color in clothes

Camel color trench

Charming camel female trench coat is the perfect companion to the modern fashionable woman. This thing can be thrown over any clothing or taken with you to wear if necessary. Like the images with a camel coat, bows based on the trench of this color are extremely diverse. Depending on the situation and individual preferences, this product can be worn with such things as:

  • trousers are black, brown or dark gray. For work or a romantic date, they should be combined with shoes, boots or ankle boots with high heels, whereas in everyday life, comfortable sneakers or sneakers on a flat sole would be an excellent solution;
  • Jeans are one of those wardrobe items that look great with a camel trench coat in absolutely any situation. This product is suitable as dark blue or black, and blue, gray or white jeans;
  • Skirts and dresses of different variations and styles. Especially advantageous look feminine models in a romantic style;
  • bright accessories with prints or flashy ornaments. This applies not only to scarves and palatines, but also to hats.
Camel color trench

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