CHOCOLATE color in clothes

A stylish shade of brown, which is named after one of the most beloved delicacies – chocolate! With what to wear it and how to combine correctly, we will find out further.

Of course, we all know that chocolate can be of three kinds: bitter, milky and white. So, chocolate in clothes is attributed to the bitter variant. It is a beautiful noble shade, filled with depth and warmth, it tempts, attracts and soothes.

Some women consider this dark brown color too serious and try to avoid it in their clothes. In some ways they are right, but besides seriousness there is a lot of taste in chocolate and it has its own advantages and its own special beauty.

Dark brown color is associated by many in the first place with stability, conservatism and traditions. Chocolate color is one of the most noble shades, it personifies simplicity, self-confidence and harmony. It is not as strict and clear as black, and therefore well suited for everyday wear.

Chocolate-colored evening dresses are a great choice. Evening outfit can be supplemented with gold or pearl jewelry, this will allow you to look luxurious and expensive.

Chocolate color in clothes – we combine correctly

One of the most important advantages of dark brown chocolate hue is that it can go well with almost any color. This quality speaks of universality and neutrality, which allows not to focus on it, but to use this color as an additional one.

+ White

Dark brown color looks great with white. This is a universal combination that is suitable for any occasion.

The darker in the pair of our color, the greater the contrast of shades.

+ Black

You can combine chocolate color in your everyday clothes. with black. The main thing is that such an outfit does not look gloomy, and for this the “tasty” shade of brown should be sufficiently saturated and bright, despite the fact that it still remains a dark shade.

Ideal such a bow is suitable for work. If you want to diversify it somehow, then try accessories with a leopard print, for example, snud eight leopard shoes (but such options are hardly suitable for work).

The color scheme is relevant for evening wear, but in this case it is necessary to place accents with the help of jewelry. They can be quite large, necklaces and bracelets of gold color will be very well combined.

+ Gray

Very nice chocolate, and any dark brown shade, overcooked in a pair with gray colorespecially with light gray. Gray will make our shade even warmer and “tasty.” This color is universal and can be used as a basis for business attire (you can also add black or beige) and for informal ones.

+ Yellow

Beautiful chocolate color in clothes goes well with all shades of yellow. You can make an excellent informal bow with light lemon, and you can use it for business attire, thereby emphasizing your openness to communication, of course, not forgetting the strict style of attire.

With more saturated mustard, dark brown creates a unique and exquisite flavor.

+ Red

In the cold season, this option can be called a classic. It is perfect for everyday clothes in which you can go for a walk with friends or go shopping. If you add a thing here white or beige, the outfit will instantly change, become more “fresh” and interesting.

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+ Blue

Another great combination for a cool season. Dark brown color will look great with both bright shades of blue and darker and more muted. You can add things to this. white, beige, light grayflowers and it will “revive” the set.

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+ Green

What could be more harmonious than the combination of brown and green ?! This is a color scheme invented by nature itself and is ideal in its essence. Therefore, you can safely combine the chocolate color in clothes with shades of green. Especially successful will be the combination with dark green, olive, emerald.

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