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The footwear market is represented by a huge number of children’s sandals from well-known domestic and European brands made of various materials and various styles. The choice seems both simple and incredibly difficult, since almost all mothers pay close attention to the high quality of children’s shoes, while others primarily look at the brand or style of children’s sandals, availability or compliance with fashion trends. Choosing shoes for a young princess or a brave little boy seems difficult. Let’s try to figure it out.

Features and Benefits

The main advantage of children’s sandals is that such shoes are ideal for the warm season and allow the baby’s foot to “breathe.” This type of shoe will firmly fix the foot and ensure safe wearing of shoes throughout the whole day, especially if the child prefers active pastime. Children’s sandals are not only able to protect the girl’s tender foot from external conditions, but also give the girl’s image a certain style – sporty or more classic. Children’s sandals vary in their characteristics – appearance, height of the sole and heel, colors and materials used depending on the age of the child.

Fashionable models

A variety of children’s sandals does not leave indifferent any mother on the planet, but how fashionable these cute open shoes for girls! In hot weather, suitable as open as possible children’s sandals. Before the age of 1,5-2, it is advisable to choose models with an orthopedic base, in other words, with a rigid back and a durable sole with a special heel. Real women of fashion can follow modern trends and choose children’s sandals on a comfortable wedge or with a variety of jewelry in the form of zippers and rivets, straps and even fringe.

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Children’s sandals can have a small heel from 2-3 cm to 5-6 cm, which will give the young fashionist elegance and femininity, as well as self-confidence. For younger children, there are options for sandals on a small, barely visible stable heel. By the way, any children’s shoes, including children’s sandals with a heel, must be stable and comfortable to be worn by a child.


The color scheme of children’s sandals is hardly limited to a few colors, on the contrary, the variety of choices of this type of shoes for girls just rolls over. For young children, sandals of various colors are usually presented, combined, with or without a pattern. Children of the older generation prefer monotonous shoes or sandals with a main accent in the form of rivets or lacing.

On the legs of little fashionistas you can often see pink or red sandals, white or beige colors, if you consider a non-sports version of such shoes. Footwear for girls is so diverse that it is impossible not to fall in love with these cute children’s shoes. These can be sandals with thin straps just below the ankle or reach almost to the knee, lacquered sandals-shoes with an elegant flower on the finger, simple sandals of the same color or several shades, combinations of which are surprising. Children’s sandals of sports type are distinguished by more saturated shades – blue, green, yellow, purple and other colors, they also have a completely different appearance – coarser and heavier.


Children’s sandals are usually made of genuine leather, but there are shoes made of non-natural materials like rubber, silicone or artificial leather. Leather children’s sandals will be an excellent choice for everyday wear in the city. Such shoes will last a long time and are able to protect the feet of a child from external obstacles. Moreover, young children are shown only leather shoes, especially when it comes to open models like sandals. Rubber shoes for children will be appropriate for a trip to the sea or in a city with a particularly humid climate, when there is a lot of rain in the summer.

Rubber children’s sandals can be a spare shoe, but not the main one. There are also combined versions of children’s shoes, when its basis is made up of leather components, and the sole, for example, is made of rubber or other artificial material.

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Silicone sandals for children are not as common as leather or rubber, but have the right to exist. Such shoes are ideal for relaxing by the sea or swimming pool, where it is important to protect your child from slippery surfaces or rough stones or pebbles. These sandals will be appropriate to wear in a very hot season and older children who have formed a foot and no problems with their feet. By the way, silicone children’s sandals are always bright and diverse in appearance, they can have additional decorations like flowers or be extremely simple – a durable silicone sole with several straps and a buckle.

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How to choose

To opt for a certain model of children’s sandals is quite simple – it is necessary to determine the purpose for which these shoes will be used and, of course, take into account the age of the child. For kids under five years old, they should choose leather (in the extreme case of artificial leather) children’s sandals with a small heel and a solid back. It is important that the foot of the child is precisely fixed in the shoes and was at the right time along the width of its legs. For older children, the choice is expanding – you can allow sandals made from other materials like silicone or rubber. You can also stop focusing on an orthopedic foundation and pay attention to more lightweight versions of children’s shoes of various shapes, openness and other nuances.

When choosing children’s sandals, you should pay attention to the style of shoes, or her style, which can be sporty (for very active children), classic (suitable for dresses, skirts), traditional, that is universal. Children’s sandals differ in the degree of openness of the legs, the height of the platform and the heel, in the mode of fastening, height, width, design, color. In general, the differences are mass, and in order to make the right choice of children’s shoes for summer, you should try on the models you like and take into account the opinion of the child.

With what to wear

Wearing children’s sandals will be appropriate with any children’s clothing, whether it be a dress or light jeans. Particular attention should be paid only to the style of clothing of the child. If this is a pronounced sports look, then heeled sandals are unlikely to fit in, and vice versa, if the basis of the image of the child is a cute dress or skirt, then you should not wear sports shoes with laces. You can wear children’s sandals in the hot season without using socks or pantyhose, but in the evening or in cool weather you can wear cute socks or loose stockings to protect your child from the cold and make it complete.

Brand news

Children’s sandals produce well-known brands like Kotofey, Shalunishki, Skorokhod, Kroks, Geox, ECCO factories and many others. We will understand what the differences are. Sports children’s sandals are produced by such foreign famous shoe companies as Clarks, ECCO, Timberland (timberland), Tom M, Geox, where sizes from the smallest to the more adult are presented. The price category of such sandals is defined as above average, the toe of the shoe promises to be long, rather the baby’s foot will grow than the shoe has time to lose its presentation. Basically, the listed companies produce children’s sandals in the style of “casual” or openly sports, that is, for modern emerging personalities who already value comfort and high quality shoes.

Domestic brands like Kotofey, Shalunishka, Skorokhod, Tale offer children’s sandals of the classical plan at an attractive price; Such shoes are especially popular among young mothers when choosing high-quality and “correct” shoes for their babies, since they have all the characteristics, like the presence of a heel, high heel and durable straps. There are the latest brands of shoes options for older children. Children’s sandals of premium class are easy to find in Roberto Cavalli and Vitacci – fashionable European brands, trendsetters of world fashion. Such children’s sandals are of the highest quality, modern design and high price.

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