Chelsea boots – stylish shoes for fashionable urban images

The range of shoes for beautiful ladies clearly distinguishes chelsea shoes, which not only look very stylish, but also feature incredible comfort and convenience. These products attract modern girls lack of fasteners, optimal heel height and excellent combinatorial.
What do chelsea boots look like?

Although initially chelsea boots were considered exclusively men’s shoes, today they were able to win the hearts of many of the fair sex and firmly entrenched in the women’s wardrobe . Such products are made of different materials, but the most popular type is women’s leather Chelsea boots, which in appearance very much resemble half boots. The main distinguishing characteristics of this shoe are the following:
sharp, but at the same time somewhat rounded toe;
the presence of elastic rubber inserts on the sides;
low flat heel. Although traditionally the chelsea should have necessarily had a small flat heel with a height of 3-5 centimeters, modern stylists and designers offer their fans options with high heels or wedges;
lack of any fasteners.

Women’s Chelsea Boots

A few coarse pointed-chelsea shoes with all their “masculinity” perfectly fit into everyday, romantic or business looks. These products are very easy to take off and put on, which is why they are so often used by active young ladies who do not have time to create an image for a long time. In addition, chelsea boots reduce the load on the legs, so they are ideal for those girls who can not change their shoes during the whole busy day.

Chelsea Leather Boots

Although chelsea boots can be made from a variety of materials, the vast majority of models in the range presented by manufacturers are made of genuine leather. Leather products are incredibly practical, they are resistant to dirt and mechanical damage, and with careful handling can serve as its owner for several seasons in a row.

Models of genuine leather are mainly performed in universal colors. So, the most popular options are black and brown chelsea boots, which are perfectly combined with any wardrobe items and accessories. Especially well these models look with jeans, widely represented in the traditional blue-blue color scheme.

Suede Chelsea Boots

Charming suede women’s chelsea boots look tender and romantic. Thanks to the velvety texture of the outer surface, these products look especially attractive and can easily be combined not only with trousers and jeans, but also with skirts and dresses of various styles. Although shoes made of genuine suede can have any color shade, most stylists and designers prefer their light colors, among which beige and soft pink occupy a special place.

In addition, suede models are often decorated with feminine decor – rhinestones or sequins, charming embroidery or satin bows. Meanwhile, although chelsea boots made from natural suede look great, not all the fair sex choose to buy them. This is primarily due to the fact that products made from this material require especially careful handling, and any, even a single exposure to negative external factors can make them extremely unattractive and unsuitable for use.

Women’s chelsea boots with fur

In the cold season, women’s Chelsea winter boots, whose inner surface is insulated with natural or artificial fur, are able to serve their owner in good service, as they warm the feet perfectly, do not cause discomfort during wear and, moreover, practically do not slip.

Meanwhile, in excessively harsh weather, Chelsea can be a bad choice due to the lack of ankle height. In order not to freeze in such shoes, in the winter it should be combined exclusively with trousers or jeans, and if you want to wear a skirt or dress, it is necessary to complement these clothes with warm tights .

Chelsea Heels

Exquisite women’s chelsea heeled shoes can visually add a few centimeters to their wearer. Such models usually choose miniature ladies who hesitate to grow and want to make a slightly different impression on others. Chelsea are never supplemented with a stud, their heel always has enough width to ensure maximum stability and a confident walk of its owner during the movement.

Chelsea boots on tractor soles

Footwear on the tractor sole has long been very popular among the fair sex of different ages. Chelsea are not an exception, and with such a sole form they look unusually stylish and attractive. Since black chelsea on tractor soles look a little rough, stylists and designers have developed many variations in different color shades. So, for example, women’s brown chelsea boots with a tractor sole, which are perfectly combined with jeans, will perfectly fit to the casual look.

Chelsea Rubber Boots

In rainy weather, women’s demi-chelsea boots made of rubber will be an excellent choice. These products perfectly protect the legs of its owner from moisture and precipitation, so that they remain dry throughout the time of wearing shoes. From the external point of view, rubber models may resemble leather ones, although in terms of their characteristics they are significantly inferior to products made from this material.

Nevertheless, during the demi-season period of the year, many young ladies give them their preference because of their stylish appearance and high degree of combinability – such shoes can be combined with jeans and pants of various styles, as well as skirts, shorts and dresses, presented in an unusually wide range.

Women’s Brand Chelsea Boots

Today, chelsea-style boots are presented in an unusually wide price range. Each representative of the fair sex can choose the option that will satisfy her needs and not hit hard. Some of the most interesting models in the mass market are represented by the Zara brand, which is very popular among modern fashionistas. Beautiful and incredibly comfortable Chelsea Zara boots made of genuine leather cost about 100 conventional units, but they are distinguished by an incredibly high quality and wearing comfort.

In addition, experts advise young ladies to pay attention to the products of the following brands:
Church’s – beautiful and feminine products, made exclusively from genuine leather and suede;
Gant – products of this brand are distinguished by maximum convenience thanks to a specialized sole;
Hogan – high-quality shoes for various segments of the population;
Women’s Chelsea Ecko Boots are trendy and comfortable products made of genuine leather, complemented by special insoles that provide a comfortable microclimate inside each shoe and contribute to the abstraction of moisture.

What can you wear with chelsea boots?

Since chelsea boots are distinguished by an unusual style, they can not be combined with any wardrobe items and accessories. Nevertheless, there is a huge variety of options to wear a chelsea woman with shoes that will help you to create incredibly stylish, bright and original images for any situations .

Chelsea boots with skirt

Among those with which to wear women’s chelsea shoes, you can name a variety of models of skirts. So, these shoes are perfectly combined with denim and corduroy mini-skirts of A-shaped silhouette, as well as bell skirts, which should be somewhat longer – they can have midi or maxi length. This look can be supplemented with a variety of models of shirts, sweatshirts or T-shirts. In addition, with a chelsea, a simple knitted maxi-skirt will look good, as a top for which a volumetric jumper or sweatshirt is best.

Chelsea boots with a dress

Beautiful and stylish images with chelsea boots can be made on the basis of dresses that should be made in a sporty style. A t-shirt dress, a sleek shirt dress, an elongated sweatshirt with long sleeves are best for this. In cool weather, you can pick up a suitable cardigan, raincoat or parkan jacket that can warm its owner and protect her from wind and precipitation.

Chelsea boots with pants

Women’s chelsea boots are the perfect choice not only for everyday wear, but also for business meetings and some official events. These shoes go well with different styles of trousers – classic straight, strict with arrows or skinny skinny . The only option that stylists do not recommend to combine with a chelsea is flared trousers, regardless of the level at which the expansion of the legs begins.

As a top, all sorts of shirts are perfect for such an image, which in cool weather can be complemented by a knitted vest or cardigan, chiffon or satin blouses, warming sweatshirts or romantic pullovers of knit crocheting. A set consisting of strict black trousers, a snow-white shirt, a wide leather belt and beautiful shoes made of patent leather looks very unusual and interesting.

Chelsea boots with jeans

Many girls have a question about how to wear chelsea boots with jeans, because this piece of clothing is a favorite for many of the fair sex. Nowadays, girls and women of all ages use this thing for walking, meeting with friends, romantic dates or even putting on work.

Best of all, these shoes are combined with skinny jeans or simple and uncluttered mom jeans. If the choice of the young lady fell on wide or slightly flared pants, then you should prefer the shortened model, the legs of which end a few inches above the beginning of the shoe.

Chelsea boots and down jacket

In the winter season, the fair sex can make bright and original bows with chelsea boots and a down jacket, which can be traditional, short or long. Such ensembles blend perfectly with jeans and warm trousers adjacent to the body. Kits consisting of a knitted hat, scarf and gloves, made in the same style, are best suited as accessories to them, and choosing a handbag, it is better to prefer a small backpack made of natural or eco-leather .

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