Check coat – how and with what to wear to look stylish?

In fashion, everything new is a well forgotten old, and a checkered coat is a vivid example. In the 2018-2019 season, it is particularly popular and is suitable as a casual outerwear for everyone, without exception, regardless of age and body type.

Women’s Check Coat 2019

The checkered coat was incredibly popular in the 80’s — every fashionista had to have such a thing in her wardrobe. Now this variant of outerwear is again at the peak of popularity. With all the versatility of this option, the top winter or demi-season clothing, it is important to choose the style that best suits your body type:

  1. If the parameters of your figure are close to the model, any option will suit you. An unsuccessful option can only be a voluminous check coat to a very large and contrasting pattern – it can be complete.
Women's Check Coat 2019
  1. For a magnificent figure, the styles in a small and not bright cage will be a suitable option. Full girls should pay attention to the model in a cage, resembling a strip from a distance – such a drawing visually pulls the silhouette.
Women's checkered coat
  1. Tall and thin girls fit coat models in a large and contrasting cell.
Women's checked coat 2019

Coat in a large cage

Women’s plaid coat with a large pattern at the peak of popularity in the current season. Such a model, associated by many with youth and activity, looks stylish and catchy, emphasizing the bright feminine taste. In the 2018-2019 season, a large-pattern checkered coat is popular in these colors:

  1. In red. The main red color is combined in dark tones – black, dark gray, burgundy, blue. The model looks very stylish and bright, many girls prefer such clothes in the autumn season. But such a coat has a significant drawback – it suits only slim girls, the magnificent figure in it will seem too bulky.
Coat in a large cell red
  1. In gray tones. Primary gray in several tones or in combination with black, white. The monochrome model gained immense popularity due to its neutrality – it blends beautifully with clothes in any tones, ranging from neutral calm to the brightest. For all, at first glance, boring colors, checkered monochrome coat looks very stylish and interesting.
Coat in a large gray cage
  1. Coat in blue. Different shades of blue or in combination with white or black look good on a slim figure. Especially to face this color pale-haired girls.
Coat in a large cell blue

Gingham Coat

A checkered coat with a small pattern is a very neutral variant of outer clothing, resembling retro style. The undeniable advantage of colors is that it is suitable for figures of any parameters, even for the most complete women. Popular colors in the season 2018-2019 are the following colors:

  1. Gray check coat. The color is combined with white or other shades of gray. The neutral model which is easily combined with clothes and accessories in any color scale.
Coat in a small cell gray
  1. Black and White Check Coat. Stylish and original casual model, which is especially beautiful in retro style.
Black and White Check Coat
  1. Bright colors. Beautiful motley tones in combination with neutral (with white, black, gray) create a very interesting pattern. Such models are especially popular with young girls.
Coat in a small cell bright

Fashionable plaid coat

The range of plaid coats this year is incredibly wide and diverse. Having decided on a pattern that fits your type of figure, and colors, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the many styles of coats in a cage, which offer the fashion trends of the current season. It is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetic characteristics, but also the heat-shielding properties of the models, especially when choosing a winter coat in a cage.

Fashionable plaid coat

Checked coat with fur

Even the simplest model in a minimalist design will look stylish and effective if you make a collar or hood with high-quality natural fur. The material can be artificial, but high quality. Check coat can be trimmed with fur:

  • on the collar;
Check coat with fur collar
  • on the hood;
Checked coat with fur hood

  • pockets;
Coat with fur pockets
  • sleeves.
Checked coat with fur sleeves

The color of the fur can be either in the tone of the basic shade or slightly lighter, darker, or bright, for example, it can be a gray coat with red or crimson fur. Fur trim in this version is also present in the upper part of the clothes (collar, hood), and in the lower part (pockets, sleeves). To complete the composition under such a winter coat in a cage with fur, it is better to choose a headdress that has the same bright color.

Checked coat with fur

Fur trim is popular not only because of the aesthetic appearance, the practical side is also of great importance. A warm hood trimmed with voluminous fur can be a full-fledged alternative to the headdress, the fur warm collar covers the neck well from cold and wind. Demi-season coats are more often formed with neat, smooth fur, bulk trim is more suitable for winter models.

Coat in a cage with thin fur

Oversized Check Coat

One of the most popular fashion trends of the season 2018-2019 is a checkered oversize coat. A feature of the model is a wide loose fit – it seems that the clothes are a size larger. Fabric for oversized coat it is used dense, it keeps its shape well, but at the same time it is light, in such outerwear it is convenient and comfortable. The coat does not constrain movements and is suitable for any type of a figure, if necessary masking shortcomings.

Oversized Check Coat

At the peak of popularity in this season, a coat of oversize in a large cell is a youth and stylish model in different colors:

  • with primary gray;
Gray oversized coat
  • in brown or beige tones.
Oversized Check Beige Coat

The overcoat overlays will look stylish and creative in a bright color against the background of the main neutral – for example, red, crimson or burgundy. But before you go to the store for such a stylish and fashionable style, it is worth considering that it is absolutely not suitable for women with curvaceous – a voluminous coat with a large pattern visually fills the figure.

Oversized check coat bright

Double breasted overcoat

Another version of the retro coat, which has returned to fashion in a new design is double-breasted checkered models. This is a neat style, resembling a jacket, it goes well with office dress code. The color range of such models is restrained, neutral, monochrome colors are particularly popular due to their neutrality and practicality. In the season of the year, you can choose any length to your taste, but for the winter, long woolen coats in a cage are preferable.

Double breasted overcoat

Quilted check coat

Such a checkered warm coat is a completely new version, which has gained immense popularity due to its practicality, ease of maintenance, versatility and low price. Depending on which filler is used, the clothes may be warm or demi-season. Women’s winter coat in a cage is insulated with natural down or padding polyester, lighter models are stitched using a thin layer of padding polyester and holofiber.

The undeniable plus of quilted checkered coats is the widest variety of assortment. For sewing quilted coats, the fabric is used in a large cage – thanks to this coloring, the line becomes invisible. Beautiful and neat look thin models, not voluminous. Conventionally, the model range can be divided into two design options:

  1. 100% checkered colors. This version of the coat is completely made of one type of fabric. The advantage is the ability to pick up a variety of accessories.
  2. Patchwork colors. A checkered fabric is used in combination with a single color. For example, a red check coat can be combined with black sleeves. Such a thing looks stylish and creative, very popular among young people.
Quilted check coat

Coat bathrobe in a cage

One of the most popular variants of winter and demi-season coats in 2018-2019 is the “robe” model, the distinctive features of which are straight or slightly fitted cut, a collar or hood with a lapel, and a belt emphasizing the waist. This model is more suitable for slender girls. The design of the coat is minimalistic, without the use of catchy decor.

This year, a checkered coat-robe is popular in these colors:

  • coat in gray tones;
Coat-dressing gown gray
  • beige color;
Coat bathrobe in a cage beige
  • coat in a red cage.
Coat-dressing gown in a cage red

The drawing can be both large and small. A large cage looks stylish and youth, emphasizing the creative taste, especially if interesting bright colors and their combinations are used in the design of the coat, this option is more often chosen by young girls. The small cell is more neutral, in restrained colors, the design of such a coat is closer rather to the retro style.

Knitted coat in a cage

Knitted coat in a cage

Season 2018-2019 year can be described and large quantities of knitted outerwear in the collections of famous designers. These include a checkered coat, knitted by hand or on a special typewriter. Such a thing can not be used as a winter outerwear – no matter how warm and dense it is not knitted, the canvas does not protect against frost and wind.

But various models of wool yarn and with additional insulation can be used as everyday models during the season of the year – the soft and pleasant to the touch cloth warms well, creates a feeling of comfort. The pattern of such a coat is large and bright. Popular colors are beige, brown, red, blue checked coat.

Coat bathrobe in a cage

Long coat in a cage

Every woman has a main requirement for winter outerwear – these are heat-protective properties, and style, design and colors are important, but secondary issues. For the cold season it is better to pay attention to the long winter checkered coat, which will allow you to walk not only in warm trousers, but also in a skirt or dress, without risking to freeze.

The range of long plaid winter coats is very diverse, it includes:

  • coat bathrobe;
  • classic flared coat;
Classic long coat
  • oversight;
Overcoat Overcoat
  • Coat straight and loose fit.
Long coat in a cage straight

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