Cat Makeup: Amazing Images

The traditional image of a catwoman is very popular on Halloween. Of course, the corresponding outfit is of no small importance, but a truly impressive and realistic “cat” will look only with a high-quality and effective make-up.

The make-up can be both more restrained, and as much as possible repeating the characteristic natural features of the animal. Professional recommendations and the best creative solutions you can observe in our selection of photos.


Of course, here too we cannot do without a tonal basis. Use your usual means. For greater effect, you can choose a tone that is lighter or even create a gothic image with the help of a crumbly white powder.


An important detail is the pronounced cheekbones. To do this, use blush and bronzer. Having drawn the cheeks, apply bronze powder on the places of hollows, and on the cheeks themselves – reflective blush. The effect is amazing!


The eyes of a catwoman must be almond-shaped with clearly traced contours. And here we will help the liner in dark colors. Highlight the eyes by drawing a clear border along the lash line of the upper eyelid. At the end, wrap a delicate ponytail.

Focus on the arrows

Green eyes

In such a holiday make-up there are no restrictions. Color experiments with shades are welcome! Leopard specks look very elegant, around the eyes.

You can also make classic smoky-eyes, only with darker shadows and sharp contours.

The final touch – luxurious fluffy eyelashes. Use volumetric mascara by coloring them in several layers. More expressive look make false eyelashes.

Want to make more of an impression, put lenses with pupils that mimic cat eyes.


Draw a triangle in a dark tone at the tip of the nose. Draw a line perpendicular to the upper lip in the same color.


Lips should stand out brightly. Here you can consider two options: the traditional make-up with bright lipstick and contour pencil or make-up only the upper lip in the same color as the nose. In the second case, you seem to repeat the natural features of the cat’s face.


Without chic mustache cat makeup will not be complete. Here the instructions are not needed, because everything is so simple!

Make-up for a cheeky cat

Languid look

Glamorous leopard

Elegant visage for catwoman

Realistic image

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