Buy the perfect coat, just remember these points

Today is still a close topic, let’s talk about the coats with high order rates.

  As the most important investment in the annual wardrobe, the coat needs to be cautious. We have also written several issues before, how to choose the coat according to the body, how to choose the length, color, material and other principles.

  But I believe that you have had such experience: it has been chosen according to the principle that suits you. The coat you bought is still not ideal.

  Ms. Zhong’s gray coat is not unfamiliar. I have a different color in the same paragraph. It looks very fashionable. Right, it looks beautiful in front of it, but one day I found it by chance. Hobbit”. I will tell you later. ▼

  When I wrote the men’s clothing last time, I also mentioned that when choosing a coat, the bones are the dividing line, and the lowest point of the buttons and pockets is higher on this line. In fact, this is also applicable to women’s wear. ▼

  During that period, many students said in the comments: This simple and rude and straightforward choice should be hurry up and come.

  Come today.

  Deciding whether a coat is perfect, in addition to the large version and color, there are small details like buttons, necklines, pockets, the details are not the same, the effect is also very far.

  Of course, many small details are designed to enhance the design of the coat and make it look more fashionable. But if you choose a coat like me, I hope that you don’t be squashed by clothes and can wear a slender effect, then this is for you.

  Don’t be too big in these three places

  Don’t be too big

  The collar is very important! Picking the collar, being thin, showing high, and showing spirit is not a dream.

  The most spiritually versatile is this narrow suit collar coat, almost no pick people, it is definitely wrong to choose it. ▼

  The bigger the neckline, the stronger the gas field. Yuan Quan often wears a large lapel coat to go to work in “My First Half Life”. ▼

  However, look at the whole body, have you found that this large collar is a bit pressed. Yuan Quan is still tall and can be controlled. The hobbits must be carefully selected. ▼

  An oversized collar will drown the whole person in the clothes. Not only the hobbit, the full-bodied classmates, please see this collar, please put down this coat automatically. ▼

  So, the smaller the collar, the longer it is slender? Nor is it. Ni Ni, this coat is also a big collar, or oversized, but not very much. why? She is tall enough to hold her clothes, but it is also related to the details. Although the collar of this coat is large, the neckline is not low. ▼

  Look at a set of comparison charts to know what I am talking about. The big neckline on the right is not necessarily the same as the one on the left. This is because the left side is a small neckline, but the lap is very low. Although the right side is a large neckline, the lap is high and the high waist line is created. It is all the legs below the chest. ▼

  I bought an extra long cashmere coat this year. I didn’t dare to challenge this length as a hobbit, but I found it very high when I tried it on it (especially after I dropped my little belly). One of the most striking details is that the neckline design makes the overall look very slender. The higher the starting and ending points of the lapel, the higher the overall height. ▼

  Don’t be too big

  I am often asked if the coat is too long or not. In fact, after reading the demonstration above, I can see that the shortness of the coat is not necessarily related to the length, but also related to the shape of the coat.

  But there is one detail that is also worth noting. Look at the two pictures, the long coat on the right shows the height and does not lose to the left. ▼

  The problem is in the clothes.

  We have said before that the waist-length dress, the A-shaped coat is more friendly to the pear-shaped figure and the hobbit.

  But when you choose a dress, you should pay attention to this. If the clothes are too big and too umbrella-shaped, the whole person’s center of gravity is in the lower body, and the whole person is depressed. So many people will wear high heels. ▼

  The skirt is smaller, the design is simple and smooth, and the overall look will be slender and straight. Contrast, the waist and hips on the left side are too big, not as tall as the right side. ▼

  In addition, the fabric of the pendulum should not be too heavy, otherwise the visual center of gravity will be pulled down. ▼

  Therefore, if it is a medium-length coat, it is a good choice to have a design behind it. The action is more flexible when wearing, reducing the sense of restraint and lighter. ▼

  Generally speaking, the higher the opening, the higher the back. ▼

  However, we must reject this fake and open design. There is also a piece of cloth inside the opening, which will make the whole version of the A-shape, the fabric is thicker, and the person will be pressed down, so that people can be short, right It is the blood and tears of my coat that turned into a grandson in front of him. ▼

  The waistline of this coat is already so high, and other details are impeccable, but it is this opening and swaying, properly hitting the hobbit. The supermodel species is of course self-sufficient. ▼

  Not too big sleeves

  Wearing a coat wants to look more spiritual and the sleeves are key.

  Don’t choose a coat that is too big for the sleeve. This wide sleeve looks like a walk with the wind, in fact, the design of the A-shaped sleeve is also fat. ▼

  The straight sleeves with simple lines are more classic and easy to wear. ▼

  The best length of the sleeve should be a little bit past the wrist, which guarantees the temperature and looks the most spiritual. ▼

  If it is a selection of coats, the sleeves can be shorter, and the appearance of eight or nine points is quite appropriate. Inside, a super long sleeve bottoming shirt that is popular this year looks stylish and layered. ▼

  The sleeves are too short or too long to look good. Too short sleeves are not only worn on the cold, but also short and short. It is too long to be too long. It seems very unfavourable and makes people look very unremarkable. ▼

  If you want to wear a coat and don’t want to be bloated, you can try to put your sleeves up a bit and reveal the sleeves inside. Many fashion lovers love to wear them. ▼

  Don’t choose sleeves that are too complicated to design. It is likely that they will be out of date in a season. After all, a good coat is a heir to be a heirloom.

  Don’t be too low in these two places

  Do not put your pocket too low

  The biggest significance of pockets in winter is to warm hands! In addition to paying attention to the presence or absence of pockets, pay attention to the position of the pocket.

  The hobbits noticed that the lower the pocket, the shorter the leg and the shorter. The left side is a very convincing negative example. ▼

  I said earlier that I want to be taller. The lowest point of the pocket is better than the cheekbones. This Oversize coat is easy to crush people, want to be taller, and choose high pockets. Compare ▼

  In addition, the size of the pocket is also worthy of attention. In recent years, many coats have been designed with large pockets. It is very special in design, but it should also remind everyone that it will widen people horizontally. ▼

Founder’s big pocket is also easy to appear heavy in the lower body, properly pressed, pear shape and hobbit people have to avoid. The normal side pocket on the right is very friendly to everyone. ▼

  Buttons should not be too low

  Sometimes I judge that a coat is not refined, I will first look at its button.

  The material of the buttons and the stitching are quite affecting the texture. The color of the button should be matched with the clothes. It is definitely wrong to choose the color of the clothes.

  Many coats will also be fitted with metal buttons, which are more lustrous and more decorative, making the whole look brighter. ▼

  But the contrast between the color of the buttons and the clothes is not too big, and it feels not so advanced. In contrast, the white buttons are more chic than the black buttons. ▼

  The height of the button also needs to be considered.

  The number of buttons is a little smaller and the position is higher, which looks more refined and high. This single-breasted coat and double-breasted coat are suitable. Look at the comparison chart before and after our P, is it higher on the right side? ▼

  The difference between the button and the button is different, giving people a different feeling. The button style with large spacing is more casual, and the relatively concentrated buttons are more refined. I prefer the latter. ▼

  The double-breasted coat has been quite popular for the past two years, and the button is one of the key elements of this type of coat.

  Like the left side of the button, the distance between the buttons is larger, it looks more handsome, and has the effect of widening the waist. The buttons on the right side have a small spacing and are thinner, but they don’t look so generous. When you choose, you need it~~

  Nowadays, there are a lot of coats that will be equipped with big buttons. The decoration effect is quite good, but the buttons are too big and too prominent and will be pressed. Ye Yizhen’s button is a bit too big. ▼

  This place should be obvious

  That is the shoulder line.

  The coat with the obvious shoulder line will look more spiritual.

  The design of the drop shoulder is beautiful, but it is not so thin. In contrast, the ordinary H-type coat is more slender. Jin Xiaomei is a good example. ▼

  The obvious coat on the shoulder line, even if the collar is bigger, is not too much pressure. ▼

  However, the exaggerated shoulder pad elements of this year’s fire are still carefully selected. It is easy for a small person to wear a feeling of stealing daddy clothes.

  If you choose a coat with a shoulder pad and a shoulder strap, you will only look wider on the shoulder, like a walking hanger. ▼

  So now there are a lot of coats with the design of the epaulettes. The epaulets are derived from the military uniforms. They used to be used to place military ranks, fixed gloves and other objects.

  The epaulettes are also designed to emphasize the shoulder line and make the wearer look more upright. Especially suitable for students who slip shoulders and narrow shoulders. ▼

  But also pay attention to a detail: the shoulder badge should not be chosen too much, it is easy to appear shoulders wide, but also very pressure. The shoulder of Olivia’s coat is a bit too big, and the shoulders look thick. ▼

  It is recommended that you choose a small epaulette with a soft material and a weak sense of presence. The little Duma is not bad. ▼

  For those who like to drop shoulders, you can choose the epaulettes. There is a lazy style, and it will not squash people. ▼

  Nowadays, many coats have also joined the stormy design to emphasize the shoulder line. Also remember to choose the simple one. The coats of olivia and Zhou Dongyu are perfect in size, stylish and warm. ▼

  The words of Rebecca:

  The details you need to pay attention to when choosing a coat are here. It seems to be very complicated. In fact, it is very easy to remember. Finally, a small summary:

  Don’t be too big in three places: collars, sleeves, hem

  Don’t be too low in two places: pockets, buttons

  One thing to be obvious: that is the shoulder line

  These are the small details that we tend to ignore when choosing a coat. Paying more attention to these small places, it is not difficult to pick a coat that suits you. Of course, we are all based on the starting point of wearing a long and straightforward spirit. They are some general rules. I said at the beginning that many small details are considered for design and style. If you are pursuing a strong personal style, you don’t have to think about it.

  Yesterday I finally sent a home post and received a lot of comments. Thank you for your love of my home, there are a lot of questions about the specific single product brand, let me organize and share later. A lot of people said that it took an hour to read the post, and I also wrote it for two days! I knew that I had a few more points, haha. These days have been too late, so today, in order not to affect the performance of everyone’s double eleven combat power, we will not say more.

  I wish you all the best coat in your mind:)

  Editorial Assistant: JOY; Intern: Daxie

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