Butterflies on the nails – an interesting manicure design

Attractive manicure is not only well-groomed and beautiful hands, but also a way of self-expression of every woman. Thanks to the beautiful design solutions nail design can determine the mood of any fashionista. Depending on the season and life situation today, a woman can easily change her image and creating an original manicure allows you to complete or complement a certain image.

Along with various styles and motifs in the design of nails, one of the most popular solutions in the field of manicure is the image of butterflies. And this is not surprising, since butterflies are considered a symbol of female qualities, such as beauty and tenderness. The images of butterflies on the nails are incredible, beautiful and attractive. This design is different grace, brightness and beauty, and is great for creating a spring-summer manicure.

Variants of design solutions manicure with the image of butterflies

Today there are many options for design solutions manicure with the image of butterflies. Manicure with drawings of butterflies, which is applied on one or two nails and is performed using bright acrylic paints, is very popular with modern women of fashion. A drawing will look very attractive when the wings of a beautiful moth are located simultaneously on two nails. If the owner of this original manicure lays her fingers together, we will be able to observe the full picture of the butterfly image.

Also beautiful and attractive looks on the nails, imitating the butterfly wing. Such an original manicure is perfect for creating a summer look. A great idea – a manicure with different butterflies of different sizes, randomly located on all the nails. Butterfly on the nails can be the main element, and can complement a variety of design solutions.

Summer manicure french with butterflies

Depending on the desire, French manicure with butterflies is performed on short, medium or long nails. Also, the shape of the nail plate does not matter much, because the butterfly will decorate any length and shape of the nail. The service jacket looks nice and tender with the addition in the form of a butterfly, when the main coating is a natural or transparent tone.

If you decide to impress others with bright summer French manicure – choose bright contrasting tones. When making such a design decision, there is one condition: to make the manicure look elegant and beautiful, the image of butterflies is applied on one or two marigolds. If the manicure is done professionally, then it will look incredible and will surely attract the attention of others.

Ombre Butterflies and Manicure

Ombre manicure was considered a self-sufficient design for a long time and did not require any additions. Today, modern masters propose to move away from old stereotypes and recommend experimenting. The Ombre manicure looks attractive and original with the addition of a bright butterfly. Such a design decision looks great and harmonious. And if you use sparkles, rhinestones, special foil or other decorative accessories when creating a manicure, you will get an amazing and attractive design.

Butterfly on nails and rhinestones

Of course, the butterfly is a bright insect and its image on the nails does not require extra supplements. But to create a solemn manicure additions in the form of rhinestones will not be superfluous. In this case, the wings of the butterfly shimmer with a crystal shine, come to life and look in a new way. Depending on your desires, you can use the multi-colored stones to paint the butterfly completely.

And for a more delicate pattern, decorate separate parts or sections of the pattern with iridescent rhinestones. Manicure with butterflies, decorated with rhinestones, looks amazingly beautiful and attractive. But such a manicure must be worn gently, and it necessarily requires additional consolidation.

Methods of applying the image of a butterfly on the nails

It is believed that the most beautiful manicure with butterflies is obtained as a result of artistic hand-painted. When performing such a manicure, the result depends on the ability to draw and the imagination of the master. Manicure with the image of butterflies, made by hand, will create a chic and compelling image. But if you or your master do not have great artistic skills to create a beautiful manicure with butterflies, you can use stickers or in a way such as stamping. Surely, every modern girl heard about such options for creating a stylish and beautiful manicure.

Stickers and stamping are great not only for professional craftsmen, but also for creating a manicure at home. To do this, you simply need to purchase your favorite pictures or a special plate with pictures and stamp for stamping. Thanks to these simple methods, every girl can make a beautiful, stylish and bright manicure with butterflies.

Beautiful and original manicure supplements with butterflies

Today, there are a large number of different techniques and methods for creating a manicure with butterflies. To perform a manicure with the image of butterflies actively use rhinestones, stones, glitter, foil, holographic film and sculpting elements. A manicure with a butterfly looks beautiful and original, complemented by the effect of broken glass, which is made with a special film. But choosing any supplement, remember that everything should be in moderation. After all, the butterfly itself is a very beautiful and bright insect and does not always require additional decorations.

In conclusion, we want to draw your attention that the image of butterflies on the nails is a smart idea. This design does not depend on the time of year, nor on the shape and length of the nails. This manicure can be entered into any created image. The image of butterflies on the nails will add ease and romance. And besides, such a stylish manicure will be appreciated by others. Beautiful manicure always remains in trend and will help you look spectacular and attractive.

Photo design manicure with butterflies

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