Bright nail art with a unicorn: stylish ideas for manicure in the photo and how to do it

Bright nail art with a unicorn: stylish ideas for manicure in the photo and how to do it

One of the hot sensations in the sphere of nail art industry is a stylish manicure with a unicorn. For several years now, this design excites the imagination of girls. Cute horses with one horn came into the sphere of manicure from cartoons and books. Such a design looks playful, fanciful, original and charming. We offer a detailed look at the most popular and interesting ideas for performing this manicure.

Ways to apply an incredible pattern

In the world of nail art, there are many different ideas for performing manicure with a unicorn in accordance with any taste. For each design, a list of special tools is required. Now we will consider the most relevant options for the implementation of beautiful design. The classic and easiest way, of course, is stamping. So the picture will be symmetrical and the same on both hands.

Another common option is stickers with the desired image. The most complex and beautiful are still considered drawings drawn with paints and brushes. But not every master is able to perform a fairly clear and accurate drawing.

Incredible design ideas with unicorns.

A fabulous manicure always catches your eye and looks bright. This nail art is best combined with a certain bow. For example, you can combine the image of a cute unicorn with everyday outfits. A unicorn-like drawing is very difficult to create on your own, but the final result is simply mesmerizing and fascinating.

When performing nail art with this animal, a pastel color palette is most often used. Indeed, on a light basis, the picture will look much more noticeable and brighter. For such a manicure, the use of beige, blue, white and pink is characteristic.

In addition to the previously listed colors with a unicorn, colors such as blue, yellow, red, green and other bright colors are perfectly combined. Regarding additions, you can safely use rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing or kamifubuki.

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Original manicure ideas with unicorn horn.

If you have to perform a manicure with a unicorn for the first time, then you can limit yourself to a design with a horn. After all, drawing it on the nail is much easier than the full image, and such a manicure also looks gentle and attractive. The horn of this animal looks like a twisted conical shape of pastel, white or another color. You can apply the picture on a nameless nail, here it will be a great accent. The remaining nails can be covered with any tone of a saturated bright or delicate light color.

Mandatory decoration of nail art will be glitter, rhinestones or sparkles. As an alternative, manicure masters suggest performing a three-dimensional drawing on the nail using gel paste. Incredibly elegant, this solution looks on the nails of an acute form.

Unicorn head nail art

Nail design with a part of the unicorn also looks great on nails of various lengths. A small-scale drawing looks very attractive and gentle, while fully preserving the fabulous theme, clearly and visually focusing on itself. The muzzle of a charming unicorn is very simple to perform even for a master with little experience working with drawings. After all, you just need to depict the horn, eyes, ears, mouth and contour of the face.

If you want to diversify and complement the manicure, depict a rainbow, clouds or summer landscapes. When performing a cute image, it is not at all necessary to carefully draw the muzzle completely. It is enough just to apply the distinctive qualities of the animal. To smooth out the clarity of the picture and hide some flaws of poor-quality work, use various options for additional decor.

Incredibly attractive manicure with a unicorn with the addition of a rub

Various brilliant decor is unsurpassed in combination with a bewitching unicorn. A mirrored rub and a cute unicorn is the most elegant combination that can only be done with this pattern. Manicure experts advise drawing an animal on an unnamed nail, and decorate the rest of the fingers with a pearl or mirror rub. Glitter or varnish with fine sparkles can produce the same bright and catchy effect.

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Manicure with a fabulous unicorn using sliders

Sliders are the most common and easy way to apply drawings of any subject and complexity. Creating a clear and accurate drawing can be very simple and fast. Sliders are applied quite easily, and the effect is shocking to the girls. Using this incredible drawing method, the unicorn design will be very bright and neat. Thus, you can place the picture on one nail completely, and stretch the image to several fingers.

Beautiful nail art with a unicorn on short nails

The drawing of a unicorn in itself is quite large, so it can be very difficult to execute it on short nails. But still a solution to this problem exists:

  • perform only a part of a unicorn, for example, a muzzle or a horn of a magic animal;
  • apply the image when using the slider, which is very convenient, because the pattern can be tried on before design.

In any case, even the outline of a unicorn will look unsurpassed on short nails.

A manicure depicting a cute unicorn is not just an ordinary nail design. It is such a manicure that helps many girls to believe in themselves, hope for magic and remember the most rainbow moments in life.

Nail art with a unicorn deservedly has the right to be placed on the nails of girls, because we all are still little girls who desperately believe in miracles. It is such an image that can immerse us in that magical atmosphere. Why not treat yourself to an appropriate nail design?


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