Bright manicure – original ideas of nail design in rich colors

Today we look at another version of nail art, which impresses with its richness and shades.

Bright manicure is a super solution for summer and spring nail design, because when, if not in summer and spring, to abandon stereotypes and bring a note of brightness and originality into your everyday or evening look.

Yes, bright manicure is considered to be a variant of spring and summer nail art, but in fact, a bright manicure can decorate your pens not only on warm days, but also in cold times, adding notes and freshness to your image.

Fashionable bright manicure for the summer and other periods can be done in different ways. To a bright manicure was not the same type, manicurists use a variety of techniques that allow you to implement any ideas for nail design.

Note that the actual today is a beautiful bright manicure, the ideas of which are aimed at the implementation of the modern trends of nail art.

Today we decided to please you with a huge photo collection of examples on the theme “Bright Manicure”, in which you will see a monochromatic bright photo manicure, bright nail design with a matte and glossy surface, a fashionable bright french and moon nail art, a beautiful bright manicure with patterns and drawings , bright ombre manicure, bright nail design with a velvet surface, bright manicure with beads, rhinestones, sculpting, etc.

But before you consider a bright manicure in the photo options, we want to briefly run through the fashionable variations of nail design, which today exist in nail art.

Down with convention! Choose a bright manicure – trends, trends, ideas

Along with a calm and delicate palette of shades, bright manicure contrasts noticeably with pastel and light colors, using all the rich colors of lacquers and interesting textures.

It is important to say that fashionable bright manicure, the ideas of which we also presented in our photo review, can be performed not only in traditional techniques.

Bright nail design with drops, airbrush bright manicure, bright nail design with glitter and other techniques decorating the nail plate is a very good way to create a lot of fashionable bows for all occasions.

Beautiful bright manicure in monochrome

The most relevant in today’s time is a bright manicure in a single-color version.

Glossy or matte bright manicure looks always fashionable. You can make such a bright nail design with gel polish (shellac) so that your bright manicure lasts longer on your nails.

Bright summer manicure can be made in red, yellow, orange, pink, green, light green and other shades.

But a bright manicure for cold seasons will be relevant in a red, blue, green, purple, crimson palette, etc.

A bright manicure in monochrome is suitable for both short and long nails. A monochromatic bright manicure will certainly remain at the peak of popularity in the future, because the laconic execution in combination with rich shades is always relevant and looks great in any fashionable image.

The trend of 2018-2019 will be a bright manicure in different shades of the palette. Such a rainbow-colored nail design for the summer will be a sign of your positive attitude and the ability to set the right accents through a manicure.

Bright manicure with flowers – make your look unbeatable

When the sun shines on the street, and you want flowers, a bright manicure with flowers will be able to embody all your desires to create unsurpassed images.

You can wear a simple monophonic dress, making a bright manicure with flowers, different in texture and theme.

Also, a bright manicure with flowers can be in harmony with the color scheme or print on your clothes.

Bright manicure with flowers can decorate all the nails, and can be made with a flower pattern only on a few nails.

Also, a bright manicure with flowers can be combined with rhinestones, beads, glitterrome, drops, entering the sophisticated idea of ​​fashion nail art.

Bright manicure with colors can be created in any color depending on your mood. Add flower drawings to a bright manicure, and be gorgeous.

Everything is feasible! Bright manicure for short and long nails

The ideas of bright manicure allow you to implement any solutions of nail art. That is why you can easily pick a bright manicure for short nails, as well as find unusual variations of rich nail design for long nails.

In fashion bright manicure for short and long nails with an oval, almond shape.

However, the shape of a soft square, sharp and square nails are also present in the nail art. Here, as they say, a matter of taste.

Bright manicure for short nails looks more restrained. Long nails with a bright design will always look more defiant.

Bright manicure with patterns and drawings: original ideas of a bright manicure for every taste

When you want something new and unusual, treat yourself to a new manicure. Bright manicure with patterns and drawings – this is exactly what you are looking for in order to gently but successfully transform your appearance.

Beautiful bright nail design with patterns and drawings presented all the rich tones of the palette.

You can make a bright manicure with a pattern and pattern using animalistic, floral prints, geometric shapes and regular lines, laconic polka dots and unexpected blots. Bright manicure in ethnic and impressionistic themes looks great.

Original and unexpected will be a bright nail manicure with drawings of animals, cartoon characters, various objects and figures.

Without a doubt, the range of ideas bright manicure with a picture is very large. We have presented many of them in our photo collection, which you can successfully try for yourself.

Bright manicure in the traditional and current techniques of nail art

Using traditional techniques of nail art, you can make a bright manicure, which will demonstrate your sense of taste and style.

Among the undisputed leaders in nail art, now there is a bright ombre manicure in vertical and horizontal design with two or more shades.

Keep up with the French and moon manicure in rich shades, which can be presented in both the classic and non-traditional versions.

No less relevant french opposite, the popularity of which is gaining momentum, creating a serious competition to the usual methods of nail design.

Bright manicure with rhinestones, beads, glitter will be appreciated by lovers of sophistication, showiness, originality. Such a bright manicure will be acceptable for creating evening and festive bows.

Both rhinestones, beads, and glitter and sparkles will not spoil your bright manicure, if they are applied in a small amount, embodying the original idea of ​​nail art.

The ideas of the bright manicure 2018-2019, which are today proposed by manicure professionals, are endless.

Choose a bright manicure according to your preferences, an individual approach to creating your own style, taking into account fashion trends and trends, without which there is no way today. See our photo examples and get inspired!

Be brighter! Bright nail design for every taste: photo ideas

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