Bright ideas manicure gel varnish for summer

To date, nail design and design can not be imagined without covering them with gel polish. With the help of gel polish you can make a manicure for any color and taste, and most importantly it will last from 14 to 30 days under different conditions, because in summer it is especially in demand. The various color palette and shades will allow to realize any plan for manicure.
Gel polish looks richer, more intense, brighter in comparison with conventional varnishes. Manicure gel varnish can be done individually at home and in the salon. Today we will discuss the most relevant ideas, trend colors and original versions of manicure with gel varnish of the hot season of this year.

New trends in the world of manicure

In the fashion of the upcoming hot season will be expressive and stylish colors of varnishes, geometric patterns and patterns, matte textures combined with glossy. Novelties of the summer will be possible to translate into reality on the nails of various shapes and lengths. But still the fashion trends of the upcoming season prefer natural forms of nails.
Short nails and a length of up to 3 mm arouse the obvious interest of the modern nail industry. Make your choice in favor of practical, comfortable short almond-shaped nails with rounded corners, and you will not regret it! A girl with such a manicure will look cute, stylish, elegant and romantic.

In the course of discussions on the fashion trends of the upcoming year, the nail-masters did not give preference to any one style, but approved several techniques at once:
  • bold geometry;
  • manicure frame;
  • manicure bracelets;
  • polka dot manicure;
  • nail design rhinestones;
  • white and black manicure;
  • manicure 3-D.
According to experts, many classical designs will remain relevant, only they will be made in a new and fresh presentation – French manicure with a smile in the form of a triangle, a chic ombre manicure in the “negative space” style.

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