Boyfriend jeans, how to look thinner?

Not all clothes slim, but a skillful combination of things helps to achieve the desired effect. Jeans boyfriend in their cut emphasize the fragility of only slender women. The low waist and masculine nature of these trousers requires a competent selection of all the details of the outfit.

Let’s think together what to wear with a boyfriend jeans for a girl who wants to look slimmer.

With shirts

This year it is fashionable to wear jeans with shirts and white shirts. It is believed that the white color fills, but this is not a reason to abandon the fashionable little thing. When choosing a shirt or blouse, I advise you to pay attention, first of all, to the bottom line. It is better if it is not a straight horizontal line, but a curly neckline, for example, a shortened front and an elongated back. Visually, this will somewhat stretch the figure.

Extra long shirts are the most suitable option for those who want to seem slimmer. A cropped knitted vest will look nice on top of such a shirt.

With a jacket or jacket

If you are going to wear a short tight-fitting top with your boyfriend’s jeans, then to adjust the figure you need to wear something elongated over it, for example, elongated sleeveless jackets that are fashionable this season. Vertical lines will narrow your shape and make you slimmer.


In general, layering in clothes is a favorite technique of stylists. And, paradoxically, but a few things worn on each other also help to lose extra pounds, albeit visually. When arranging a layered outfit, try to choose light, thin fabrics. An exception can be made only for warm top things. A long knitted sweater worn on a T-shirt will look good. In the cold season, long scarves save the situation.

High heel shoes

Heels also help to stretch a figure. Feel free to wear stilettos. With boyfriend jeans, it looks incredibly sexy. But I do not recommend the platform to wear to full girls with these jeans, it will look heavy.

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