Boho Style and Women’s Fashion of 2019

Recently, boho style popularity is increasing. The Boho style is one of the most unique trends in fashion. And today, we feel not only wearing clothes, but also many styles that have become lifestyle.
But let’s talk about how fashion designers can help women with fashion to express ideas, fantasies and feelings of ideas. In the Spring / Summer 2019 collection, it is difficult to find a designer who does not use this style or individual elements.
The boho style combines colorful details of national costumes, such as grunge, vintage, country, gothic, cowboy style and many other styles of clothing.

Various and rich boho style fashion

Boho styles can be expressed in a certain direction. boho-chic, hippie, ethno, grunge or bum-style. It can be a historical direction reminiscent of real costumes of the past. In this case, the style generally reflects the spirit of a particular culture.
Bright multi-level dress, decorations and floral pattern decorations, embroidery, appliqués, numerous liquor and belt garments … many are made by manual labor.
Sometimes, things are used to demonstrate the elderly. In other words, the image is created in the wiggle style. Only Militta, these ideas are taboo for women in 30+ age, and if you create it, they will frustrate you.
Boho style in 2019 and fashion trends
Oscar de la Renta, Antonio Mara, Keats
Often boho style is chosen by people with independent characters who do not agree with the general rules of society, creative figures – artists, actors, writers, musicians. Combining bright and even different, you must first feel comfortable. Easy and easy.
Multi-layered protection styles complement your floral prints and dresses with denim jackets, knit cardigans, fur or leather vests, and combine lace products with high-density or transparent materials.
In addition to fantasy freedom, fruit is in the foreground in a modern way, so you do not have to buy expensive items. At the same time, you can combine expensive and proprietary ones at low cost.
Today, multi-layered long skirts, which can be floral prints or muted fabrics, have become widespread. Spring-Summer 2019 Style Bohol will be a popular white color as well as pastel tones. merezhka and embroidery in the form of a cross helps to emphasize the direction of the people. A wonderful combination of floral tunic and ripped jeans and fringed bag.
Beautiful boho xnumx images

Tori Birch, Oscar de la Renta, Self portrait

The salient feature of this style is the possibility of creating individual elements. Parts or accessories yourself. For example, if you feel you are ready for creativity, such as making a rope belt or a fruit pit necklace, you should be sure you know the boho style model in the new season. See a collection of Chloe, Isabel Marant, M Missoni, Ulla Johnson, Altuzarra …
boho style 2019 element
Chloe, M Missoni, Ulla Johnson 
Alto Jara, Chloe, Isabel Marant
boho style 2019 element
Creating a boho image is not that difficult. If you wear a long dress with multicolor frills, remove your hair, and fix it with a ribbon or rim, you can assume that the image is ready. However, accessories can help make bright individual images, which requires a lot of effort.
Women's Fashion 2019
Alexander McQueen, Vera Amount, Anna Sui
Decorated for the new season, designers offer colorful ornaments such as straw hats, wicker pouches, scarves, scarves, shawls, and bright jewelries. Quality Costume Jewelery 2019 There may be products made of natural materials such as vintage jewelry, wood, stone, bone and leather. Finally, you can use normal buttons instead of expensive semi-precious stones.
Fashion Spring-Summer 2019
2 Photos of Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch

Protective style shoes require wicker sandals or sandals. You can leave sneakers or gladiators at your feet. In cool weather, suede boots add an attractive look to the image (an accordion or suede ankle boots are preferred).
Boho style xnumx years
Great, Longchamp, Kitz 
Frame, Dsquared2, Coach
Boho style xnumx years
In a modern way, the boho style gets more and more new fans. In the end, it gives freedom of choice and it can represent personality by ignoring existing standards.
Nonetheless, you do not have to be in love with the stylist’s advice in every way. After all, you want to create funny and original images and look beautiful and young. And many things or combinations of incompatible things can create the opposite effect. Think about it. Creating homeless images is not difficult, but you need to learn from famous designers to get a brilliant image of Bohol.
Fashion Spring-Summer 2019

Badgley Mischka, Etro

Etro, JW Anderson, Tory Burch

Uraj Johnson

2 Photos of Ulla Johnson and Zimmermann

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