Black pedicure – 2019 ideas of the year on the photo

Pedicure, made in the black version, is brutal and bold. Black is able to impart luxury and severity to the female image. This type of pedicure is mainly used by self-confident individuals who always know their value. Especially beautiful are marigolds if the black color of the lacquer coating is supplemented with a diverse decor or a combination of several shades. This option is in perfect harmony with any kind of footwear made in different colors (beige, red, silver).

The combination of black pedicure with a white shade

White and black have always been in fashion. These colors look especially beautiful in a pair. The main color is black, and white drawing is done (flowers, monograms, dots, stars and stripes). It all depends on the imagination and skill of the master himself. You can add ornaments with a variety of designer accessories (brocade, bouillons, rubbing).

Black pedicure with jacket

Girls who like to experiment should use a black jacket pedicure. It may not be performed on all nails, but only on one. The most excellent option is the execution of this element on the thumb. After all, on it the jacket will look best. Especially if it is decorated with stones or kamifubikami.

Black pedicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are the most original and versatile option for performing a black pedicure. Indeed, from the shimmering stones can perform a variety of ornaments. For example, the nail of the index finger can be fully laid out with shimmering rhinestones. When exposed to sunlight, they will shine, which will attract the attention of others. Also with rhinestones, you can perform shiny stripes and holes.

Black pedicure with design

Black pedicure gives an excellent opportunity to perform on its background a variety of types of design. Moreover, the dark shade is able to emphasize all the necessary elements of the ornaments. As a design, there may be stickers, drawn cells, dots, patterns, cubes. It is worth remembering that a large number of colors can completely spoil a pedicure and give it a cheap look. Gold ribbons can be used for black lacquer coating, because gold has always been and will be in trend. In some cases, pedicure masters cover the nails with a matte finish, which gives a certain riddle to the ladies’ fingers.

Black pedicure with kamifubuki

To create an interesting and rather unusual pedicure in black, you should choose kamifubuki as a supplement. They look quite contrasting and interesting. This design option is perfect for women of fashion who do not like bulky stones and rhinestones. Kamifubukov laid out corners or holes, and in some cases, they decorate the entire nail. For example, an abundance of white and red kamifubuki that adorn the thumb will look great.

Black pedicure with foil

To create an original and easy-to-perform pedicure, you should choose black lacquer in combination with foil. After all, the shiny elements perfectly harmonize with black. Foil can be used in various colors. The design of this character is mainly performed on the nails of the thumb and index finger.

Black pedicure with sparkles

The most winning option for nail design was black color lacquer, combined with sparkles. Spangles can be silver or gold hues. They can decorate not only the entire nail, but partially. For example, you can perform a jacket in which the left side of the nail is covered with silver sparkles, and the right side with black varnish. It is also possible to make holes from the golden spangles located at the base of the marigold. But do not overdo it, otherwise the whole idea will be spoiled.

New black pedicure 2019

2019 year pleases all women with their new products and trends. These novelties have not bypassed a pedicure. The trend of the year was black pedicure, in combination with which they use different color shades. For example, the thumb nail is covered with a beige or red lacquer coating, and a black hole is made at the base of the nail. The remaining nails are covered with black lacquer.

It is also fashionable to do a black pedicure in 2019, where a restrictive line of blue and black is made on the thumb. Blue can fill the ringless nail. The line is mainly made of white or silver coating. But the most original and popular was the design option, made in the style of geometric shapes. This ornament is located on the thumb of the thumb, as there is more room for drawing. From white, black and beige lacquer or paints are drawn triangles arranged in a chaotic manner. The remaining nails are covered in black.

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