Black bolero: models and what to wear

In the fashion collections of famous designers there are many options for capes, but the most popular among them are the boleros. Such sweaters can not be called an independent element of the wardrobe because of their shortened nature, but with proper combination with other things they become a stylish part of the image.

This season, fashion designers are advised to pay particular attention to the black boleros. But even though this shade is classic, it is still necessary to know about the features of his choice and the correct color combinations in the image.

How to choose and who will suit

The black bolero is a universal thing, so it is suitable for absolutely all women. The only thing that should be considered in the selection process is the style and features of your own figure:

  1. A broad-shouldered girl and person with full arms is more suitable for a bolero model with long sleeves.
  2. For women with magnificent forms, it is better to purchase a straight cut bolero without volumetric decorative elements.
  3. Girls with narrow shoulders need to pay attention to the model with ruffles and frill in the chest.
  4. For those with a rectangular shape and a perfect hourglass silhouette, you can wear any bolero.

But whatever your figure, remember that the bolero should ideally fit into the style of the image and the format of the event on which you wear it.

Varieties of models

The abundance of original styles and models of the bolero on the modern market is impressive. Here you can find a bolero without sleeves, and asymmetric, and with an openwork strap. Each type of cape is unique in its own way and fits perfectly into a particular image. What types of boleros are the most fashionable this season?


In this model, you can easily go to the office, if you throw it over a classic dress or turtleneck, complemented by pants. It will look good in combination with a warm evening dress, if the binding is openwork and combined with the texture of the dress.

With long sleeve

Such a bolero can serve as a warm addition to a dress with a short sleeve. Such a bolero looks good in everyday look, if combined with an elongated T-shirt or top, complemented with simple jeans.

With short sleeves or without sleeves

Ideal for summer or romantic look. Best of all, such a bolero looks like jeans, as well as sundresses and dresses with short sleeves. The model with a short-sleeved bolero can afford to wear only a girl with beautiful hands.

Materials and fabrics

The texture of materials plays a huge role in the selection of a harmonious image with a bolero, because simpler fabrics, like cotton or knitwear, will be relevant only in a casual look and will require addition with casual clothes. And now good-quality materials like velvet or organza will be perfectly combined with clothes in evening style. What is better to choose a bolero for a particular image?

From silver fox

None of the gorgeous evening look will manage without a fur bolero in the winter season, and even more so if it is a model of silver fox. Pleasant to the touch fur can be painted in any color and have a smooth or quilted texture. It is better to combine it with dresses made of thick fabrics. Such a bolero will also look good in combination with everyday things.


This bolero will be the perfect complement to the gentle and romantic image, and all thanks to a translucent texture. The guipure bolero can be of different lengths and goes well with strapless dresses.


The satin bolero is distinguished by its characteristic brilliance, which is why it fits well only with the evening look. Often, it is a bolero of this texture that combines brides with their wedding dress.

With what to wear

About the ideal combinations with different types of boleros have already been said, but there remains one unresolved issue – shoes and accessories.

  • If you decide to supplement your everyday look, the bolero will have to be limited to a small handbag, ideally a clutch.
  • It is better to choose shoes for the overall style of the image: if it is business or evening, choose shoes, and if it is sports, choose sneakers or sneakers.


  • Under the image of a dress will have to choose sandals or high-heeled shoes. That heel will visually stretch the silhouette and make it more elegant.

Shades and color combinations

One should never forget about such an important nuance as a combination of colors in an image. Black color is good because it harmonizes perfectly with absolutely any color, but there is also a combination that is win-win.

Black with red

If you put a black bolero on a red dress, tunic, jacket, shirt or turtleneck, the image will become truly exquisite, because the fatal style of red will be diluted.

Stylish images

Chic and stylish look will help to give the jewelry. Choose elongated pendants if the neckline is V-shaped and shorter, if it is round or square.

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