Best Option for Red dress for the year 2019 – photos and tips

Many celebrities choose red dresses or total look red in the cold season of 2019. Designers have filled their collections with red outfits, so we have a huge selection of beautiful things and good stylish examples to follow. We offer to look at red dresses as a dress for the New 2019.

Red dress for the new 2019 year
Alberta Ferretti Limited, Alessandra Rich, Antonio Berardi
Year of the boar or pig
According to the eastern calendar, the year 2019 will be held under the auspices of the yellow earthen pig. The pig is an open, inquisitive and sociable animal, and she also loves to eat very much! All this is perfectly combined with our traditions of the New Year holidays.
According to astrologers, the hog promises to us all success next year if we follow some rules, including New Year in a dress of the right color. It all sounds funny, but people follow the instructions of astrologers and love holiday traditions, thus creating New Year’s fashion trends.
First of all, you need to take into account the actual colors and shades that are suitable for Christmas dresses. Given the patron of the New Year, it is not difficult to guess that the yellow-brown color scheme will be popular. But the red color is not prohibited, the hog is good about red and some other shades.

Popular shades for the New Year’s dress 2019

1. Yellow, lemon, yellow chartreuse 
2. Golden shades, glitter 
3. Brown shades 
4. Beige, cream 
5. Orange 
6. Red, copper
7. Black color always remains, because it is the most universal color, it simultaneously represents the absence of color and accommodates all colors. Black is the color of the universe, the color of eternity, infinity and the entire universe.
Beautiful dresses in red

Georges chakra

Given the popular range of colors on New Year’s Eve, you can glitter with gold and sparkle. Red does not shine like gold, but in terms of brightness is not inferior, but even surpasses. Given the abundance of red shades in the collections of 2019 , you can safely buy a red dress to celebrate the New Year 2019.

Festive symbol and its essence
Today we will not recall the opinion that a pig is a stupid and dirty animal, this is a primitive look. The pig is much smarter and more cunning than it seems at first glance. That is why in many cultures the pig symbolizes wealth, cunning, greed and at the same time love of feasts and luxuries. A pig is not a modest and restrained animal, but on the contrary – a big lover of a full and reckless life.
The basic principle of a pig is the love of excesses, luxury, satiety and wealth. No modesty, only the best and most expensive. Full of fun life. At the same time with fun, the pig is a symbol of wealth, because the image of a pig is most often chosen for making money boxes.
Bright red dress very much like the patron of 2019. Pig loves excesses. A dress can have rich decor and generally look incredibly luxurious. In general, it is allowed not to limit itself, no modesty and restraint! All this should appeal to most of our fashionistas.
Chic dresses for the New Year
Photo from above – Tony Ward 
Photo from below – Dolce & Gabbana and Shiatzy Chen
Chic dresses for the New Year

Decor dresses for the holiday New Year 2019

1. Rhinestones, beads, sequins and other sparkling elements 
2. Embroidery with gold threads 
3. Golden fringe 
4. Golden buttons 
5. Golden brooch with sparkling stones 
6. Llama fabric with metallic sparkling threads
What accessories to choose for a red dress
Red is the color of love and passion, power and greed. The pig is a very avid animal, it allows you to dress up in all red, but you can complement the image with accessories of gold and black color. The red dress goes well with black shoes and a gold clutch. If the dress is short, the boots-boots made of material will coincide with the dress and texture.
Red Dress Accessories
Sally LaPointe 
Alexandre Vauthier, Andrew Gn
Red Dress Accessories
A great addition to the dress will be large gold jewelry, you can with precious stones. If you do not have such jewelry, it is permissible to use beautiful jewelry, because Chanel herself adored jewelry.
The whole New Year’s image should embody luxury and wealth, then you will surely like the patron of 2019, and quite possibly the whole year you will have good luck and financial success. Remember the principle – money to money? Thus, luxurious festive attire and expensive accessories can attract prosperity to our lives.
Red dress for the New Year 2019 to attract success
Elisabetta Franchi, Fendi, Carolina Herrera
New Year’s table
In conclusion, it should be noted – on the holiday table, no pork dishes! The main dish with truffles is the favorite delicacy of all hog. Boiled sturgeon, fried or baked salmon steaks, red caviar and especially golden pike caviar will complement the table. If you can not buy sturgeon and salmon, turkey will be a good substitute. Decorate the festive table white mushrooms and expensive champagne.
We will not talk about salads, because in any case, most of our people cannot do without traditional salads.
The patron of 2019 loves luxury and excess, but it is better not to cook too many dishes so that they are not lost. The best option – fewer dishes on the table, but the most expensive.
Red dresses for the New Year 2019
Julien fournie
Red dresses for the New Year 2019
Evening Dresses 2019
Christophe Guillarme, Zuhair Murad
Evening Dresses 2019
Ziad Nakad and Zuhair Murad

Christmas dresses 2019
Photo from above – Elie Saab, Givenchy 
Photo from below – Alice Olivia, Zuhair Murad
Christmas dresses 2019

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