Best Moisturizing Foundation

The foundation helps to hide various skin defects. Young skin, as a rule, looks good if it is just slightly powdered. matting powder with a shade close to the complexion, or use a light concealer for makeup, for example, tonal mousse. But for mature skin is better to choose a dense moisturizer. We find out which brands of moisturizers with a tonal effect are recommended to use by makeup artists and cosmetologists.
To make your face look perfect after makeup, you should consider your skin type when choosing a foundation.

The best moisturizing concealers for dry skin

Ladies with dry skin complain of a feeling of tightness and peeling. They are perfectly suited to the following tools.
Extra Virgin Mineral
Cream based on olive oil and the smallest fraction of minerals. The product applied to the skin creates an absolutely even coating, and the marula oil contained in the cream gives a feeling of comfort for long hours. It is valuable that the product line contains 8 shades, so it is not difficult to choose a cream that matches the natural skin color.
CLINIQUE Supermoisture Makeup
The concealer differing in special firmness. The tool is easily distributed over the skin, does not clog pores. The manufacturer offers 6 cream shades.
Both of these tonal tools can be used with normal skin type.

Moisturizing concealer for oily skin

Tonal tool for oily skin It must contain components that absorb sebum, as well as antibacterial substances.
The cream provides an even coating and eliminates shine. Vitamin E in the composition of the drug slows down the aging process in the epidermis.
Vichy normatein
The tonal cream, enriched with zincadon A (a substance that promotes healing of the epidermis). The skin after applying the cream looks quite natural, and the makeup is persistent. Thermal water, which is part of it, nourishes the skin with useful minerals and relieves irritation of the dermis.

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