Beautiful summer sundresses and modern fashion

Beautiful summer sundresses and modern fashion 1

Sundress – the oldest clothing of mankind. A classic sundress is a long dress in a loose cut, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or straps. Sundress found use in many national costumes, but especially he came to court in Russia.
The term “sundress” is first mentioned in Russian written sources in the Nikon Chronicle in the year 1376. But today we will not dwell on the history of its origin. For more than 650 years, the sundress had a lot to experience. And now those models that designers offer us are completely different clothes, different from those that previously existed in folk costumes.

Cuts sundresses constructively changed in those days, because it was a reflection of the lives of people in those conditions. Therefore, in our time sundresses are also distinguished by their cut, color and decorative elements.
Now the sundress is not only in a free cut, there are fitted models, but there are also more fitting ones. Dress can emphasize the bust, have a high waist. And in general, the waistline of the sundress can be located at your request.
Beautiful summer sundresses

Beautiful summer sundresses
With a sundress asymmetrical ideas look great. Luxury options are possible here. Dress in cut Mallet – one of the most common. Mallet – a spectacular hybrid cut midi and mini. In it airy light fabrics look beautiful.
Summer fashion for women
Versace, Andrew Gn
Prada, Dennis Basso, Kimora Lee Simmons
Summer fashion for women
Sundress is very often involved in layering. It can be combined with blouses, skirts, pants, aprons, T-shirts and many other items.
Fashionable sundresses

Fashionable sundresses
In the first half of 60 of the last century, there were big changes in the moral foundations – the designers offered a mini. It was at this time that Pierre Cardin presented short woolen cloth sundresses on a catwalker, which was worn on a turtleneck. In the new collections, summer short sundresses are considered by designers both in the office, and on the beach, and as evening dress.
Beautiful summer sundresses and modern fashion 2

Beautiful summer sundresses and modern fashion 3
Models of long sundresses create a luxurious evening outfit. For this, it is sometimes sufficient to use a beautiful, expensive cloth. Looking at the new models, we can say that in modern fashion the distinction between a sundress and a dress is somewhat blurred. Therefore, if the name of a sundress in an evening dress is unacceptable for someone, call your dress as a dress.
Beautiful summer sundresses and modern fashion 4
Fashion trends 2019-2020

Fashion trends 2019-2020

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