Beautiful Fashion bracelets in 2019

Bracelets are jewelry that is very popular with women of all ages. They emphasize the beauty of hands, attract attention to the whole image, contribute to the creation of harmonious integrity. What are the bracelets today that are offered in the winter 2019 collections?

Designers advise to buy bracelets of different widths , thin or massive, and from different materials, not only precious, but also from plastic, rubber, leather, beads, rhinestones, beads, etc.
Trendy Cuff Bracelets
In the last season, some of the most popular are the cuff bracelets. Usually it is wide rigid bracelets. They can be worn on both bare hands and cuffs of clothing. In the autumn-winter season, designers offer another option – to wear these bracelets just above the wrist. Bracelets of this type look very nice on the shoulder. Wrapping a hand over clothes, they can even form a sleeve.
Fashion bracelets 2018-2019 years
Agnes B and 2 pics Chloe
Bracelets with stones
Bracelets consisting of large stones or rhinestones, which can differ in color and size, creating contrasting inflorescences will also be fashionable. Among this type of bracelets there are monochrome compositions. And they all look very impressive and bright.
Chanel Bracelets
Jewelry with logos
Inscriptions, symbols, signs, slogans and brand logos are in fashion now. All this calligraphy is presented not only in clothes, but also on bracelets made of different materials, mainly leather, metal, plastic, textiles. Designers offer to wear bracelets with inscriptions at once a few pieces.
Many well-known companies do not always create their bracelets from expensive materials, thus they reduce their production costs, but the product can be very expensive, because the brand name is indicated on it. And those of us who would like to attract attention due to the brand name, sometimes pay fabulous money. To this I would like to add that we must learn to understand the true value of the thing and fight with our vanity.
Trendy bracelets Christian Dior
Christian dior
Jewelery with a scattering of rhinestones or crystals
Another kind of bracelets with an original clip are rhinestones or beads, reminiscent of a diamond pave, or a single paved pattern. A large number of small pebbles or rhinestones are fixed in such a way that a surface is covered with crystals. These bracelets have different shapes and widths, sometimes they are made in the form of thin rings that can be put on several at once, and sometimes they represent a more massive shape, and at the same time they can repeat the shapes of real objects.
Bracelets 2018-2019 stylish and trendy decorations
Pamella Roland 
Brandon Maxwell, Zang Toi
Charm Bracelets
Remain popular models with pendants , in which you can replace one element to another. Pendants can take various forms and images – balls, letters, animals and other ordinary or fantastic figures. Such bracelets often look extravagant, but at the same time attract attention to their owner.

Ring bracelets

Putting on a hand several bracelets has long been considered a stylish option. In this case, bracelets-rings are usually used, which can be of different widths. These bracelets emphasize the chosen image and reflect the breath of time. At different periods, these bracelets acquire a distinctive look, and always remain popular.
Beautiful bracelets Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

Chain bracelets

This type of bracelets as well as bracelets-rings, remains out of time. They can be considered a classic and a good investment if they are made of gold. It is the chains with different weaves that will allow everyone to choose something to their liking.
Designers create chain bracelets, braiding their fantasies. In one bracelet may be different in shape and size of the links, with the addition of precious stones. However, in the autumn-winter season there are not only bracelets-chains – elegant and luxurious, delicate and bright, reflecting multicolored reflections in gold and precious stones. There are also chain bracelets with large links, their aesthetics are aggressive and the confidence and assertiveness of the bracelet owner tells her.
Fashion trends in jewelry
Louis vuitton
From season to season there are products imitating animals, because nature always remains a favorite motif for all masters of art. Some of them are made of gold and gems, and there are – from the most simple materials. Many designers prefer to repeat the shape of a reptile bracelet. The world of animals will always be in trend. Using flora and fauna in decorations, a particle of humor and levity is created in the image.

And finally, in the collections of winter 2019 there are a variety of fantastic ideas that we are offered to dream up and look into the world of the future.
Trendy bracelets 2018-2019
Saint Laurent, Pamella Roland 
Saint Laurent, Bibhu Mohapatra
Trendy bracelets 2018-2019
Gold bracelet is a practical purchase and an indicator of good taste. Bracelets made of precious metals with the addition of precious stones will always be timeless and spectacular element of the image.

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