Beautiful evening makeup

Every woman wants to be beautiful and unique, especially if she has to get to a festive event. When creating the perfect image a special role should be given to makeup. Evening make-up will make facial features expressive, and in combination with a suitable outfit on occasion will emphasize sophistication and individuality. The use of bright accents will not leave you unnoticed.

When applying the evening make-up requires certain skills. A little patience and adherence to some rules will help you achieve the desired result. There are two important points to consider:

  • tonal framework should be of high quality and well applied to the skin.
  • you need to focus on the beautiful features of your face, and carefully mask the shortcomings.

Types of evening makeup

Depending on the nature of the event, there are several types of evening makeup:

1. Classic – for going to a restaurant and cultural events where bright artificial lighting is expected.

2. Club – the most colorful, catchy and showy makeup. It is quite appropriate to experiment with rhinestones, sequins and sequins. False eyelashes will also be very useful. By the light of neon lights such make-up would be quite appropriate.

3. The worker is for employees of clubs and cafes where night events take place. This is a simple evening make-up that will help to look impressive and not to disturb the dress code.

4. Light – designed for women who do not recognize bright makeup. Shimmering powder, rich gloss on the lips – it all looks gentle and at the same time stylish and attractive.

5. Professional – a kind of makeup that is preferable to do in a beauty salon. In this case, women simultaneously work on the image of a hairdresser, stylist and make-up artist. This makeup is done for certain important events, such as a wedding, awarding, and others.

These are the options you can choose to create a unique and elegant image. Do not forget that no matter what image you choose, it must necessarily fit the parameters of appearance, in harmony with the color of eyes and hair, and also correspond to the status of the event. Only in this way you will look perfect.

Evening makeup rules

In order for makeup to highlight all your strengths and hide flaws, there are a few rules.


Smooth, perfect tone of the face is the key to success with makeup of any type. Before applying any decorative cosmetics, you need to clean and moisturize your face with special means suitable for your skin, then cover it with a tonal foundation. Do not forget that the tonal cream in color should not differ much from your natural complexion, and you need to shade it well on your ears, neck and décolleté. Visible flaws need to be masked with concealer. And the final touch for a perfectly even tone is powder, which also helps to make the skin more velvety.


After tonal foundation blush is applied. According to the make-up artists, blondes can easily pick up a blush of different tones. Red-haired brown-haired women should avoid too bright and dark shades, especially pink. For brunettes will be a good palette of brown and beige, peach and warm pink tones. Blush highlight cheekbones and slightly correct the shape of the face. If you want to add shine to your skin, add a little luminizer, bronzer, highlighter. These cosmetics are designed specifically for the holiday.

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