Beautiful blue and navy blue dresses

Beautiful blue and navy blue dresses 1

Blue is associated with serenity and dignity. The darker the blue color, the more restraint and significance is felt in it. Bright blue cornflower blue became popular at the end of the XIX century, when gas and electricity appeared in many countries. This color immediately received the name “electric”.Deep blue – the color of the night sky, the color of eternity inspires confidence and respect. Blue color from a bright electrician to the color of the night sky fits almost everything – and brunettes, and blondes. In a blue dress a woman of any age will look great.

Perhaps young and young girls will choose piercing and bright colors, and more adult women will prefer deep blue, but in any case blue will elegantly emphasize eye color, making the look more expressive. In the blue palette there are many different shades, which, if chosen correctly, will complement the color of your appearance. Blue color is universal, so it is often found in everyday and business clothes, as well as in the evening version.

Casual blue dresses

Photo above – Boss, Jasper Conran, Roland Mouret
Photo below – Colovos, Edeline Lee, Francesca Liberatore

Casual blue dresses

Blue dress for office and walking

A blue dress in a business setting can add restraint and confidence to an image, place trust in it, and therefore it should look attractive and at the same time neutral. In a business style, the best is a blue suit, which can be painted with brighter or brighter blouses and accessories, where appropriate. In addition, the blue dress can be complemented with a black jacket and you also get a business look.

But in everyday situations, a bright blue dress can be worn at any season, it will create a mood, give positive emotions. It’s easy to pick up accessories for him, as the bright blue color is friendly to almost all colors.

Dark shades of blue for dresses on weekdays will be a good background for light and bright additions, giving them the opportunity to express themselves expressively. And a dark blue dress can replace a little black dress. Bright blue color – one of the main colors for the New Year holiday. In combination with other bright colors on a blue background, you can create an elegant image.

Evening and holiday models

The blue dress in the evening version perfectly combines with silver jewelry, embroidered with silver, with diamonds in platinum. Blue shades in the evening look look solemn and consonant with the winter nature. Blue evening dress will add aristocracy and elegance.

Blue evening dresses

Pamella Roland and Tadashi Shoji
Tony Ward

Blue evening dresses

Blue shades such as ultramarine, royal blue, Klein color or electric, bright rich and deep look great in satin sheen, soft velvet, silk. All these shades bring sophistication and a certain coldness to the image, which gives us charm and appeal.

Under artificial lighting, dark blue shades even take on a black tint, and it looks noble and elegant to many, and also visually reduces the volume and makes it slimmer.

Elegant dresses in blue

Akris, Aniye By, Daizy Shely

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