Beautiful beds – varieties and features of choice

Beautiful beds – varieties and features of choice

According to statistics, each of us spends the third part of our lives in a dream. This is one of our physiological needs. Therefore, it is in the interests of man himself to make this process as enjoyable as possible. A good mood in the morning, a sound and healthy sleep will provide a properly selected bed. And problems with the spine, a feeling of weakness and fatigue contribute to an uncomfortable and hard bed.

What to consider when buying a bed?

Requirements are made for a bed depending on the number of family members, bedroom area, layout, and, of course, financial capabilities. This is such a piece of furniture, when choosing which it is first of all worth paying attention to quality and appearance. And most importantly – the bed should provide a comfortable stay.

The requirements for the size of the bed vary from who will use it. Double options are mainly chosen by couples. Lovers of free sleep and owners of a small living area will like a half bed. Children and teenagers can choose a single model. Cots with folding sides are made for babies. Two-tier chosen in order to save space.

Each person selects the shape of the bed to his liking. A rectangle is a classic option. But today, manufacturers offer a wide variety of models – round, semicircular, square.

Certain of them include additional functionality. Here, drawers are provided for storing bedding, which further saves space in the apartment.

Design selection

The bed frame is responsible for the solidity of the entire structure. It is of two types:

  1. The bed frame in the form of a rectangle is formed from four panels. A headboard or two backs are attached to these panels.
  2. A pair of panels connects to a pair of support backs.

The difference between these two types of structures is only external. Responsibly, it is necessary to approach the choice of material from which the furniture is made. Durability and strength are its main characteristics. No one will like it if the dream is interrupted due to a broken leg of the bed.

Often manufacturers in the manufacture of furniture choose MDF, fiberboard and particleboard. For example, a cabinet made from these materials will last for many years. But these materials are not suitable for the production of beds. They quickly begin to creak, loosening. This is especially true for chipboard.

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A base is attached to the frame, which serves as a support for the mattress. It looks as follows – lamellas mounted on a grill or frame. The lamellas are stiffening ribs in the form of plates, which additionally strengthen the design of the bed. Their number for a double model should be at least 30 pieces, for a single – at least 15 pieces. Modern models of beds have a gas lift, which is able to change the height of the base.

Choosing a mattress for a bed

Choosing a mattress is also not easy. But high-quality sleep mostly depends on it, so you need to choose it very carefully.

There is a wide variety of fillings and materials on the market that manufacturers offer. Spring blocks underlie the spring material. It is ideal for double beds, so under the weight of the body does not wash out. Currently, models made of polymer materials have appeared. They are also called springless. Original fillers are water and air.

Orthopedic mattress is the best choice. He is able to provide a healthy and most comfortable stay. During sleep, it adapts to the human body.

Bed Design Choice

It’s time to talk about aesthetics. Of the many beautiful and comfortable beds, you somehow need to choose one single.

Balanced and serious people fit the classic, which never fades. Simple geometric shapes, strict and straight lines again became a fashion hit. They look elegant and noble, made of wood.

Bed podiums will not be left unattended by lovers of wallowing. They are functional and minimalistic, they have no extra details. Often the podium becomes the center of the apartment. There is also a place for a computer, a breakfast table, and built-in lamps.

Couples who are romantically inclined can purchase a canopy bed. The canopy creates an individual space inside the room and gives a little privacy. No need to think that it is irrelevant and old-fashioned. Previously, canopies did not let light in, as they were made of heavy and dense fabrics. These days they are made from air and light materials.

In a small apartment, a folding bed will be appropriate. In the morning, she easily hides in a closet.

Beds with soft upholstery are quite popular. And this applies not only to families that have kids. This model is literally inviting, it is incredibly comfortable and completely safe.

Despite its long history, forged beds remain relevant today. This model fits perfectly into the interior in the style of shabby chic and country.

Combine bedside tables, cabinets and shelves is capable of an entire system called a bedroom suite. On a minimum area, it embodies maximum functionality. If the headset is not comfortable, then you can consider the option in which shelves and drawers are built-in.

Bed installation

Before buying, you must definitely consider how and in what place in the bedroom the bed will be installed. The choice must be stopped on the size of the beds, capable of the most suitable for the bedroom. The length is calculated based on the height of the person plus another 15 centimeters.

Older people will not fit too low models. Therefore, special attention should be paid to height. It is considered ideal when, together with the mattress, it reaches the level of a person’s knees. Before buying, it is advisable to see photos on the Internet. Arriving at the store, you can already understand what the soul wants.

Photogallery of bed models

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