Beautiful 8 ideas for manicure on March 8 and 50 photo examples


Beautiful 8 ideas for manicure on March 8 and 50 photo examples

Having become acquainted with the trends of spring manicure 2020-2021, it is not difficult to guess which manicure on March 8 will be the most relevant. However, among so many fashionable nail design options, you can easily get confused and lose sight of really worthwhile ideas.

Therefore, in today’s photo collection contains the most original and boring ideas of manicure on March 8, worthy of the attention of the most demanding fashionistas.

The symbolic top 8 options for fashionable manicure on March 8 will tell you the perfect design that can emphasize the feminine. See how thematic drawings, the most delicate and seductive shades, fashionable decor and rhinestones can stylishly and attractively combine on the nails in a manicure on March 8th.

The charming ideas of manicure 2020 in the photo will not leave indifferent any young lady. Any of the manicure design options for March 8 can be done in different interpretations.

Minimalism or maximalism, bright or restrained, bold or romantic – by March 8, choose the manicure design that your female nature requires. And the brightest and most fashionable ideas for manicure on March 8 with a photo you can see below.

Manicure design for March 8: bold leopard print

How about being a female cat for a bit, using a super-fashionable leopard print that can even decorate your nails. Stylish and seductive manicure on March 8 with a leopard print certainly will not be boring and banal.

There are a lot of options for such a manicure on March 8th. To paint all nails in a “leopard”, to highlight accent nails or to use a print in tandem with rhinestones with a delicate pink coating is a very bold and successful solution.

Manicure design for March 8: favorite flowers

Predictable or not, March 8 is indispensable; therefore, drawings of flowers and flowers remain one of the most popular nail design options. Just for March 8, we will make a manicure with flowers more original due to a combination with other types of design.

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The matte finish, elements of negative space, the same jacket or holes can be beautifully beaten with a floral pattern and get a unique design.

Manicure design for March 8: drawings of girls and women’s stuff

Women’s day in manicure is most clearly displayed in the drawings of a woman’s face or women’s accessories. Women’s shoe, lipstick, red lips, female characters from films and cartoons will look great in manicure on March 8th.

By the way, drawings with a female face are one of the main trends of spring nail art, so choosing a similar nail design for March 8, you will get not only an excellent manicure, but also the most fashionable.

Manicure design for March 8: passionate red.

No wonder the red color is considered the most feminine and bright, so it will be difficult to do without it in the design of manicure on March 8. A rich red manicure or design with elements of red is perfect as an option for March 8th.

Combine red with different shades and techniques, complement the pattern or decorate with rhinestones. With a similar manicure on March 8, you definitely will not lose.

Manicure design for March 8: cat’s eye

Very stylish and attractive varnishes with the effect of “cat’s eye” look. Such a coating is ideal for manicure design on March 8th. If you are looking for a mysterious and unusual option for the women’s holiday, cat eye manicure is a great way to emphasize nails on March 8th.

In addition to the full coverage of all nails, it became fashionable to use a similar shade in a duet with a glossy or matte plain color or to apply the cat’s eye only to a separate part of the marigold, which looks very interesting and fresh.

Manicure design for March 8: inscriptions on the nails

Among the fashion trends of nail art 2020, there were inscriptions on the nails that could not bypass the design of the manicure on March 8.

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In addition to the inscription “March 8”, on the nails you can meet women’s wishes or compliments. Such a manicure looks best in a combination of bright and contrasting shades.

Manicure design for March 8: sea of ​​sparkle and rhinestone

We girls love to sparkle like stars and lights, so why not decorate our nails on March 8 with a chic shining decor.

Luxurious inlays, sparkles, glitter, kamifubuki, pebbles and beads, foil and rub will help to make dazzling decoration of your pens out of any manicure on March 8th.

Manicure design for March 8: delicate pastel

If nature asks for tenderness and romance, it is better to choose an amazing manicure on March 8 in pastel colors. The most delicate pink, airy blue, light purple and neutral beige will help to realize the most sophisticated manicure options for March 8th.

To complement such a manicure, you can accent floral design or geometry. Peas, bows and butterflies will look very cute.

The best ideas for manicure on March 8, 2020 – photos of new items from spring trends

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