Beach wedding dresses – the best models and decorations for the beach ceremony

Recently, the tradition of celebrating a marriage on the shore of a reservoir not only does not give up its position, but is becoming increasingly popular. Young brides are carefully preparing for such a ceremony, considering a variety of beach wedding dresses and thinking out other details of the image of the bride.

Beach Wedding

Today, you won’t surprise anyone with an expensive restaurant and a traditional walk around the city on the day of marriage. For this reason, many newlyweds are trying to arrange an unusual ceremony, which will be remembered for a long time by both the bride and groom, and all those present at the festival. Thus, such festivals are often held on the seashore or the ocean, surrounded by palm trees and a huge variety of fragrant flowers.

Initially, the wedding ceremony on the beach was held by those couples in whom the future spouses had different national roots. In this case, each of the newlyweds during his wedding ceremony held in his hand a bag of sand brought from his country, and after it ended, the contents of both bags were mixed, thereby emphasizing that in a young family there would be a unity of cultures.

Subsequently, the same tradition settled in various island states and among representatives of the hippie movement, who tried to remove all difficulties and conventions from their lives. Today, a wedding on the beach, the image of the bride and groom for which should be as light, tender and romantic as possible, has already taken root and is ubiquitous – many young couples dream of such a relaxed celebration and think over the upcoming ceremony to the smallest details.

Beach Ceremony Wedding Dresses

For all girls who are interested in a wedding on the beach, the image of the bride should be thought out in advance, given the great many nuances of such a ceremony. Since such a celebration is always held in hot countries and in the warm season, the wedding outfit for him should be made of thin fabric that is well breathable.

In addition, attention should be paid to the choice of style. So, staying at a beach ceremony in a closet with a tight corset, a long train or a multi-tiered skirt, and also in a dress tight tight over the entire length of the body, will be a real torture for the young bride. To avoid this, stylists recommend choosing lightweight beach wedding dresses that look simple, but at the same time playful and flirty.

Short Beach Wedding Dress

In a situation where the wedding takes place on the beach, the image of the bride should be as light as possible, without unnecessary details that can cause discomfort for the young lady. For this reason, beach wedding mini-dresses are considered the ideal choice, which allow the future spouse to walk on the sand, run, dance and even enter the water without worrying that the festive attire can get dirty or soaked. Such products are ideal for young brides with long and slender legs, who are not shy of their figure and are not afraid to show it to others.

Beach wedding dress to the floor

Long beach wedding dress looks solemn and luxurious. The cut of this outfit can be straight or flared. In the first case, the decoration, as a rule, is complemented by a high incision , due to which a woman can move without discomfort. Meanwhile, the skirt in such outfits should be light and flying, the abundance of cascading shuttlecocks and heavy decor should be avoided.

Beach wedding dress tunic

A lightweight wedding dress for the beach can resemble a tunic that provides maximum comfort in hot weather. Although such an outfit may look rustic, it is perfect for a wedding ceremony on the ocean and blends perfectly with elegant sandals on a flat sole. In a situation where the choice of the bride falls on the beach wedding dresses, tunics, the groom should pay attention to the elegant shirt and comfortable shorts made of organic cotton or denim.

Magnificent Beach Wedding Dress

An overly luxurious dress for a beach wedding is not suitable, since it looks out of place and does not fit into the atmosphere of the celebration at all. Meanwhile, in such a situation the young lady will look great in a short toilet with a full skirt, which, moreover, can be complemented by a train. This detail gives along special zest and sophistication, so that the young bride looks like a real princess.

Open Beach Wedding Dress

Light wedding dress for the beach can be as open as possible, but it is not vulgar. In such a dress, a young bride will feel great even in the hottest weather. Meanwhile, even in such a setting, one should not prefer toilets in which intimate parts of the body are visible. So, keep in mind that if a young lady chooses beach wedding dresses with an open back, they should not be complemented by an overly deep neckline, and models with open shoulders should be of sufficient length and at least cover the buttocks and hips.

Aerial Beach Wedding Dress

A great choice would be a summer wedding dress for the beach, made of airy materials. It can be flying chiffon, elegant and sophisticated lace, exquisite and noble organza, or charming silk. All these fabrics freely flow through the body, providing its owner with maximum comfort, without sticking and pulling the bride to the ground. In such a dress, you can easily be at least a whole day, even in the evening absolutely not experiencing fatigue.

Original Beach Wedding Dresses

In a situation where a wedding is planned on the beach, the dress can be almost anything. A ceremony on the shore of the reservoir is not a wedding in a church, where choosing a dress needs to take into account many important nuances. Here, on the contrary, deep cuts, high cuts, asymmetry and much more are welcome – everything that can make an image bright, interesting and expressive.

Including, often young ladies choose beach-style wedding dresses with original decor that can distinguish them from the crowd. So, similar models can be decorated with feathers and fur inserts, transparent elements located in different areas of the body, ruffles, frill and other bright details.

Beach Wedding Shoes

To pick up beautiful shoes for a wedding beach dress can be difficult, because it is radically different from the one that girls usually choose for a traditional celebration. So, stylists categorically do not recommend wearing high-heeled shoes or sandals , as they can easily tuck in or even break a leg.

The best choice for such an event are sandals without heels, which in some cases look sleeker than similar models with high rise. If the beach is landscaped and has a hard surface, ballet flats are perfect as well – in them the image of the bride will look very elegant and tidy. In addition, many brides go for such a ceremony without shoes at all – when choosing such an experiment, you can put a delicate bracelet made of beads, gold and silver on one of the legs. In combination with the perfect pedicure, it will look simply irresistible.

Accessories for beach wedding dress

Many girls can not do on the main day of their life without exquisite veils, however, beach wedding elegant dresses do not look with this accessory. In addition, the veil can be very hot in the sun, which will cause serious inconvenience for the young bride. For this reason, stylists recommend to pay attention to other decorations for the beach wedding dress – a wreath or a bezel made of flowers, satin ribbons, feminine combs, all kinds of hairpins, made in a romantic style , and tiaras of various sizes perfectly suit him .

Beach wedding dress color

Traditionally, the bridal outfit is made of snow-white material, symbolizing her innocence and integrity. Meanwhile, modern women of fashion choose wedding dresses for a wedding on the beach not only in white, but also in other colors , such as:
pale green;
pink and all its delicate shades;
light blue;
violet variety of colors;

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