Bagretz and gold: the best outs of Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk’s exit on the carpet of any event is awaited and hotly debated by thousands of fans and fashion critics. Let’s talk about what trends prevail in supermodel outfits at most special events.

The color that best harmonizes with the color type of the model is gold. In golden outfits, Shayk has repeatedly appeared on the red carpet with both Cristiano Ronaldo and the current elect of Bradley Cooper. The more exits Irina has over her shoulders, the better her taste for the precious shade becomes: from the not the most successful and simple silhouettes the model has moved to exquisite cut and expensive fabrics.

Irina is not indifferent to silver either in pure form or in combination with white cloth.

But the favorite color of all spectacular brunettes is red, which makes them even more spectacular. And Shayk is no exception: the girl can often be seen on the red carpet in a dress of the corresponding color.

The model loves a little childish styles. However, the immaturity of such dresses is lost by the defiant color and luxurious fabric.

Another favorite color of Irina Shayk, who distinguishes her among other celebrities at events, is yellow in shades from ocher to bright, almost acidic. These tones favorably emphasize the dark skin of the model.

Irina does not ignore the classics. Black in its performance can be both luxurious (in the form of a chic dress with a lush asymmetrical hem), and daring (a translucent outfit that exposes half of the body), and even slightly masculine (a strict suit on a naked body).

It is curious that some of the images presented by the critics were called frankly a failure. Who is right?

Irina Shayk – an example of a bright star, which are any colors and styles. But the model is winning the hearts of fans not only with a spectacular appearance, but also with a sense of humor and incredible charm.

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